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* Review * HIS LAST CHANCE CHRISTMAS FAMILY by Michelle MajorHis Last-Chance Christmas Family by Michelle Major
Series: Welcome to Starlight #3
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on December 1, 2020
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A perfect Starlight Christmas

Is this Christmas the perfect time for their last chance?

Widowed after an unhappy marriage, single mom Brynn Hale has finally returned home to Starlight. She’s ready for a fresh start for her son, and what better time for it than Christmas? Still, Nick Dunlap is the one connection to her past she can’t let go of. Nick let his status-conscious parents talk him out of pursuing Brynn in high school and he’s not sure he deserves a chance with her now. But the magic of the season might make forgiveness—and love—a little bit easier for them both…


Small town perfection! With the third book in her Welcome to Starlight series Michelle Major keeps to the heart of the holidays as widowed single mother Brynn reunites with her childhood friend and sets out to give her son the best Christmas ever. Great characters with multiple storylines that all mesh into one amazing story.

Brynn is such a kind soul and watching her start to live again is golden. Her kid is adorable, and she deserves the world.

Nick is a sweetheart. As the much-loved police chief of their hometown he’s a steady force to be reckoned with when life starts to crumble.

I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone who enjoys a small town filled with supportive characters and home town goodness around every corner.


* Review * STEELE by Sawyer Bennett

* Review * STEELE by Sawyer BennettSteele by Sawyer Bennett
Series: Arizona Vengeance #9
Published by Big Dog Books, LLC on December 8, 2020
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A second chance may be just what James Steele needs…

I might be one of the older players on the Arizona Vengeance, but I like to think that also makes me one of the wisest. Or at least I used to.

Turns out, I’ve been a bit selfish. I’ve been married to hockey and my team for years, which hasn’t left much time for my actual wife, Ella. Now I’m juggling a separation I never wanted, the pressure of being a single dad to our teenage daughter, and the career I sacrificed it all for.

While my game on the ice might be on fire, the game in my personal life is clearly lacking, as evidenced by the fact I just saw my wife on a date with another man. If I have any hope of saving the family I love, I need to re-prioritize, and fast. So it’s time for me to get back to fundamentals, just like I did when I learned how to play hockey. I’ve never backed down from a challenge, and romancing my wife is a challenge I am very much looking forward to.

Time to put on my game face, because I’m in it to win it.


An emotionally charged reunion story! With book nine in her Arizona Vengeance hockey series Sawyer Bennett brings us a love story like no other. High school sweethearts who made it to the top only to begin to crumble with their teenage daughter looking on. This book brings it all. Pain, love, laughter and so much heart. Loved their story!

Jim Steele is a hockey powerhouse, but a great husband, not so much. If you read the previous book in the series you will be familiar with the storyline somewhat. Jim accepted the separation his wife demanded and is just sitting back watching his life pass him by … until he sees her out on a date with another man and realizes he hasn’t seen that smile and laughter on her face in such a long time.

Ella is easy to sympathize with. She loves her husband just as much today as she did when she fell for him all those years ago, but she can’t take the invisibility and loneliness of being his wife for one minute more. She needs to be seen and cherished again.

I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone who enjoys a pulse pounding hockey series that rewards you with lots of game action, but also brings love, turmoil and heart to every single book.


* Review * THE ROYAL PREGNANCY TEST by Heidi Rice

* Review * THE ROYAL PREGNANCY TEST by Heidi RiceThe Royal Pregnancy Test by Heidi Rice
Series: The Christmas Princess Swap #1
Published by Harlequin Presents on November 1, 2020
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Carrying his Majesty’s heir… Is she or isn’t she?

Princess Juno won’t stand by and let her twin sister be forced into a loveless marriage with King Leonardo of Severene. Juno switches places with her for Christmas, intent on ruining the match. A night of electrifying pleasure with the playboy King wasn’t part of the plan!

Leo has never felt such searing attraction, least of all for his duty-bound fiancée. It’s clear why, when her true identity is revealed! But Juno’s princess swap is going to have shocking consequences, when they realize they need a royal pregnancy test…!


A delectable attraction will steal your heart when you dive into this royal twin switch! With the first book in The Christmas Princess Swap duet Heidi Rice sets the stage for the unruly princess to step in and take her sister’s place over Christmas. The characters are intriguing and the chemistry between them is sizzling. I’m looking forward to wrapping the duet up with Jade’s story!

Juno is attention grabbing. She’s sweet and misunderstood while letting her feisty and adventurous side show. I loved her connection to Leo!

Leonardo is kind-hearted but rigid in the beginning and it’s really something to see how Juno’s affection warms him.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a royal romance mixed with secrets and scandal.


* Review * YOU HAD ME AT HOCKEY by Kelly Jamieson

* Review * YOU HAD ME AT HOCKEY by Kelly JamiesonYou Had Me at Hockey by Kelly Jamieson
Series: Bears Hockey #2
Published by Loveswept on December 8, 2020
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Can a spirited, down-to-earth influencer get an uptight hockey player out of his shell?

I am a warrior. That’s been my motto since I recovered from a near-death accident when I was younger. Now I enjoy my nice, settled life in Dallas playing pro hockey—a boring life is better than being dead. I’m not a party guy or an adventurer; I like my routine and peace and quiet. So being traded to New York is the worst possible change that could happen. And meeting unfiltered and fascinating Sara Carrington throws my life into even more chaos.

I’ve been considered weird my whole life, which is why I’m still a virgin, but I’ve turned it into a career with my YouTube videos. Who knew people would love watching me talk about my zits, taste-test meatless burgers, and try to learn TikTok dances! Now I’m launching a podcast. Getting hockey star Josh Heller as a guest will help gain listeners for sure. I expect a bearded jock with no teeth and nothing to say, but I get a hot as H-E-double-hockey-sticks grouch with a surprisingly dirty mind. My mission to make him laugh is successful, but I want to know why he’s so uptight underneath that panty-dropping smile. Maybe I can teach Josh to have some fun . . . and maybe he can teach me a thing or two along the way. . . .


A delightful mix of comedy, romance and sports! With the second book in her Bears Hockey series Kelly Jamieson continues to deliver attention grabbing characters who steal a reader’s heart quickly and take us for a ride of emotion and joy on that way towards happily ever after. I’m looking forward to more!

Josh is a character that makes you just want to give a great big old hug to. He’s emotionally scarred from a childhood accident and sometimes finds it hard to deal with the world around him.

Sara is fresh, quirky and so fun. I loved her from the first moment she stepped onto the page.

I highly recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who loves a hockey romance with a combination of sexy and emotion throughout.