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* Blog Tour/Review * SINGLE DAD TO THE RESCUE by Cari Lynn Webb

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Blog Tour/Review * SINGLE DAD TO THE RESCUE by Cari Lynn WebbSingle Dad to the Rescue by Cari Lynn Webb
Series: City by the Bay Stories #4
Published by Harlequin Heartwarming on August 1, 2019
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He offered her help

And he found love

Her home destroyed by a wildfire, Brooke Ellis finds temporary shelter at the home of paramedic Dan Sawyer and his young son, Ben. With the addition of Brooke and her lively fur family, Dan finds his carefully planned routine delightfully turned upside down. And his carefully guarded heart daring to trust in love again. When his ex-wife suddenly reappears, will it be Brooke to the rescue?


An emotional journey of life, love and growth! Cari Lynn Webb pulls at our heartstrings time and again with the latest in her City by the Bay Stories series. Brooke meets the kindhearted Sawyer family just when she needs them most, and it turns out they need her too. The story is sweet with a punch of sadness and held my attention throughout. Really enjoyed the richness of the characters and the connection they shared. Highly recommend!

Brooke Ellis finds herself homeless and in need when a wildfire ravages her home. She basically has the clothes on her back and her collection of pets but nowhere to turn. The goodness of a stranger graces her when she meets a retired fireman who takes her to shelter.

Paramedic Dan Sawyer isn’t thrilled to have the upheaval of pets in his home, but he’s happy to help the displaced woman his father brings home. His young son is quite taken with her and her animals, bringing a warmth to their life that has been missing. When his flighty ex-wife returns, it’s Brooke who helps pave the way to a cohesive life … but who is going to ease Brooke’s way back into living in the city that terrifies her if she can’t bring herself to tell her secret?






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Single Dad to the Rescue
(City by the Bay Stories #4)
By Cari Lynn Webb
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 368 Pages
August 1st 2019 by Harlequin Heartwarming

He offered her help

And he found love

Her home destroyed by a wildfire, Brooke Ellis finds temporary shelter at the home of paramedic Dan Sawyer and his young son, Ben. With the addition of Brooke and her lively fur family, Dan finds his carefully planned routine delightfully turned upside down. And his carefully guarded heart daring to trust in love again. When his ex-wife suddenly reappears, will it be Brooke to the rescue?



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About the Author

Cari Lynn Webb lives in South Carolina with her husband, daughters and assorted four-legged family members. She’s been blessed to see the power of true love in her grandparent’s 70 year marriage and her parent’s marriage of over 50 years. She knows love isn’t always sweet and perfect, it can be challenging, complicated and risky. But she believes happily-ever-afters are worth fighting for. She loves to connect with readers. Visit her at her website.



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* Author Spotlight/Excerpt/Giveaway * DISCRETION by Karina Halle


Author: Karina Halle
Release Date: August 6, 2019
Publisher: Montlake Romance

The Riviera means indulgence—if you’ve got money. For Sadie Reynolds, a down-on-her-luck student, the Riviera means dingy hostels and back streets. When a wrong turn puts her in jeopardy, the last thing she expects is to be saved by the most handsome stranger she’s ever locked eyes with. When she later wakes up in a luxury suite with a Mediterranean view, she’s in the tender care of her rescuer: Olivier Dumont, France’s most eligible bachelor, billionaire hotelier, and heir to the Dumont fashion fortune.

Olivier also owns his reputation for scandal. But Sadie is unlike any woman he’s ever met. Her humble persona and wild innocence promise real passion. He’s promising Sadie something too: anything she wants. From Bordeaux to Cannes to Paris, Sadie’s past in America is swept away and replaced with a fantasy too good to be true.

Pulled into Olivier’s orbit of wealth, glamour, and excess, Sadie discovers that the Dumont dynasty comes with a legacy of wicked secrets. And Olivier’s secrets may be the most damning of all…


Pain invades my dreams.

Then light behind my lids.

In the moments before I open my eyes, I try to figure out where I am. There’s a bit of a delay to my thoughts, and for that I’m grateful. I know normally I would be panicking because—



I should be panicking.

Flashes of last night come back like a hailstorm.

Walking to the train station.

The man following.

The wild look in his eyes as he attacked me.

The pain from my ankle, my shoulder striking the ground.

Then . . .


Swooping in to beat the man.

Did that really happen?

Did he really . . . save me?

Who is Olivier, really?

Where am I?

I open my eyes and blink hard at the light streaming in through gauzy curtains. The light is soft, and there’s a breeze coming through the French doors. It smells mineral-fresh. The sea.

I slowly lift my head and see the Mediterranean glinting blue in the distance, the surface shimmering like diamonds. But closer still is a large terrace with lounge chairs and a giant, round hot tub built right into the teak floor. It almost looks like I’m on a ship.

I gingerly turn my head and look around the room, which is about three times the size of the last dorm room I stayed in that housed six bunk beds.

I let out a whistle under my breath as I take it all in. From the four-poster king bed to the embroidered chairs and the chandeliers, it looks like I’ve been holing up in some luxurious seaside chateau.

Jeez Louise.

For a split second, it feels like getting attacked was the best thing that could have happened to me—until the slightest movement brings shooting pain back to my ankle.

Ow, ow, ow.

I roll up my pant leg and stare at the bandages. I don’t remember what the doctor said about them. Do I change them? Tighten them? How long do I stay off my foot? I don’t even remember using crutches. And yet there they are, looking woefully out of place, resting against an antique white wardrobe across from the bed.

A knock at the door.

My heart leaps.

“Hello?” I cry out, trying to figure out how to hobble to the door to open it. I move to swing my legs over the edge of the bed, but it’s already so painful I have to stop.

“Sadie?” Olivier’s voice comes through the door. “Are you decent?”

“Yeah,” I say, and before I can force myself to get up and limp over, the door starts to unlock.

What? How does he have a key?

The door swings open, and his head pops around the corner, brows raised in concern. “S’il vous plaît, don’t get up!”

Then the door opens wider, and suddenly what looks to be a butler is pushing in a cart topped with metal-domed plates.

“Merci, Marcel,” Olivier says quietly to the butler, who exits as quickly as he came in. The door closes behind him, and I’m left in the room with Olivier, my eyes jumping from Olivier to the cart and then back to Olivier.

Of course, there’s no secret why my gaze keeps going back to him because, Christ on a cracker, now that it’s the light of day and I’m out of danger and the pain is only somewhat excruciating, I’m really seeing him for the first time.

The man is gorgeous.

I mean, like the kind of guy you see on an ad for Hugo Boss or something. The kind of guy God definitely didn’t make enough of. The kind of guy you can probably only find in the South of France.

And he’s here. In my hotel room.

Or maybe this is his hotel room?

“How did you get in here?” I ask after I find my voice.

He holds up a room key. “La clé.”

“I assume that means key? Why do you have a key?”

He tilts his head as a small amused smile teases his lips. “Why wouldn’t I? This is my room.”

“Your room?” I exclaim, looking around. My God, did he sleep here with me? Holy hell, the mere thought of that shouldn’t be turning me on.

“No,” he says matter-of-factly. “I slept in the villa. I would have put you in there, but it’s a bit out of the way. Usually occupied by royal families or celebrities on getaways, but it was free last night.”

I stare at him. “I don’t understand.”

He gestures to the cart. “This is your breakfast. I didn’t know what you wanted, so I ordered pretty much everything on the menu.”

I shake my head, scoffing. “No. This can’t be real. You are not real.”

“I’m very real.”

“I’m dreaming then.”

“I can pinch you if you want,” he says, his silken voice dropping a register, a devious glint in his eyes. I’m in trouble. He should know how dangerous those looks are when they’re coming from him. Or maybe he does know.

