REVIEW – The Chase – Adrienne Giordano

The Chase


A hot cop and a sexy lawyer exploding with sexual tension in this first installment of the Justifiable Cause series!

Sergeant Gabe Townsend with the Emergency Services Unit of the NYPD is on a task force, Operation Clean Sweep, targeting the string of counterfeit goods running through the city.  Fellow member Jo Pomeroy is driving him crazy.  Jo is a feisty intellectual property attorney and is out to stop these thieves from ripping off her mega-corporation clients.  High end hand bags, watches, shoes, etc. are being made into cheap knock-offs and diluting the brand names.  Jo is aiming to have this task force go to the national level, and not shy about risking her neck to do it!

Attraction and sexual tension has been building between Gabe and Jo for months, but when Jo starts gaining the attention of the criminals and starts getting injured and receiving threats, Gabe can no longer ignore his feelings for her.  He steps in to protect her, and their passion ignites.

** Received free from Adrienne to review **


  1. You had me at “hot cop and a sexy lawyer”!! As my boyfriend is a hot cop and my day job is in the legal field! Who am I kidding… had me at “hot” and “sexy”! 😉

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