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* Review * MONTANA RAIN by Josie Jade

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * MONTANA RAIN by Josie JadeMontana Rain by Josie Jade
Series: Resting Warrior Ranch #8
Published by Calamittie Jane Publishing on September 22, 2023
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Psychiatrist Rayne Westerfield has found purpose in helping patients, especially those with PTSD, heal at the Resting Warrior Ranch. For her, there’s no greater calling than equipping people to fight the worst of their demons.

But she’s never allowed anyone to help her fight her own.

She’s kept her distance. Kept herself buttoned up tight. Even the people in the small Montana town she’s known for years—the ones she calls friends—don’t know who she really is, and the fears she hides.

And that’s okay.

But it’s not okay to Cole Phillips.

The FBI agent’s first interaction with the Resting Warrior Ranch a few months ago wasn’t under the best of circumstances, but he’s determined to make up for that now.

Where everyone else sees ice in Rayne, he sees fire. And he’s not going to let her fears keep him at a distance.

Especially not when Rayne witnesses something she shouldn’t and a killer comes after her. Cole will battle the criminal determined to silence her, and the fears she’s buried so deep.

The healer has fought for everyone else. Now this warrior will fight for her.


A powerful and intriguing conclusion to the Resting Warrior Ranch series! Dr. Rayne finally gets her happily ever after in the last book in this addictive, high octane series and I loved what Cole brought to her life. I wanted a little more back story to refresh our memories on what exactly happened with Cole’s partner to make this feel like a complete stand-alone that anyone could pick up and enjoy, but overall it was a really easy to connect with, fast paced read and a great tie up of the series as a whole. I loved this group of people a lot!

Rayne has helped heal so many people having to do with the ranch, so it’s really heartwarming to see her come to some peace within herself as her story plays out and having it be Cole who lays his heart on his sleave really on with her is rewarding.

I recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone that enjoys a small town romance with a lot of mystery and action revolving around a core group of friends/family as each one finds their forever.


* Review * ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS PROMISE by Susan Carlisle

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS PROMISE by Susan CarlisleOnce Upon a Christmas Promise by Susan Carlisle
Series: Once Upon a Christmas Kiss: Cozy Christmas Collection
on October 3, 2023
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You're cordially invited to the charming town of Cherry Creek, Tennessee, where the legendary book—Once Upon a Christmas Kiss—promises true love to the one who possesses it during the holiday season.

Don’t miss this collection of unique, romantic novellas by six different authors about women who’ve been given the gift of romance. Featuring all your favorite tropes, such as: small town, Second-chance at love, emotionally scarred, opposites attract, friends-to-lovers, secrets, cute meet-cute, blind-to-love, enemies-to-lovers, and of course, a lot of classic Christmas charm.

Who knows, you might be the next to find Once Upon a Christmas Kiss in your stocking.

Included in this collection:

Once Upon a Christmas Reunion by Ciara Knight
Broken hearts reunite for a second chance at love on Christmas night.

Once Upon a Christmas Treasure By Brenda Lowder
When Amelia enlists former best friend Oliver to help her hunt for a legendary book for her sister, she doesn’t know finding the treasure might mean losing her heart.

Once Upon a Christmas Promise By Susan Carlisle
Two emotionally scarred hearts mend through the promise of love.

Once Upon a Christmas Secret By Terra Weiss
To uncover the deepest secret of her late best friend, Dawson must volunteer for the holidays with her nemesis, Sawyer, and do good for the community... and maybe her heart too.

Once Upon a Christmas Wish By Susan Sands
Star-crossed lovers reunite with the help of a little Christmas magic.

Once Upon a Christmas Party By Christy Hayes
Two young millennials find love with the help of a Christmas legend, meddling grandparents, and a well-placed sprig of mistletoe.


** Part of Once Upon a Christmas Kiss: Cherry Creek Holiday Romance Anthology **

Small town holiday romance at it’s best! While Susan Carlisle’s book in this holiday collection is novella length, it quickly wraps the characters and the premise of the story around a reader’s heart and has us fully invested in no time. We can’t achieve a fully fleshed out story in this length of a book, but Carlisle does a great job at pushing the buttons we need activated to make the story feel complete and gives us a believable and deserving happily ever after to enjoy. I really liked Laurel and Brandon and loved seeing him join the world again.


* Review * A HIDEAWAY WHARF HOLIDAY by Laurel Greer

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * A HIDEAWAY WHARF HOLIDAY by Laurel GreerA Hideaway Wharf Holiday by Laurel Greer
Series: Love at Hideaway Wharf #2
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on September 26, 2023
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Diving headfirst into uncharted waters.

Independent single mom? Free-spirited Franci Walker’s got it covered. Until she goes into labor early…with only fellow diver Archer Frost to help. And after unexpectedly delivering Franci’s baby, Arch can’t resist the coworker who’s secretly brought sunshine his way for years. But Arch has spent years burying his feelings—first his guilt over the accident that left him with an amputation and killed his best friend, then his growing attraction to Franci. Maybe the new mom—and her sweet baby—can lead Archer out of those turbulent seas for good…


Franci and Archer were everything I wanted and more! If you read the first book in Laurel Greer’s Love at Hideaway Wharf series, you will recognize Sam’s sister Franci and co-worker Archer from the dive company. I was very quickly hooked on the chemistry they oozed whenever the other was around, and the feels the turmoil they each are going through brings to the surface are spot on and addictive. I loved every minute of their story. I really enjoy Oyster Island and would love to see more stories come from this series.