I take him in again, the V-neck white T-shirt that looks especially soft, showing off his olive skin, darkened from the summer sun. He’s taller than I remember, at least six foot, which makes him a giant compared to my five-foot-two frame, and he’s all muscle. Not the big and bulky kind that one would get from hours in the gym, the kind that seems to come naturally—strong forearms, wide, firm chest, broad shoulders, slim hips.

Okay, I need to stop staring.

I sit up straighter, trying to make sense of everything and knock some reality into myself. On top of everything he’s already done for me, I’ve taken his hotel room, which probably costs a small fortune, and he’s brought me room service.

Everything on the menu.

“What’s your endgame in all of this?” I can’t help but ask. I know I should just be grateful, but still, this is so much to do for a stranger.

“Endgame?” he repeats, folding his arms, his watch gleaming.

Wow. Wow, yeah, I’m a sucker for those forearms.

“Uh-huh,” I say slowly. “Are you trying to, I don’t know, seduce me?”

I regret it the moment I say it.

He breaks into a devastating grin, the kind that could steal my breath away and never give it back. “Do you want me to seduce you?” he asks, running his long fingers down the length of his jaw, like he’s now considering it.

“No,” I say quickly.

I’m pretty sure I’m lying.

“Good,” he says, still smiling. I see a hint of pink tongue as he bites his lip. “Because, believe me, lapin, you wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

Guest Post:
Author Karina Halle Shows Some Discretion

For as long as I can remember, escapism has been a big part of my life. Whether it was getting lost in my favorite films and TV shows or discovering new places and cultures as I traveled around the world, I’ve always had the itch to lead other lives than my own. One of the best and easiest ways to do this of course was through reading, and later, writing. It shouldn’t be a surprise then to know how much I love creating the perfect escape in my novels, ones that whisk readers (and myself) off to exotic destinations, falling for deliciously sexy men, all without leaving the comfort of your home. After all, even when I was young and single and traveling all over, I dreamed about meeting the perfect guy around every corner and the whirlwind romance that would follow. I remember one time I was supposed to meet a guy on a blind-date in Paris but he stood me up. Guess I’ve been trying to rectify that situation through my stories ever since!

When I write, I try to capture that same hopeful feeling that I had back in the day. I tend to write very real, flawed and relatable heroines because I personally believe that connection is one of the best ways to get lost in a book. If you don’t feel a connection or you can’t understand where a character is coming from, then it gets hard to really put yourself in the story. The stakes don’t feel as high because you don’t feel there’s anything to lose. But when a character is the “every girl,” someone that you get and can relate to, then it’s easier to put yourself in their shoes. What they feel, you feel, and there you are, living another life.

My novel Discretion is a good example of that. We have our every girl, Sadie, who is an American student trying to figure out what she wants out of life during a summer trip to Europe. She’s not sure if she’s taken the right path in school and is uncertain about her future, she’s broke, she has a complicated relationship with her mother because of her mother’s mental illness, and to make matters worse her long-term boyfriend dumps her while abroad. To me, Sadie represents so many young women right now who are looking for answers about life while trying to discover who they really are and dealing with all the bullshit in between.

Enter the insanely sexy French billionaire Olivier Dumont. The heir to the Dumont fashion dynasty (think Chanel), Olivier meets Sadie under dramatic circumstances – he saves her from a mugger. At first Sadie doesn’t know who Olivier really is and is distrustful of him (you can’t blame her, she’s literally having the worst trip ever and her opinion of men is at an all-time low). But over time she becomes drawn to Olivier, seeing a part of him that he doesn’t show many people. It helps that he’s handsome as sin and devilishly charming. It also helps that he’s extremely rich. In fact as Sadie gets to know him, she does so in a famous luxury hotel on the French Riviera, a hotel that Olivier happens to own. Talk about your wildest fantasy!

Here we have escapism at it’s most decadent. You have the relatable average girl getting swept off her feet by sexy, rich French man in a gorgeous and exotic setting. Yet despite the novel’s soap opera tendencies (because, believe me, the Dumont family is a family of suspenseful secrets and sin), there’s something realistic about the whole relationship. Sadie and Olivier may seem very different on the surface but underneath they’re two lost souls recognizing something in each other. Even Olivier, for all his wealth and privilege, feels conflicted with what he wants out of life, discovering that happiness isn’t found in money and fame but something else. Or someone else. It turns for both of them that what they’re looking for may just be in each other.

