REVIEW – The Evasion – Adrienne Giordano

The Evasion


In the prior book of this series, Attorney Jo Pomeroy and NYPD Sergeant Gabe Townsend teamed up to bring down the head of a huge counterfeiting ring in New York City.  It ended with the lead guy on the run and Jo and Gabe starting a relationship.

This book picks up with Jo and Gabe still secretly seeing each other so that neither of them will be forced to quit the Task Force.  They receive a tip from a vice cop that their guy may have set up base in Leeville, SC just outside of Charleston.  They get approval from their bosses to head down there and help the local police in checking out the lead.

Once they arrive, they keep getting the run-around from the local Sheriff, so they decide to investigate on their own.  As usual, they find out alot of info, but get themselves into dangerous situations in the process.

Lots of excitement!

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REVIEW – The Chase – Adrienne Giordano

The Chase


A hot cop and a sexy lawyer exploding with sexual tension in this first installment of the Justifiable Cause series!

Sergeant Gabe Townsend with the Emergency Services Unit of the NYPD is on a task force, Operation Clean Sweep, targeting the string of counterfeit goods running through the city.  Fellow member Jo Pomeroy is driving him crazy.  Jo is a feisty intellectual property attorney and is out to stop these thieves from ripping off her mega-corporation clients.  High end hand bags, watches, shoes, etc. are being made into cheap knock-offs and diluting the brand names.  Jo is aiming to have this task force go to the national level, and not shy about risking her neck to do it!

Attraction and sexual tension has been building between Gabe and Jo for months, but when Jo starts gaining the attention of the criminals and starts getting injured and receiving threats, Gabe can no longer ignore his feelings for her.  He steps in to protect her, and their passion ignites.

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REVIEW — The Rebel – Adrienne Giordano

The Rebel


Great book!  If you’re looking for lots of intrigue, some sweet, sassy flirting, and a sexy bad boy wannabe, this book is for you!  I flew through it because I just kept having to know what was going to happen next.

Homicide Detective Larry McCall is out for an early morning walk with his dog.  He never expects to stumble upon a crime scene, but when his dog starts digging in an empty field, that’s exactly what happens.  A skull is uncovered.

Five years later, Detective McCall approaches Sculptor Amanda LeBlanc at a function for a fallen fireman, where she is presenting his family with a sculpture she donated to honor their husband and father.  He thinks she does great work and is interested in trying to get her help on the skull cold case.  Amanda is hesitant to help because her deceased Mother was a forensic artist and there’s some upsetting history stemming from it.

David Hennings mother overhears their discussion, and the next day encourages David to go see Amanda under the pretense of needing artwork for his new house, but really to try to talk her into helping on the case.  Mrs. Hennings has been picking pet projects the last few years to become interested in and get help to solve.

David meets with Amanda and convinces her to meet with the Detective again to go over the case and she eventually agrees to help.  In the midst of their visits and discussions, they are attracted to each other and agree to see where it goes.  Once Amanda starts working on the project, crazy things start happening around her.  Her home and studio are suddenly inaccessible, her credit cards are being declined, break ins are occuring, etc.

Will David be able to keep Amanda safe long enough for her help solve this case?  Will their budding romance lead to anything more than casual comfort?  I highly recommend you read the book to find out!

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REVIEW: The Detective – Adrienne Giordano

The Detective


I really enjoyed the mystery waiting to unravel in this book!

It all starts with Lexi Vanderbilt being hired to redecorate a house where a murder occurred two years prior so the remaining family can sell it and move on.  A friend of Lexi’s is intrigued by the story behind the house and gets a Private Investigator her husband works with to look into the cold case to see if she can find any additional info.  The P.I., Jenna Hayward, asks her Detective brother Brodey who is out on medical leave at the moment to look over the files with her and give her his opinion.

Brodey gets under Lexi’s skin the second he arrives at the house and they get into a tiff over the scene of the crime being changed.  They begin to work together on the investigation when little things keep happening and turning up that lead them to believe they have stumbled upon the killer.

Will Brodey be able to keep Lexi safe when the person they suspect turns his sights on her?  Have they actually solved this crime?  Will Lexi forgive Brodey when he disappoints her by not sharing enough info?  Read the book to find out!  Very enjoyable read!

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