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* Review * THE MILITARY WIFE by Laura Trentham

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE MILITARY WIFE by Laura TrenthamThe Military Wife by Laura Trentham
Series: Heart of a Hero #1
Published by St. Martin's Griffin on February 5, 2019
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Harper Lee Wilcox has been marking time in her hometown of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina since her husband, Noah Wilcox’s death, nearly five years earlier. With her son Ben turning five and living at home with her mother, Harper fights a growing restlessness, worried that moving on means leaving the memory of her husband behind.

Her best friend, Allison Teague, is dealing with struggles of her own. Her husband, a former SEAL that served with Noah, was injured while deployed and has come home physically healed but fighting PTSD. With three children underfoot and unable to help her husband, Allison is at her wit’s end.

In an effort to reenergize her own life, Harper sees an opportunity to help not only Allison but a network of other military wives eager to support her idea of starting a string of coffee houses close to military bases around the country.

In her pursuit of her dream, Harper crosses paths with Bennett Caldwell, Noah’s best friend and SEAL brother. A man who has a promise to keep, entangling their lives in ways neither of them can foresee. As her business grows so does an unexpected relationship with Bennett. Can Harper let go of her grief and build a future with Bennett even as the man they both loved haunts their pasts?


Emotionally enchanting! With a delve into a different type of story line than her norm, Laura Trentham brings us a realistic look into the lives of a group of military wives and how they learn to pick up the pieces of life after deployments, moves, injuries and even death. The plot was thick with emotions and the characters were interesting. I was not fond of the back and forth in time span, and I felt like there were a few plot holes, but overall an enjoyable read.

Harper Lee Wilcox has just been scooting by with life since her husband Noah’s death five years ago. She returned home to Kitty Hawk, NC to be close to her Mom as she gave birth to the son her husband always wanted and never got to see. She’s finally coming out of the cocoon she surrounded herself with in order to survive, and she’s noticing things around her again.

Here best friend Allison Teague is fighting her own demons. With three young children, and a husband who returned from war more emotionally wounded than ever before, she’s not sure how long she can walk on the eggshells her house has become. Something’s got to give, and she hopes it will be her husbands resistance to admitting the PTSD is out of control this time and he needs to get help.

With the reawakening of her realism that things happened that she never got answers about, Harper seeks out Noah’s best friend Bennett Caldwell. Bennett was with Noah at the end and made promises he’s never forgotten, but in admitting the things that are awakening inside him, he’ll be coming close to betraying the best friend he ever had’s trust. Can he step up and fill the shoes of the man he’ll never forget?


* Review * HARD-RIDING COWBOY by Stacey Kennedy

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * HARD-RIDING COWBOY by Stacey KennedyHard-Riding Cowboy by Stacey Kennedy
Series: Kinky Spurs #3
Published by Swerve on February 5, 2019
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Megan Harrison is the owner of Kinky Spurs. She’s mortgaged up to her eyeballs and works long days and nights, but she’s living life on her terms, not on her wealthy father’s. She’s done being in the cattle rancher’s shadow. She’s got it all figured out, except for the part that involves Nash Blackshaw. He’s a sexy as hell cowboy whose smile can easily charm her out of her tight jeans. The only problem is—their fathers were business rivals, and Megan and Nash have been taught to hate each other since birth.

Nash Blackshaw, a retired professional bull rider, has responsibilities on top of responsibilities. With his PBR career over due to back injury, and his focus narrowed on heading up the Blackshaw Cattle Company’s Guest Ranch, he shouldn’t have time to think about all the ways he wants Megan. But it’s all he thinks of around the sassy and sweet woman. She might be forbidden to him, but Nash wants to take her for a hard, kinky ride.

But small towns have a way of spreading gossip like wildfire, and not everyone is happy about their relationship. Especially when Megan drops a bombshell on Nash after one heated night between them. As much as Megan and Nash want to forget the old feud between their fathers and lose each other in explosive passion, they can’t escape reality. They are meant to be enemies, and Nash’s sizzling, dominant touch might not be enough to keep them together.


