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Sweet & satisfying!

It was fun to return to Mimosa Key with Jeannie Moon again to pick up the DeMarco family drama!

We previously saw Josie DeMarco get together and head towards her happily ever after with Tony, and this time we jump into things with Josie’s brother and her best friend!

Lila Novak had a quickie affair with Nick DeMarco the last time he was in town, but it ended suddenly when he was called away on one of those covert operations he’s always doing!  Now he’s back and finding out for the first time that they are expecting a baby!

Lila loves her job as a teacher at Mimosa High, but it’s being threatened because of the scandal.  Nick might tuck and run a lot for his job, but he’s man enough to step up to his responsibilities and offers to marry her … not only do they have a baby on the way, but it could also save the job she loves!

Will these two loners be able to find a way to make forever work?

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Truly, Madly, Deeply by Jeannie Moon

 Kick off your shoes, stick your toes in the sand and indulge yourself in a sweet second chance romance on the island of Mimosa Key.  Nick DeMarco is back in Barefoot Bay and is hoping for Lila Novak’s forgiveness. Little does he know, he’ll get a whole lot more than that. Fans of Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay will love meeting new visitors and residents of Mimosa Key in this Kindle Worlds Barefoot Bay romance by Jeannie Moon.

Release Date:
Publisher: Kindle Worlds
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Digital


Nick DeMarco was a covert operative who breezed in and out of the lives of the people he cared about often without warning. This included his sister Josie’s best friend, Lila Novak.

Nick and Lila had a torrid affair the last time he dropped into Barefoot Bay, and now that he’s back, possibly for the long haul, he hopes she’ll forgive him for disappearing without a word.

Lila loves her life as a teacher at Mimosa High School, but her affair with Nick has thrown her a curveball she never expected. Carrying his baby, she’s faced with the loss of her job unless she agrees to do the last thing she wants to do – marry him.

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There were few things that ticked off Lila Novak more than busybodies. And when said busybodies were making her life difficult, that really chapped her ass.

She sat at the district office, having been summoned from Mimosa High School by the superintendent of schools, and while she waited she saw a parade of people enter the conference room. Her principal, the vice principal, the personnel director, and her department chair were all part of the group that was going to see her. This wasn’t good.

Nothing like kicking a girl when she was down.

Her department chair, Mary Chavez, poked her head out and motioned to Lila. “We’re ready for you. Don’t let them upset you, and don’t lose your temper.”

Mary was a sweet woman, a joy to work for. Because of her, the math department at Mimosa was a fun place to be. Her colleagues were friendly, and unlike some departments, they all liked each other. However, Mary knew Lila could have a smart mouth, and this wasn’t the time for wit. Even if some people deserved her wit shoved up their butts.

The superintendent sat at the far end of the table, and the other administrators flanked him left and right. This wasn’t going to be easy.

Lila stood at the other end of the large oval table. Alone.

“Lila, have a seat,” the big guy said.

“Thank you,” she replied. That was a load of shit. She had no reason to thank them.

“So,” he began. “We hear you’ve gotten yourself in a bad spot.”

This was really making him uncomfortable, and based on the scowls from a few others in the room, she was in more than a bad spot.

“Sir, I am pregnant, yes.” Lila took a deep breath before continuing. “I’ve tried to keep it private, but that’s hard to do in such a…close knit community.” It’s full of nosy women with nothing else to do, is what she wanted to say. But Lila held her tongue, knowing that sassing the superintendent and his minions wouldn’t help her cause. “While I’m sure it might make some people uncomfortable, it isn’t something I want to talk about.”

“Unfortunately, that’s not an option,” the personnel director broke in. She was new to the district, and Lila didn’t catch her first name, but her last name was Smith. “You have to talk about it. There is a clause in your contract regarding morality…”

Bile stuck in her throat. Sweet baby jeebus. A morality clause. It was the 21st century, wasn’t it? “I don’t understand.”

“We hold our teachers in very high regard,” the woman drawled. “And we’ve gotten a number of complaints about the situation. Parents are extremely upset about having an unwed, pregnant teacher in front of the classroom.”

A knot formed in Lila’s chest. Crushing breathlessness made her audibly suck in air, but she didn’t cry. No, she wouldn’t give this pit of vipers the satisfaction, but there was no hiding how this was affecting her.

No one seemed to care that she was in distress. They were all sitting very still, apparently awaiting Lila’s response.

“I see y’all staring at me, but I don’t know what you want me to say.”

“We thought you could offer some clarification, or explanation, so we can better understand how this all came about,” the nameless personnel director shot at her.

“Ma’am, if you want an explanation for my pregnancy, may I suggest you speak to a health teacher.” Yep. She just snapped at someone who held her fate in her hands.

“There’s no need to get snippy, young lady.”

“I’m sorry, but I believe there is.” Lila wasn’t going to be intimidated. “This is a private matter.”

“Who is the baby’s father?” Ms. Smith blurted out.

BOOM. There it was. That’s what they were driving at. There had been an ugly rumor about her and the father of one of her students. He’d made some unwanted advances in a bar. It didn’t matter that Lila had told him to buzz off; people had talked.

“I haven’t told the baby’s father yet, and I’m not comfortable telling you before I tell him.”

“Lila,” her chair began, “taking a hard line here isn’t going to help.”

“I’m sorry, but he’s overseas on assignment.” That was all Lila could come up with, and it might or might not have been true. She didn’t know where Nick DeMarco was. She hadn’t heard from him in months. “That’s all I can say.”

When she said he was overseas, everyone came to attention.

“Is he in the service of our country?” the superintendent asked.

