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** Book Review ** ARMORED ATTRACTION by Janie Crouch

Armored Attraction


Janie Crouch takes us on an action packed adventure in Book #3 in her Omega Sector: Critical Response series!  I was drawn in immediately and didn’t want to put it down.  Filled with lost love, lost dreams and family angst , we go along for the ride to see if they can solve this crucial mystery that they have landed in, and maybe work through their past mistakes at the same time.

Vanessa Epperson is minding her own business, simply out for a walk one day when she stumbles across a mind boggling situation that she doesn’t know how to handle.  When it comes to her attention that local authorities might not be a safe resource to help her, she contacts the only person she can think of that might have higher contacts that could look into whether she has discovered a human trafficking ring.

Liam Goetz receives a blast from the past when he gets a voice mail forwarded to him from Vanessa.  He hasn’t heard her voice in over 8 years … not since she broke his heart and ended their engagement.  He isn’t eager to see her, but he can’t turn his back on the opportunity to get some closure on how it all ended at the same time as he sees what the situation she needs help with is.

When Liam arrives into town and they set out to solve the mystery going on around them, it opens up the door for them to air out their past hurts and share some secrets with each other.  Will they be able to forgive the past and move forward, or will they choose to appreciate ending on a better note and move on with their separate lives?

** Book Review ** STEPPING OVER THE LINE by Laura Marie Altom

Stepping Over the Line


This book was a bit of a conundrum for me.  I like the characters, and I even like them together, but the style of the book was just too over-the-top for me.  He was a nice guy, yet it seems like too much effort went into making him seem vulgar and raw.  And the step-brother/sister thing wasn’t just the back drop to the story, it was the obsession of it.  I think had parts of it been panned down somewhat instead of feeling overly exaggerated, I would have liked it a lot more.

Garrett Marsden and Savannah Boudreaux met when they were both teenagers and their parents met and got married.  They had instant attraction to each other, but tried to play it off and ignore it for years while only sharing a friendship and trying to go with the flow of their newly merged families.  When they all come together for Savannah’s graduation from med school, the pretense all blows up when Garrett and Savannah share a drunken romp that changes their lives forever!

Mistakes are made, and Garrett winds up going to prison for a few years, while Savannah goes on to finish her residency and become a doctor, while also becoming a single Mom.  When Garrett is released from prison and comes back home, it’s hard for him to settle back in to figure out where he belongs in the puzzle now.  Danger eventually comes knocking, and secrets come to light.  Will Garrett and Savannah get the future they hungered for with each other?

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** Book Review ** GOING TO FIND TEMPTATION by Melanie Shawn

Going to Find Temptation


A short & sweet novella about finding your soul mate when you least expect it!

Newly divorced Sara Kellan is not acting like herself.  She typically plans out every moment of her life, but when her divorce is finalized, she spur of the moment decides to put her house up for sale and move to Hope Falls, CA with her two kids to be closer to her siblings.  On her way there, she decides they are going on a road trip to a place her grandmother talked about visiting and falling in love with years ago, Sapphire Falls.

Austin Stone has just arrived back in Sapphire Falls after more than a decade way.  He’s been serving his country in the Marines, but always knew he’d be coming back to take over the B & B his grandparents left him, he just hadn’t been ready to face the memories yet.  When he and Sara run into each other at the gas station, it’s instant attraction.  When they run into each other again at the B & B, it’s like it was meant to be.

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