Steamy, forbidden and oh so sweet! The sexy temptation blossoming between Megan and Nash is electrifying on the pages from the start, and the sweetness when we see them together just makes it all even better. They’re really adorable together! My first of the series, but it was easy to pick up on the rest of the family. Really enjoyed it!

Megan Harrison is living life on her terms now that she’s starting to make a success of her bar Kinky Spurs. She’s put long hours and everything she owns into the place, so she can’t let up for a minute or it will slip through her fingers. One distraction that she doesn’t seem to be able to kick is Nash Blackshaw.

Nash has been off-limits for all of her life because of a family feud lasting more than their lifetimes. She knows she shouldn’t be interested, but what’s a girl to do when the only one to push all of her buttons in just the right kinda way is bad boy Nash. When the one night they gave in to their passion leads to a shocking announcement, they have to figure out if they are all in regardless of the fireworks it’s going to start between their families … or all out.


* Review * REVENGE WITH BENEFITS by Cat Schield

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * REVENGE WITH BENEFITS by Cat SchieldRevenge with Benefits by Cat Schield
Series: Sweet Tea and Scandal
Published by Harlequin Desire on February 1, 2019
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Will she reap the benefits of betrayal…

with a man impossible to resist?

Reeling from a bad divorce, Zoe Alston makes a pact with two women similarly scorned. Her mission: take down gorgeous businessman Ryan Dailey by sabotaging his sister’s political campaign. The problem: the white-hot chemistry sizzling between them. Now she’s caught between her promise and the man who’s bringing her back to life. How far will she go for revenge…or love?


A new dalliance shrouded in deception! Bitter divorcee seeks revenge on mankind, but ends up having feelings for her mark! The characters were easy to like, and the story line had good bones. I would have liked a bit more development in certain areas, but overall a really enjoyable read!

Bitter Zoe Alston finds herself among a couple of like-minded women when a plot hatches to find revenge on the men who did them wrong. Her assignment is to infiltrate Ryan Dailey’s sisters political campaign to sabotage it.

Ryan Dailey is interested the moment he sets eyes on his sister’s latest campaign volunteer. He can tell she’s holding back, but little does he know she’s been sent there to seek revenge for a woman scorned. Feelings quickly arise between them, but she finds herself in a dilemma … does she complete her sabotage or does she choose the man?



* Review * HIS UNTIL MIDNIGHT by Reese Ryan

* Review * HIS UNTIL MIDNIGHT by Reese RyanHis Until Midnight by Reese Ryan
Series: Texas Cattleman's Club: Bachelor Auction
Published by Harlequin Desire on December 1, 2018
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To the highest bidder goes…

A friendship with benefits?

When Tessa Noble takes the stage at a charity auction after a sexy makeover, her best friend, Ryan Bateman, must place the winning bid. It’s definitely not because he’s jealous. Their weekend getaway is a ploy for positive press…or so the rancher tells himself. But soon things take an unexpected turn from platonic to passionate, catapulting the couple far beyond the friend zone…


A great friends-to-lovers story! Reese Ryan’s foray into joining the Texas Cattleman’s Club: Bachelor Auction series was a great success in this reader’s eyes. Tessa and Ryan’s story is fast paced, humorous and heartfelt. Really enjoyed it!

When Tessa Noble’s brother Tripp becomes sick just before his jaunt across the bachelor auction stage, Tessa somehow talks herself into getting dolled up and taking his place. She’s a tomboy at heart, so to glam herself up like this is so far outside of her comfort zone that her anxiety level is through the roof!

Best friend to the rescue is the demand that Tessa puts on Ryan Bateman. Of course he’s there for her no matter what, but when the guys start bidding on her, a seriously jealous feeling pounds through his bloodstream. The date they end up going on might be built up for the sake of the charity, but the feelings that start coming out of the woodwork certainly aren’t fake!


* Review * SEDUCTION ON HIS TERMS by Sarah M. Anderson

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SEDUCTION ON HIS TERMS by Sarah M. AndersonSeduction on His Terms by Sarah M. Anderson
Series: Billionaires and Babies
Published by Harlequin Desire on February 1, 2019
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“Tell me what’s wrong so I can fix it.”

But on what terms?