Franci is a sweetheart and really likable, but Archer was by far my favorite character. There’s just something about him being the man that he is even as he’s living through guilt and despair that he won’t share with anybody that makes him a solid guy who you can just tell won’t let anybody down.

I highly recommend this book as well as the first book in the series to anyone that enjoys a small coastal town romance where the family and friends play an integral part in the background of the town. The characters are endearing, their story is fast paced and the happily ever after was all I could have ever wanted.


* Review * THE HOLIDAY HEARTBREAKER by Maisey Yates

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE HOLIDAY HEARTBREAKER by Maisey YatesThe Holiday Heartbreaker by Maisey Yates
Series: Four Corners Ranch #5
Published by Canary Street Press on September 26, 2023
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A fresh start is all she wants this Christmas, but maybe a cowboy is all she needs…

It’s not the holiday season she’d envisioned. But moving back home with her son, Benny, is all single mom Elizabeth Colfax can do after her ex-husband’s infidelity left their life in pieces. A fresh start at Four Corners Ranch means Elizabeth’s dream career in equine therapy can become a reality, allowing her to share her love of horses with Benny. If only it didn’t also mean butting heads with Brody McCloud, the frustratingly attractive cowboy who sets sparks off inside her.

Brody doesn’t do complicated, and Elizabeth’s got more baggage than an airport. But there’s something about the woman that’s always gotten under his skin in a very welcome way. As the simmering tension between them grows harder to ignore, they’ll have to decide if their undeniable attraction can outweigh a shared loss of faith in forever. Maybe this Christmas, they can find a family worth fighting for.

In the bonus novella Wild Night Cowboy, can a cowboy with a dark past find his future with the one woman he shouldn't touch?


One of my favorites in the series! The next book in the Four Corners Ranch series by Maisey Yates delivers another delicious cowboy, but Brody McCloud brings an even more emotional delivery than we’re used to. He’s out for a good time, and just can’t believe the way Lizzie and Ben knock him for a loop and have him questioning his feelings before he can turn around. He unpacks a lot of baggage along the way about his childhood and the way his family sees him. I really enjoyed watching both main characters find the side of themselves that they can live with going forward and the fact that they each bring out the best in each other. Great characters, emotional journeys and so many sweet and sexy thrills along the way!

I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone who enjoys a small town romance filled with an overbearing family that lives hard and loves even harder standing up for each other along the way towards finding their forever one after another.


* Review * ONE WILD WEDDING WEEKEND by Janice Maynard

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * ONE WILD WEDDING WEEKEND by Janice MaynardOne Wild Wedding Weekend by Janice Maynard
Published by Harlequin Desire on September 26, 2023
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Daley Martin’s sister is marrying Tristan Hamilton’s brother. They’re normally business rivals…but now they’re maid of honor and best man! Despite finding Tristan infuriatingly arrogant, Daley will have to remain civil through the wedding weekend. But when their unacknowledged attraction erupts into a blistering night of passion, they vow, for countless reasons, to end things after the wedding.

Their intentions are upended, though, when Tristan’s boss makes an offer to buy Daley’s company that’s too good to refuse. Now, keeping their minds on business will be daunting, and avoiding each other—and the heat still raging between them—will be impossible!


Janice Maynard delivers a thrilling ending to take her Harlequin Desire career out in the style we’ve grown accustomed to from her over the years. It’s bittersweet to read Maynard’s final story in this line as she’s been delighting us with her self-assured heroes and sassy heroines for years, but what a glorious ride it has been! I’m sad to see the line go, but will delight in following Maynard into new adventures I’m sure. This story brings a bit of an enemies to lovers trope to the beginning but quickly turns to an instant attraction and so much more. The characters are very easy to like and their stories carry a lot of depth and twists that we aren’t expecting. I really enjoyed Daley and Tristan! Highly recommend!


* Review * CHRISTMAS AT THE SHELTER INN by RaeAnne Thayne

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * CHRISTMAS AT THE SHELTER INN by RaeAnne ThayneChristmas at the Shelter Inn by RaeAnne Thayne
Published by Canary Street Press on October 10, 2023
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Come home to Shelter Springs this Christmas, where hearts are warm and hopes are bright…

Growing up at the Shelter Inn hotel, Natalie Shepherd envied guests who could come and go as they pleased. So when it was time to finally leave for college and put the lush green mountains around Shelter Springs—along with the cloud of loss that seemed to follow her family—behind her, she swore she’d never come back. But now her sister McKenna needs a favor. On pregnancy bed rest at doctor’s orders, McKenna needs a helping hand with her two young daughters and someone to take over the inn during the hectic holiday season, and Nat can’t refuse. And just when things can’t get worse, she runs into her late brother’s best friend, Griffin Taylor…

Griff has mixed feelings about Natalie’s return. She’s just as beautiful and full of life as he remembered, but there’s a secret he’s carried for years about her brother—and the guilt is eating away at him. Still, Christmas in this small town is filled with treasured traditions and new adventures that hold the promise of something sweet and lasting. From matchmaking seniors to rambunctious nieces, it seems everyone is hoping Nat and Griff will put loss behind them and find a happy new beginning…


Thayne delivers with her yearly dose of emotional holiday goodness! If you are like me, you know that RaeAnne Thayne’s name on a holiday cover guarantees a sure to please read filled with family, love and healing. I’m never one to pass up her signature warmth, especially around the holidays.

Natalie Shepherd is a character that carries a lot of angst from her past around her heart. She doesn’t hesitate to step in to help when her family needs her, but she suffers a lot emotionally in doing so. I really enjoyed seeing her journey into healing as well as love. Her complexity was very heartwarming!

I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a small town romance with all the feels during the holidays. Highly emotional and addictive!