REVIEW – The Evasion – Adrienne Giordano

The Evasion


In the prior book of this series, Attorney Jo Pomeroy and NYPD Sergeant Gabe Townsend teamed up to bring down the head of a huge counterfeiting ring in New York City.  It ended with the lead guy on the run and Jo and Gabe starting a relationship.

This book picks up with Jo and Gabe still secretly seeing each other so that neither of them will be forced to quit the Task Force.  They receive a tip from a vice cop that their guy may have set up base in Leeville, SC just outside of Charleston.  They get approval from their bosses to head down there and help the local police in checking out the lead.

Once they arrive, they keep getting the run-around from the local Sheriff, so they decide to investigate on their own.  As usual, they find out alot of info, but get themselves into dangerous situations in the process.

Lots of excitement!

**  Received free from Adrienne to review  **

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