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** Book Review ** HIS BABY AGENDA by Katherine Garbera



Reunited lovers, an adorable little boy and lots of intrigue!

Kingsley Buchanan has returned to California 10 years after leaving in disgrace.  His life was in turmoil back then when he was falsely accused of murder and lost everything important to him.  Now he’s back and intent on getting revenge on whoever set him up and ruined his life.

Gabriella de la Cruz is shocked when King shows up in her office demanding that he needs her to be a nanny to his 3 year old son, Conner.  They briefly dated back in college and had been together the night of the murder.  She doesn’t trust him not to hurt her again if she lets her guard down, so she attempts to send him on his way, but he won’t take no for an answer.

Will being with Gabi again convince him that revenge is not the answer?


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** Book Review ** SECRET CHILD, ROYAL SCANDAL by Cat Schield



Yet another of the Alessandro Princes to whisk us off our feet and take us along on his journey to love!

Now that neither of his older brothers will be able to produce the future heir to the throne, Prince Christian Alessandro of Sherdana is being pressured by his family to settle his wild ways and find a fitting bride to give him an heir.  Imagine his surprise when he runs into former flame Noelle Dubone at a party and when trying to woo her back into his bed, discovers he’s already a daddy!

After the heartache she suffered at Christian’s hands 5 years ago, Noelle is not about to trust that he really wants to be a family with her and their son now that he knows about him.  It’s obviously a ploy to get a ready-made heir to the throne and get his family off his back!


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** Book Review ** CUFF ME by Lauren Layne



I loved my return trip to visit the Moretti family!  They are such a fun, loving group of people and they always make me smile with their crazy antics and interactions with each other.

This time we’re centering around Vincent Moretti.  He’s a tough guy cop who basically keeps to himself, rarely shares feelings or shows emotions.  He’s been partnered with Jill Henley, his fellow homicide detective, for 6 years now.  Everyone loves Jill.  She’s chipper, charming & always smiling and is an extended member of his big family and best friends with his sister Elena.  He gets pestered by his family all the time about how he should be dating her.

After facing some time without her by his side while she was on leave for a bit, he’s tending to agree with them, but doesn’t know how to be anything but his surly self.  He can’t wait for Jill to get back … but he’s taken aback to hear she’s met a guy while she was away, and it’s serious!

Will Vin get his act together in time to get his chance with Jill, or will he spend too much time second guessing it and lose her for good?

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** Book Review ** THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE by Ella Carey



An intriguing story that portrays many emotions throughout as we go on a journey of old regrets, young dreams and what might have beens.  I’m generally not a big fan of traveling back in time in novels, but this author makes it easy to follow whether it’s present day or decades prior and the story flows well.

Anna Young is happily content with her life, running a business she enjoys and spending lots of time with her grandfather Max Albrecht, who at 94 is still sharp as a tack and the light of her life.  When a news story breaks about an apartment in Paris that was abandoned many years ago, she notices Max taking interest in it and then stewing about it for days afterward.  He finally tells her he once knew the people that lived there, and then speaks a little of his past, which he has never done in all of her years.  He tells her that she stems from an aristocratic family in East Germany who fled during the Soviet invasion and that some of those times are his biggest regret in life.  He urges her to make a trip to Berlin to attempt to retrieve a treasure he left hidden in his childhood home in old Prussia.

She finally relents and embarks on a journey to locate his house and try to figure out how to access it.  She meets up with a young man by the name of Wil along the way who helps her find the answers that she needs to reveal the past.

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **