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** Book Review ** REDEEMING HER SEAL by Kat Cantrell

Redeeming Her SEAL


It was great to see Charlie & Audra again and to see them get their love back on track!  They ooze sex & steam together!

Former Lieutenant Commander Charlie St. Croix left his final mission in Iraq with only healing and getting his future on track in mind.  His main goal was opening an excursion company with 5 other members of his former SEAL Team in the Caribbean.  Opposition to one of their vacation destinations is causing problems with the company, leaving Charlie no other option than to meet the problem head on and go meet with Dr. Audra Reed to ask for help … if only she wasn’t the one who’s heart he broke over a year ago!

Audra finished her studies and got a job with the Freeport Aquatic Research Center like she dreamed of to continue studying her favorite dolphins.  After Charlie broke her heart, a major upheaval happened in her life that left her broken even more.  She reached out for comfort where it was offered and made decisions she might not have made otherwise … will Charlie be able to live with the answers he gets when he goes to see her for help with his legal issues?

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** Book Review ** DELIVERING JUSTICE by Barb Han

Delivering Justice


Another fun mystery in the Cattlemen Crime Club series!

Tyler O-Brien is out working the family ranch and stumbles across an ATV accident scene.  He finds an unfamiliar woman trapped and comes to her aid.  She has a head injury and can’t remember who she is, so he stays by her side and gets her medical attention.  Eventually she figures out who she is … but the name she gives the next time he seesher, and the guy sitting by her side don’t add up to the way she’s acting!

Jessica Davidson is pretending to be her twin sister Jennifer, and the man who is insisting she is his fiance is obviously up to no good!  She gets Tyler to help her get away from him and tells him the truth and gets him to help her search for Jenn, who she thinks must be in trouble since she hasn’t heard from her!  The twists and turns this mystery take leave you guessing who the guilty parties are until the end.

ARC received via the Author