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** Book Review ** WEDDING DATE WITH THE ARMY DOC by Lynne Marshall

Wedding Date with the Army Doc

4 1/2 STARS!

An endearing story about overcoming life’s many obstacles to find your happily ever after!

Charlotte Johnson has had a lifesaving surgery that left her feeling differently about herself, and she’s been laying low on the dating front since then.  It hasn’t stopped her from crushing on Dr. Hilstead though!

Surgeon Jackson Hilstead has had his own hardships in life and now that he’s found his stable place again, he’s enjoying life.  When he admits to his attraction to Charlotte and invites her along on a trip to a family wedding, they have to make some serious decisions on how they want to move forward with their futures!

ARC received via Author/VA

** Book Review ** HER CHRISTMAS COWBOY by Helen Lacey

Her Christmas Cowboy


A short and sweet novella about going home again and reconnecting with that one true love you left behind!

Elyse Prescott is returning home to Denary for the first time in 10 years to handle some family issues, and right off the bat she runs into Brett McCrane.

Brett was her high school boyfriend and wanted to spend his life with her, but she had bigger and better dreams for herself in the big city.

Will feeling that same old draw to him make her realize she made a mistake walking out all those years ago, or will she simply be on her way again when her visit home is through?

ARC received via Author/VA

** Book Review ** ALIEN BETRAYED by Marie Dry

Alien Betrayed

3 1/2 STARS!

A sci-fi romance revolving around aliens taking over the earth and starting relationships with humans.  It’s obviously a far-fetched plot, but it does keep your interest to see what will happen.

Zyrgin warrior, Larz, captures a human in disguise and claims her as his.  His people do not agree with him and all the trouble she makes, and he can’t explain his connection to her, but he insists she is his and must be treated as such.

Marcie goes through various changes as she discovers things that were done to her in the quest to have her infiltrate the alien stronghold in the Rocky Mountains.  She grows to love Larz, but will he still want her by his side when he discovers all the secrets buried deep within her mind?

ARC received via Author/VA