But taking a chance on love always brings a lot of risk and when it comes to Sadie and Olivier, the risks may end up being more than they bargained for.

Are you ready to find out more and escape with Discretion?

Author Biography
Karina Halle, a former travel writer and music journalist, is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of The Pact, A Nordic King, and Sins & Needles, as well as fifty other wild and romantic reads. She, her husband, and their adopted pit bull live in a rain forest on an island off British Columbia, where they operate a B&B that’s perfect for writers’ retreats. In the winter, you can often find them in California or on their beloved island of Kauai, soaking up as much sun (and getting as much inspiration) as possible. For more information, visit

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* Blog Tour/Review * A BABY BETWEEN FRIENDS by Kathy Douglass

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Blog Tour/Review * A BABY BETWEEN FRIENDS by Kathy DouglassA Baby Between Friends by Kathy Douglass
Series: Sweet Briar Sweethearts #6
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on August 1, 2019
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They pretended to be lovers.

But there’s nothing make-believe about the baby on the way.

When Joni Danielson recruits her best friend, Sweet Briar mayor Lex Devlin, to be her fake boyfriend for a wedding, it’s a no-brainer. But their staged kisses lead to real passion—and heartbreak when Lex pulls away. Now Joni’s in a bigger bind: she’s pregnant. Can she and Lex once again fake it till they make it—to a real relationship?


One night of temptation leads to more than they bargained for! With the next book in her Sweet Briar Sweethearts series, Kathy Douglass delights her reader with a return to Sweet Briar where small town living is personified. The characters are well-developed and intriguing, and the story line of an unexpected pregnancy between best friends is the shining star. Emotional, charming and oh so satisfying!

Joni Danielson had no idea that asking her best friend to pretend to be her boyfriend for a wedding she had to attend would turn their lives upside down. They’re back home and further apart than they’ve ever been because a few pretend kisses turned into real passion … passion he regretted the next morning. She’s keeping her distance and stewing in her hurt and anger … until she discovers she’s pregnant!

Mayor Lex Devlin adores Joni and just can’t understand why she’s so mad at him. Yes, he crossed a line he shouldn’t have, but shouldn’t they just be able to forget about it and continue their friendship? He’s tried love & marriage before and it just didn’t work out … but hearing they have a baby on the way has him wondering if he needs to give it another try.







They pretended to be lovers.

But there’s nothing make-believe about the baby on the way.

When Joni Danielson recruits her best friend, Sweet Briar mayor Lex Devlin, to be her fake boyfriend for a wedding, it’s a no-brainer. But their staged kisses lead to real passion – and heartbreak when Lex pulls away. Now Joni’s in a bigger bind: she’s pregnant. Can she and Lex once again fake it ’til they make it – to a real relationship?




Kathy Douglass is giving away a copy of A Baby Between Friends to a lucky winner!
(Entrants in one of the one of the 48 contiguous states are eligible for a signed, print copy or digital copy. Entrants outside of the 48 contiguous states are eligible for a digital copy.)


Also available from Kathy Douglass:

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The Rancher and the City Girl*
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The Rancher’s Return*
The City Girl’s Homecoming**
A Baby Between Friends* 

*Sweet Briar Sweethearts
**Furever Yours


Kathy is a born reader who as a child always had her nose in a book. She went from reading Bobbsey Twins to romance novels. One day she stumbled upon The Shining by Stephen King and was hooked on horror. When she caught herself checking under the bed and looking in the closet for monsters, she knew it was time to put down the horror and return to romance novels.

Her return was short-lived. She started law school and soon her reading was limited to legal opinions. Then she discovered Harlequin romances. They were short enough to read in a week and she wouldn’t have to search her room before she went to sleep.

When her first child was born, she became a stay at home mom. Her second child soon followed, and reading was limited to children’s books.