When bartender Jeannie Kaufman leaves her job to care for her infant niece, Dr. Robert Wyatt, her favorite customer, offers the help she so desperately needs. Yet as sparks fly, the gruff, gorgeous heir to a fortune still holds back. Does Robert think she’ll never fit in his high-powered world? Or is there danger lurking if they take their romance too far?



Sarah M. Anderson is at the top of her game with her brand new release! I’ve read a lot of category romance through the thirty plus years that I’ve been a romance reader, and this is by far the most tortured hero that I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching evolve in the short span of this size of book. To be able to take such an emotionally stunted man and redeem him this quickly and so well took a tremendous amount of talent. Kudos Ms. Anderson!

When a family issue leaves bartender Jeannie Kaufman having to take a few days away from Trenton’s bar, she knows her favorite customer isn’t going to be happy. She’s the only one he wants to approach him, the only one who can make his drink correctly, the only one he talks to. Every weekday, at the exact same time of day, no exceptions.

Doctor Robert Wyatt needs Jeannie. When she doesn’t return to the bar the night she promised him she would, he knows something must be wrong. He tracks her down and finds that she’s unexpectedly been made the guardian of her brand new niece and sets out to help her when he sees how overwhelmed she is. It doesn’t take long for their attraction to flare into more as they work side by side, but he has a dangerous secret past that she knows nothing about. Can he bring himself to be honest with her and open her up to the ugly sins of his family?


* Blog Tour/Review * THE MARINE’S RETURN by Rula Sinara

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Blog Tour/Review * THE MARINE’S RETURN by Rula SinaraThe Marine's Return by Rula Sinara
Series: From Kenya, with Love #6
Published by Harlequin Heartwarming on January 1, 2019
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He can’t be her hero…

But he made a promise to keep her safe

Wounded marine Chad Corallis just wants to be left alone. Until he discovers his best friend’s very pregnant widow is in danger. A dedicated nurse, she refuses to leave her Serengeti medical clinic when it’s threatened by poachers. Chad is honor-bound to protect her, but who will save him from falling for his best friend’s wife?


A great ending to the From Kenya, With Love series! With the final book in this eye-opening, emotional series, Rula Sinara brings back a familiar character, all grown up and facing the fight of a lifetime. The story line was quickly entrenched in emotions and intrigue, and watching Chad and Lexi connect was rewarding. Getting to catch up with so many of the past members of the series was a wonderfully fitting ending. Absolutely loved it and sorry to see the series end!

When Chad Corallis returns home to Africa he isn’t the same young man with stars in his eyes that left. He’s physically and emotionally wounded and facing the challenge of a lifetime. He honestly just wants to be left alone to wallow in despair, but when he gets word that his best friend’s widow is in danger, it seems the fates are working against him.

Nurse Lexi Galen met and married a wonderful man, but lost him before they even knew they were expecting a baby. She continued on with their plan to return to the African nation where he grew up and aid with much needed medical services. She’s manning one of Hope’s medical clinics, but as her due date quickly approaches, an over-zealous and dangerous group of poachers are encroaching on the safety of the clinic.






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The Marine’s Return
(From Kenya, with Love #6)
By Rula Sinara
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 Pages
January 1st 2019 by Harlequin Heartwarming

He can’t be her hero…

But he made a promise to keep her safe

Wounded marine Chad Corallis just wants to be left alone. Until he discovers his best friend’s very pregnant widow is in danger. A dedicated nurse, she refuses to leave her Serengeti medical clinic when it’s threatened by poachers. Chad is honor-bound to protect her, but who will save him from falling for his best friend’s wife?



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About the Author

National and USA Today Bestselling author Rula Sinara lives in rural Virginia with her family and crazy but endearing pets. She loves organic gardening, attracting wildlife to her yard, planting trees, raising backyard chickens and drinking more coffee than she’ll ever admit to. Rula’s writing has earned her a National Readers Choice Award and HOLT Medallion Award of Merit, among other honors. You can discover more about Rula at her blog A Writer’s Rush, on Twitter, on Facebook as RulaSinaraAuthor or on her website, where you can also sign up for her newsletter.



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