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** Book Review ** MORE THAN HE EXPECTED by Andrea Laurence



Playboy Alex Stanton likes his relationships short and without strings.  He never makes repeat appearances … at least not until Gwen.

Gwen Wright was the maid-of-honor at his best friend’s wedding a few months ago.  She’s a genuinely nice person who’s a lot of fun and he really enjoyed the time they spent together.  Now he’s actually eager to see her again at another Will & Adrienne get-together … but how will he react when he sees her pregnant belly?

Will these two “single and loving it” people decide they want more than a merry-go-round of temporary flings?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review **

** Book Review ** THE PROMISE OF FORGIVENESS by Marin Thomas



An emotional journey through years of hurt and disappointment in the lives of several characters.  The power of forgiveness is shining bright … forgiving yourself, forgiving those who hurt you, and most of all, forgiving the pain that has kept you standing still all these years.

Ruby Baxter is 31 years old and has nothing to show for her life other than a sassy teenage daughter that she feels like she’s failed.  She’s moving them to Elkhart, Kansas in hopes that a new start will get their relationship back on track and be what they both need in life to make them happy.  When she received a letter from her birth father, she’s shocked because she didn’t even know he existed.  She decides to stop in Unforgiven, Oklahoma to see what he wants, and what his story is.

Hank McArthur is none too warm when they arrive … at least to her.  He and Mia hit it off right away and he takes her daughter under his wing and teaches her about horses.  Ruby has to learn to cope with the answers she finds there from Hank, and along the way, how to make her daughter happy again.  Ranch forman, Joe Dawson, is there beside her each step of the way.

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **