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* Review * THEN CAME YOU by Kate Meader

* Review * THEN CAME YOU by Kate MeaderThen Came You by Kate Meade
Series: Laws of Attraction #3
Published by Loveswept on May 7, 2019
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In the courtroom, they’re rivals. In the bedroom, they’re . . . divorced. But could the road trip from hell lead to a second chance at love?

Aubrey Gates is the hottest divorce lawyer in Chicago, a barb-tongued stiletto with legs that go on for miles. When her cool gray eyes meet mine across the battlefield, I want her like I’ve never wanted anyone or anything. Then I remember who she is: the woman who brought me to my knees. The woman who destroyed my faith in relationships.

The woman I used to call . . . wife.

And she needs a favor from me, Grant Lincoln.

It seems my ex forgot to mention the demise of our marriage to her dear old grammy, and now we’re both expected to attend her ninetieth birthday party. In Boston. And because it isn’t already awkward enough, Aubrey and I are driving there together from Chicago. That’s more than a thousand miles of tension, heartbreak, and barely concealed lust.

A little piece of paper might say we’re over, but this road trip is the true test. I intend to get my wife back . . . and I won’t stop until “I do.”


Such an emotional journey! Kate Meader saved the best for last when she brought us Grant’s story! The Laws of Attraction series has been a lot of fun to read with a group of close knit and hilarious characters. This book took it to a new level with even more emotion and angst than the previous two. I loved it … and loved how we got an update on them all a little down the road at the end.

Chicago divorce attorney Aubrey Gates told herself she was dealing with her divorce just fine and getting on with her life more every day … until he brought a date to a function they both had to attend because of shared friends. Seeing him with another woman on his arms gutted her … but it made being in the same room together again at least tolerable.

Competing divorce attorney Grant Lincoln can’t look at Aubrey without seeing the woman who broke his heart. He’s not sure if they’ll ever be friends again, but when he learns she never told her favorite grandmother that they got a divorce and now has to go home to Boston for her 90th birthday, he can’t leave her hanging. He loved her grandmother too, so if it will keep the event happy, he’ll play doting husband for a couple of days.



* Review * TANGLED UP IN YOU by Samantha Chase

* Review * TANGLED UP IN YOU by Samantha ChaseTangled Up in You by Samantha Chase
Series: The Shaughnessy Brothers #7
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on April 30, 2019
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They'll change each other's fate...

One fateful night Bobby Hannigan sustains a gunshot wound that could end his career as a police officer. If that's taken from him, he doesn't know what he'll do. The only ray of hope is Teagan Shaughnessy—a kindhearted single mom who understands his struggles...

Teagan and her young son have just moved back to the Carolina coast to be near family. When she meets Bobby, the timing feels wrong, but everything else feels oh-so-right. Bobby and Teagan each had plans for their own futures. But they're finding that those plans are meaningless if they can't be together...


A glorious return to all things Shaughnessy! If you were as big of fan of this family as I have been throughout this series, you will be thrilled to get to touch base with all of them again when their cousin Teagan finds love with Bobby Hannigan. Love this series as a whole and this particular book was a mix of reunion and rediscovery. Enjoyed it!

Bobby Hannigan didn’t expect to be heading back to his parents home in North Carolina, but when you get shot and your whole career is on the line waiting to see if you will recover, things have a way of snowballing. The only bright spot in this whole dark time is meeting Teagan.

Teagan Shaughnessy followed her parents from Colorado to NC so her son would still have the family he dearly loves near him. She’s not looking to make any more big changes in her life at the moment, but she can’t seem to get her heart to understand that every time it skips a beat when Bobby is near.


* Review * SMOKIES SPECIAL AGENT by Lena Diaz

* Review * SMOKIES SPECIAL AGENT by Lena DiazSmokies Special Agent by Lena Diaz
Series: The Mighty McKenzies #2
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on May 1, 2019
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She was on a mission to fix the past

And he was determined to help her…

For ten years, Remi Jordan has been hunting her twin sister’s kidnapper. When baiting a killer backfires, the FBI agent’s career and freedom are suddenly on the line. Joining forces with Smoky Mountains investigator Duncan McKenzie ups the ante, unleashing treacherous desire. Now, with another woman missing, Remi’s fighting a lot more than the ghosts of the past. Is she also ready to fight for her future?


A cold case comes to life in Lena Diaz’s second installment of The Mighty McKenzies series! I was on the edge of my seat many times throughout this story. The intrigue was top notch, the main characters were well-developed and easy to like and sympathize with and the romance in the midst of such turmoil was comforting. Really loving this series and the McKenzies … looking forward to more!

