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** Book Review ** CLAIMING THE ROYAL INNOCENT by Jennifer Hayward



The second installment in Hayward’s Kingdom & Crowns series offers readers a glimpse into royal life and how they deal with a brewing royal scandal.  We are drawn in by the secret we learn in the first chapter and enthralled to see how it plays out throughout the book.

Aleksandra Dimitriou has learned that she’s the secret child of former King Gregorios of Akathinia.  She finds a way to contact the royal family so she can meet her father who has been ill.

When the kingdom is threatened, Alex is put in the protective custody of Aristos Nicolades, whom she already shared a secret kiss with before he found out her identity. Though he’s been given strict “hands off” orders, will the close quarters that is thrust upon them be too much temptation and have him facing the wrath of the reigning King if their affair is discovered?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **


Kingdoms & Crowns #2
Jennifer Hayward
Harlequin Presents #3430
May 2016


When Aleksandra Dimitriou is revealed as the secret daughter of Akathinia’s former king, she’s torn from her comfortable existence and thrust into the royal world…under the protection of Aristos Nicolades.


Aristos has orders not to touch the innocent princess, but beautiful Aleksandra calls to the rebellious urges that the self-made Greek tycoon thought he overcame long ago.


As the heat of their desire rises, the rules begin to evaporate. It’s soon clear that the person Aristos should be protecting Aleksandra from is himself!


** Book Review ** WHEN YOU TOUCH ME by Marilyn Baxter


4 1/2 STARS!

A short, sweet read of healing and hope!

Jillian Logan has just returned home to Mimosa Bay after living away for several years. She’s getting settled in to her new job as a massage therapist at the Casa Blanca Resort and right away is given a special project.

Sam Hartman is not exactly happy to be on a beach front resort to remind him of the sandbox he just returned from with a few physical injuries to deal with and a whole lot of mental ones.  He’s not sure what to do with himself now that the Army isn’t his future anymore and he’s ready to take it out on anything in his path.

Will Jillian be able to help him work through some of his pain?  And will his constant flirting eventually wear her down?  Could there even be a future there considering the different places they are at in their lives?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **


Marilyn Baxter
Kindle Worlds Barefoot Bay
April 14, 2016

Family woes bring Jillian Logan home to Mimosa Key, but she faces more trouble in her new job as a massage therapist at the Casa Blanca Resort in Barefoot Bay. Right away she’s given a special assignment: a wounded soldier who is a good-looking player with sex appeal and who threatens to throw her delicately balanced life off-kilter.

Sam Hartman, AKA Hart Throb, views the beach as just another sandbox all too reminiscent of the hellhole where he was injured. And the alternative therapies that Jillian offers him? He considers them pure voodoo. He would rather move their relationship off the massage table and into his bed, but as much as he wants her touch, it forces him to face the demons that still haunt him. Can the heat of their unlikely connection heal them both?