All too soon her kids were attending pre-school. Kathy spent those hours renewing her relationship with romance novels. Soon she felt the urge to write the stories she wanted to read. In 2016, Kathy sold to Harlequin. Her first book, How to Steal the Lawman’s Heart, was released in February, 2017. Since then, she has released several more books with Harlequin.




* Review * SHE DEVIL by Christy McKellen

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SHE DEVIL by Christy McKellenShe Devil by Christy McKellen
Series: Sexy Little Secrets #3
Published by Harlequin Dare on August 1, 2019
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The third book in the Sexy Little Secrets trilogy reunites old flames April and Jamie ten years after their mysterious split. Jamie’s demanding answers—and after a little persuasion, April might just give him some…

It’s been ten years since April Darlington-Hume broke my heart—ten painful years of not knowing why she ran off. But after a very raunchy chance encounter with her at a fund-raiser, I finally had an opportunity to find out what had happened all those years ago. So I came up with a proposal that I knew an ambitious businesswoman like her couldn’t resist.

I’ve agreed to sell her my father’s company, if she admits I’m the only man who’s ever given her real pleasure. And I’m happy to show her what she’s been missing between the sheets all this time. Once I’ve driven her wild with lust, she’ll let her guard down enough for me to tease out her secret from ten years ago.

But it’s hard to be cold and calculating when we’re alone together. Every time we toy with each other, it only reminds me that beneath our scorching desire, there was always a deeper connection that burned even hotter…


Decadently naughty! With the third book in her Sexy Little Secrets series, Christy McKellen brings us oldest sister April’s story. She’s reuniting temporarily with her first love and has to fight the attraction she continually feels when around him … until he makes her an offer she can’t refuse that will have her sharing more of herself than she has in years. This steamy, grudge filled plot was a lot of fun!

Ten years ago, April Darlington-Hume broke the heart of the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with. Circumstances caused her to walk away, but she’s never forgotten him. Actions he took afterwards made him pretty unforgettable.

Jamie De Montfort can’t believe his luck when he finds himself alone with April at a fundraiser. She likes to talk pretty and act like she cares, but she wouldn’t have left him with no explanation all those years ago if she had. He sees this as a chance to get even. He has something she wants, and he knows she won’t be able to turn down the chance to prosper in the business she loves so much. He plans to make her pay … with pleasure!


* Review * MONTANA SEDUCTION by Jules Bennett

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * MONTANA SEDUCTION by Jules BennettMontana Seduction by Jules Bennett
Series: Two Brothers #1
Published by Harlequin Desire on August 1, 2019
Buy on Amazon

The perfect cowboy.

The perfect opportunity.

The perfect deception…

Luxury resort manager Stella Garcia isn’t sure where the mysterious, sexy rancher came from. All she knows is that Dane Michaels rescued her from disaster—before deliciously seducing her with his dark gaze and sizzling touch. She has no idea that Dane is hell-bent on his own agenda. One that starts with pleasuring Stella…and ends with taking everything that is rightfully his.


Passion and secrets are in the air! With the first book in the Two Brothers duet, we meet Dane and get some insight into the plan he and his brother have to get back what was rightfully theirs. Dane doesn’t expect to like Stella so much when he arrives at the resort, but there’s no going back from the plan. He only hopes she can forgive him! An interesting premise comes to life with another side of the story yet to come. Down to earth characters, secrets being uncovered and lots of passion flying … can’t wait for Ethan’s story!

Stella Garcia is enjoying managing a luxury resort in the beautiful setting of Gold Valley, Montana, but she’ll enjoy it even more when it belongs to her. She’s tried all of her life to please her perfectionist father and hopes beyond hope that the way she’s turned this property around will finally do the trick and have him signing it over to her.

Rancher Dane Michaels also has his eye on the resort … and the gorgeous manager in charge. He might have to use a little subterfuge, but he’ll get what’s his in the end. Getting to know Stella has him wishing it didn’t have to go down quite the way it does though.