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* Review * CONTRACTED TO HER GREEK ENEMY by Annie WestContracted to Her Greek Enemy by Annie West
Published by Harlequin Presents on May 1, 2020
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“I wouldn’t date you for a million dollars.”

“How about two million?”

Stephanie Logan would love to throw Damen Nicolaides’s outrageous proposal that she pose as his girlfriend back in his face, but the truth is she needs his money to save her family.

The arrogant Greek seduced and discarded her once before, so Steph makes sure their contract says Damen can’t kiss her again! But she might soon regret that clause. Because trapped in paradise with her enemy, his all-too-potent chemistry is pushing her ever closer to breaking point!


A pretend arrangement! CONTRACTED TO HER GREEK ENEMY by Annie West is a fast paced read filled with lies, deception and an over powering attraction.

Stephanie Logan feels like Damen pulled the wool over her eyes previously so she’d be a fool to jump at the chance he offers her when he needs her help … but she needs some way of righting a wrong so she’s stuck playing his game.

Damen Nicolaide is rich and powerful and though Stephanie wants to pretend she doesn’t desire him, it’s clear she does. He only needs her to pretend to date him for a short time and is willing to pay handsomely for it … he just doesn’t expect to fall for her in the process.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a relationship of convenience in a love/hate relationship. Lots of passion, deceit and power play out in the story line.


* Review * THE NANNY’S FAMILY WISH by Helen Lacey

* Review * THE NANNY’S FAMILY WISH by Helen LaceyThe Nanny's Family Wish by Helen Lacey
Series: The Culhanes of Cedar River #3
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on May 1, 2020
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It was the life she always wanted, except is wasn’t hers…

She knew two things about her boss:

He didn’t love change. And he didn’t love her.

For four years, Annie Jamison had dreamed of capturing the heart of David Culhane McCall. But she knows the workaholic widower sees her only as a caregiver to his children. Until her resignation lands on his desk—and forces him to acknowledge that she’s more than just the nanny to him. David has overcome tragedy, but is he ready to risk his heart and build a new family? Annie isn’t so sure—but she’s definitely willing to find out…


A ready made family! With the third book in her Culhanes of Cedar River series Helen Lacey delights her readers with Annie and David’s story. We’ve seen them and heard bits about their situation in the first two books of the series, so it was nice to walk into their story and watch it unfold. Really enjoyed!

Annie Jamison captures a reader’s attention and sympathy quickly as we realize the depth of which she is going to have to go to in order to have the dreams she always wanted. To walk away is breaking her heart, but staying is too.

David Culhane McCall has his head buried in the sand a bit. He has endured major hardship and devastation and it made him close himself off from seeing what’s right in front of him. When Annie tells him she’s leaving, it finally opens his eyes … but will it be too late?

I highly recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who enjoys a hard-won love story mixed with lots of family connections and drama. I’ve enjoyed the entire series.