Ten years ago Remi Jordan’s twin sister disappeared into the woods, never to be heard from again. The cops couldn’t find any true suspect to pursue and they eventually set it aside. Remi let the injustice of not having answers fuel her passion to right a wrong and has spent the decade since as an FBI agent determined to one day find her sister.

National Park Service agent Duncan McKenzie thinks he’s come across a crazy person when he first sees Remi on a trail. Hours of chaos and confusion pass before he realizes her truth and sets out to help her find the answers she’s looking for. She might be on to something with this theory of hers about the park … and he’s going to enjoy spending time with her as they investigate.


* Review * BIG SWINGING D by Tara Sue Me

* Review * BIG SWINGING D by Tara Sue MeBig Swinging D by Tara Sue Me
Series: Wall Street Royals #2
Published by After Six Publishing on June 11, 2019
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Conquer. Control. Command. They have. They are. They will. They are the Wall Street Royals, men at the top of their game who are about to be mastered by the one thing they never counted on: love.

Don’t miss the second book in the seductively sexy new series by New York Times bestselling author Tara Sue Me.

Big Swinging D: Term used for the baddest badass on Wall Street. That guy. The one other men want to be and that women just want.

Maggie Warren has always been unfocused. She hops from job to job, and relationship to relationship. Most of the time, she’s not even looking where she’s going. Which is exactly what happens when she runs into Isaac Gregory, trips over her feet, and dumps a year’s worth of compost all over his hand-stitched suit and one-of-a-kind leather shoes.

Isaac’s never met anyone like Maggie. She’s nothing like the women he works with, or the submissives he typically dates. Sure, she’s got a knockout body and a wit to match, but she’s a free spirit and hopelessly scattered. He should not be attracted to her. But he is.

After hearing she’s between jobs, he offers her his recently vacated Personal Assistant position. She readily agrees, but isn’t sure why he’d hire her. He’s her exact opposite: structured, organized, and controlled.

Boy, does he like control. And it intrigues her, especially when she discovers his private life.

Isaac’s not surprised when Maggie grows more and more interested in both of the worlds she sees him in: the public boardroom badass and the private well-respected Dominant. He tells her if she’s interested, he has a plan. A plan so hedonistic it could only be proposed by the man nicknamed the Big Swinging D.

But even Wall Street isn’t prepared for the fallout when the king of control falls for the queen of chaos.


An unlikely match turns up the heat in Tara Sue Me’s next book in the Wall Street Royals series! We met the delectable Isaac in the previous book starring Lance and Celeste. He’s a successful businessman by day and a self-assured dominant by night. The story was sexy and fun and we got to reconnect with the past characters as well. I’m looking forward to getting Ty and Lillian’s story soon!

Maggie Warren is something of a free spirit. She flits between job not able to decide on exactly what it is that satisfies her in life, but she happily juggles it all with a smile on her face. It’s that exact attitude that keeps her from totally freaking out when she accidentally dumps an entire compost container on a gorgeous stranger on the street.

Isaac Gregory shouldn’t even take a second look at Maggie considering how scattered she seems to be, but he finds himself offering her his newly vacated personal assistant position and facing a non-stop attraction to her. She’s not the type he normally goes for, and when she finds out the lifestyle he leads, he’s sure she’ll run for the hills … but when Maggie surprises him and is actually intrigued instead, things just might get dicey here because he doesn’t mess with employees!



* Review * SWEPT AWAY BY THE VENETIAN MILLIONAIRE by Nina SinghSwept Away by the Venetian Millionaire by Nina Singh
Series: Destination Brides #2
Published by Harlequin Romance on July 1, 2019
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The trip of a lifetime…

…leads to the man of her dreams!

In this Destination Brides story, Maya Talbot’s taking a romantic vacation — alone! Betrayed by her ex, she’s indulging her love for art and travel… But finds a new passion — in the arms of mysterious millionaire sculptor Vito Rameri! This gorgeous Venetian has closed himself off, but as Maya becomes his new muse, she gets to know the man behind the masterpieces and becomes even more captivated…


Gorgeous scenery and romance go hand in hand with the latest from Nina Singh! The next story in the Destination Brides series is fast paced and utterly charming. Maya is cradling a broken heart, and Vito has given up on what brought his life meaning … alone they are unhappy, but together everything seems to fit into place again. Sweet story!

Maya Talbot was supposed to be escaping away to paradise with the man of her dreams, but as life would have it, he showed his true colors just beforehand, so she had to make the trip alone. It gets off to a really shaky start, but it doesn’t take long for it to brighten when she’s intercepted by a gorgeous local.

Millionaire Vito Rameri has shut himself off from the world and the art that brought him such fame ever since losing his wife. He no longer sees a vision to create when something crosses his path … until Maya. She’s like nothing he expected and brings his creativity back to life, but how can they make it work when they are opposites and across the world from each other?