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** Book Review ** FORTUNE’S PRINCE CHARMING by Nancy Robards Thompson

Fortune's Prince Charming


It’s always a pleasure to read part of the Fortune series, and Book 5 in The Fortunes of Texas: All Fortune’s Children is another fun one!  I liked the sweet romance, and also am intrigued to find out what will be coming up as more family secrets are exposed!

Zoe Robinson is crushing on the new guy in the office big time!  She’s never felt an attraction quite like she feels for Joaquin Mendoza and she is pulling out all of the stops to get him to notice her!

Joaquin is interested, but he’s not sure he’s the right guy for Zoe.  He’s a little too old for her, he works for her father, and he just has too much family drama going on to be in the position to have a serious relationship.

Zoe isn’t easy to push away, and after a few times around her, he decides he doesn’t want to anymore!  Will they be able to wade through all of the secrets flowing around them to get to their happily ever after?

** Book Review ** DEADLY OBSESSION by Elle James

Deadly Obsession

4 1/2 STARS!

In Book 5 of the Devil’s Shroud series, we head back to Cape Churn, Oregon to get Realtor Jillian’s story.  This book grabs your attention from the start and keeps you guessing to see who is up to no good throughout.  There are a couple of mysteries playing out, along with some sexy attraction that makes it a quick read, and makes you want more!

Chance McCall, fellow Stealth Ops Specialist, arrives in town to visit and help out if needed before his buddy Nova’s wedding to Molly.  He’s staying at Molly’s B & B along with her friend and wedding planner Jillian Taylor.

Chance meets Jillian just as some strange happenings start at the old house she bought and is remodeling.  She tells him the locals say it’s haunted, but his gut tells him there’s more going on than that.  As the “accidents” start piling up and endangering Jillian’s life, Chance doesn’t plan to leave her side.  The attraction between them is impossible to ignore … but can he overcome his past in order to move forward with a future?


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