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** Book Review ** THE SECRET BENEATH THE VEIL by Dani Collins

The Secret Beneath the Veil


I was hooked from page one on this exciting twist on an arranged marriage plot!

Mikolas Petrides thinks he’s sealing a business merger when he says “I do” … until he lifts the veil to kiss his bride and finds a stranger!

Viveka Brice will stop at nothing to get her younger sister away from her wicked stepfather’s dealings.  He forced her into an arranged marriage to further his business holdings, but Vivi helps her sneak away to be with her true love.  Once the cat is out of the bag, Vivi tries to flee, but is caught in an altercation with her stepfather.  Mikolas steps in and protects her and whisks her away with him.  She ruined his business deal, the least she can do is become his mistress … right?

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** Book Review ** NO LIMITS by Katherine Garbera

No Limits

4 1/2 STARS!

No Limits is the kick-off to a new “Space Cowboys” series by Katherine Garbera that brings us on a venture into a world that we don’t read much about in romance … and it was fun!

Astronaut Jason “Ace” McCoy hasn’t been home to Cole’s Hill, Texas in 13 years.  He left behind his teenage crush long ago to explore his dreams in the stars.  Now he’s grounded due to some medical issues and heading to the ranch that he jointly inherited to try to get it sorted out before he is due back in Houston.

Molly Tanner hasn’t forgotten Jason in all these years, and she’s not overly happy her Dad put them both together by leaving them the ranch jointly.  It doesn’t take long with them being around each other for that same old passion to roar it’s head and sweep them away.  Can she ever be enough to hold his heart or will he forever leave her when space comes calling again?

ARC received via the Author