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* Review * THE GREEK’S OUTRAGEOUS MARRIAGE DEAL by Rachael ThomasThe Greek's Outrageous Marriage Deal by Rachael Thomas
on January 29, 2021
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A deal to reclaim his wife…

Becomes so much more!

When Athena returns to their marital home in Crete, billionaire Kostas Kyriakou seizes the opportunity to reunite with his wife and have an heir for the empire he has created from nothing. It’s the only deal he’s prepared to consider. After all, heady passion and hot desire had never been lacking in their short marriage.

Athena has promised her father, who is again battling illness, that she will return to Athens with her estranged husband. Seeing the man she’d loved so completely, and hearing his outrageous demands to have his child, forces her to face all the pain and heartache of losing her mother as a young girl.

Time together, acting out a marriage reunited, brings back all that explosive passion, but can they truly share who they are this time and mend the marriage for real?


An reunion when they least expect it! THE GREEK’S OUTRAGEOUS MARRIAGE DEAL by Rachael Thomas brings a wife back to her husband’s door when she needs to reunite their marriage for most important reasons. I liked the premise of the storyline quite a bit, but I needed more … more emotion, more back story, more overall depth including a look into the gorgeous countryside they were surrounded by. Overall a satisfying love story.

Athena is made out to be a fairly gullible character who believed gossip about her husband and chose to walk away … but we’re not given enough back story into how her source duped her to know if she’s fully redeemable or not.

Kostas is strong-willed but loyal and easy to like. I would have liked to have known more about his past, but I liked him as a whole.


* Review * BACK IN THE TEXAN’S BED by Naima Simone

* Review * BACK IN THE TEXAN’S BED by Naima SimoneBack in the Texan's Bed by Naima Simone
Series: Texas Cattleman's Club: Heir Apparent #1
Published by Harlequin Desire on February 1, 2021
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Will they ever learn…

that giving in to desire is playing with fire?

After discovering he has a secret son, oil heir Ross Edmond isn’t letting Charlotte Jarrett walk away again. He proposes they move in together—to share their son…and a bed. But Charlotte has secrets, and Ross doesn’t know the real reason his family’s former chef left town three years ago—and they still have a powerful enemy who could bring them both down…


An unexpected discovery leads to a passionate reunion! Kicking off a brand new Texas Cattleman’s Club: Heir Apparent series with a bang, Naima Simone brings us the tail of a surprise baby in BACK IN THE TEXAN’S BED and I loved it! There wasn’t too much of a carry forward in this book as there usually is in a TCC series, but the story of Ross and Charlotte was spot on. I’m looking forward to more in the series.

Ross is easy to like and sympathize with when the shock of learning he has a son he didn’t know about throws him for a loop. I loved how he didn’t hesitate to step up and walk away from hinderances to embracing his son.

Charlotte is kind-hearted and I found it easy to forgive her for her gullibility in thinking Ross wouldn’t be there for her and Ben.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the nuance of a surprise baby and reconnecting of one time lovers. I’m looking forward to seeing how this series plays out.


* Review * IN FOR A PENNY by Melissa Foster

* Review * IN FOR A PENNY by Melissa FosterIn for a Penny by Melissa Foster
Series: The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbor #8
Published by World Literary Press on December 9, 2020
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Friendships and family abound during a week of love, laughter, and happily ever afters.

Catch up with your favorite characters and enjoy Bones and Sarah’s wedding while falling in love with the newest Whiskey-world couple, Penny Wilson and Scott Beckley in this Whiskey series novella.

When everything you want is right in front of you, but it's still out of reach…

Penny Wilson has a successful business, more friends than a girl could ask for, and a boyfriend she’s madly and passionately in love with. Scott Beckley is honest, loyal, hands down the best lover on the planet, and absolutely gaga over his nieces and nephews. Scott’s a keeper…as long as Penny doesn’t ever want to hear those three magical words that would take their relationship to the next level. Scott escaped abusive parents at seventeen and was forced to find his way alone in the world. Even though it’s been more than a decade and he’s reunited with his estranged sisters and built a good life in Peaceful Harbor, Maryland, he’s still tortured by his past. Penny knows he loves her with everything he has, but for a girl who wants a family and a guy who is afraid of having one, love might not be enough.


Sinfully sweet and delightful! If you’re looking for a fast paced catch up with some of your favorite Whiskey characters this book is for you! Melissa Foster is sure to please when she drops a novella of one favorite couple’s wedding while introducing the latest duo to fall in the Whiskey realm. This book isn’t really a standalone because there are a lot of characters mentioned and you won’t appreciate all of the happenings if you aren’t already familiar with the family … but for a Whiskey fan, it was the best!

Penny and Scott both have interesting family histories and back stories, so to see them finally get a happily ever after is so satisfying. I hope to see glimpses of them in future books.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a close-knit, hard-loving family who lives to serve and delights in sharing each other’s happiness.