Lila nodded. She didn’t know what Nick was doing, but he did work for the government. “I think I should tell him first, don’t you?”

“Lila, I don’t like this any more than you do, but something must be done. I have parents calling for your job.”

“Well, sir, with all due respect, you can tell them this is none of their business. I’m sure you’re aware that I am a very good teacher. My students are engaged and do very well.”

“I am. Your reputation in the classroom is excellent, but regardless of how accepting society has become of single parents, our teachers are held to a different standard. Parents are very upset.”

“Am I being dismissed?” There was no use in beating around the bush. If the decision had already been made, the time would be better spent polishing her resumé.

“I don’t want to do that, but I am in a difficult position.”

Of course. His contract was up for renewal. The last thing he needed was a bunch of parents complaining that he wasn’t responsive. If they started calling for his head, who knew how the board of education would respond? Lila didn’t know what she was expected to do. The baby was already in the picture.

“I guess you’ll let me know if I have a job, then?”

She started to get up from the chair when her department chair came to her defense. “Lila is one of our best teachers. Surely there’s a way for this to work out.”

Silence settled over the room, because no one seemed to have any answers. They were looking everywhere but at each other. Glancing off into space or keeping their eyes trained at the table. Except for Ms. Smith, who was staring at Lila. Now she didn’t know if she should leave or stay.

“Lila?” Her principal, Joe Alex, broke the quiet. “How is the clean-up from the fire going?”

That got everyone’s attention. Being a pity case wasn’t her first choice, but Lila would take it. She couldn’t be without a job. Especially not now.

The superintendent’s face dropped. He wasn’t a bad person, but he was a puppet. Now his conscience was getting to him. Lila just hoped it worked in her favor. “I’ll be in touch,” he said flatly. Then he stood and left the room, leaving Lila in the same place as she’d been before, without any answers.


“Motherfucker, that hurts.” Over the course of his career, Nick had been shot, stabbed, beaten, and thrown off the roof of the building. But the searing pain from the injection into his injured shoulder was like nothing he’d ever felt. Of course, he’d been unconscious after the stabbing, and the shooting, and during the beating he managed to throw a few punches himself. Getting thrown off a building? Not something he would recommend.

But he’d recovered from every injury. He’d come back to duty stronger than ever, almost like he had to prove himself. Rumor was some people wondered if he was even human. Nick had to laugh at that. Of course he was human, he just took his work seriously. There were a lot of bad people out in the world, and it was Nick’s job to make sure they didn’t hurt anyone.

This time, however, his shoulder had been almost completely ripped out of the socket. The damage had been repaired as much as it could be, but for the first time in his career, Nick didn’t know if he was going to be able to do his job like he had before.

There had been mutterings about a desk job. A fucking desk job. He couldn’t see himself settling into a regular routine, making assignments, even if it did carry a promotion. He was an adrenaline junkie, pure and simple, and if he wasn’t out in the field chasing bad guys, he didn’t know what he was going to do.

“So will the cortisone fix what ails me?”

The doctor shrugged. It was another resident, another no-name who didn’t know anything about him. To the guy in the scrubs, Nick was just another case. He didn’t understand that Nick’s life as he knew it was on the line.

“Dr. O’Neill will be in in a minute. He has more details about your next step.” Without another word, the drone doc left the room. At least he would get to talk to the guy who did the surgery. Maybe he would finally give Nick a straight answer.

His cell phone beeped, and he glanced at the screen. His sister. The text was short. Are you alive?

Nick smiled. Josie, as always, got to the point. This time, he answered. Sent back a simple: yes. But that was all she was gonna get for now.

He was still figuring out how he felt about her relationship with Tony. Never in his life had he suspected his best friend and his sister had been having an affair. Now, Josie was going to be a queen. An honest to God, crown-wearing, scepter-wielding queen. Okay, maybe that was too dramatic. But she would have a crown. His little sister would have a crown.

Nick lay back on the table, knees bent, arm folded over his eyes. Jesus. What if he couldn’t go back in the field? He’d never thought about life after fieldwork, but now it was the only thing on his mind.

He tried to focus on something good, something positive, and immediately Lila Novak’s face flashed in his memory. Talk about secrets. The four days he’d spent in bed with Josie’s best friend had been just what he needed. The woman was a contradiction; on one hand she was full of piss and vinegar, but on the other she was beautiful, smart, sweet, and the sex had been a friggin’ miracle. Nick thought about her a lot, probably too much.

Still, he wanted to see her. He figured whatever the doctor said, he’d head to Florida for some R&R. His grandparents’ house was empty, and while he was there he was sure he could get Lila to see him. As long as she wasn’t too pissed off. He’d left without saying goodbye, and in his experience women really hated that.

He expected Lila was no different.

The door burst open and Dr. O’Neill entered the space. A big man, career Army, Nick peeked out from under his arm and the doctor tossed a wry grin in his direction.

“Hiding, Colonel?”

Colonel. He wasn’t used to being called by his rank. “Just trying to figure out what kind of bullshit you’ll be feeding me about my shoulder.”

“No bullshit,” the doctor said. “Truth only. Your shoulder was a hot mess. I was able to do some repair on the ligaments and tendons, but at this point it’s not stable. I can’t recommend you be allowed to go back to fieldwork at this time.”

“So, I’m going to be a desk jockey? I can’t do that. I’ll go crazy.” Nick’s fear of desk work was what drove him to volunteer for a special covert ops unit. He went where he was needed, working sometimes for the CIA, the NSA, or different branches of the military. When people asked what he did, he said he was a “security consultant”. It wasn’t a lie.

“You can stay in the Corps,” the doctor reassured him. “There are plenty of things a man with your knowledge and talents can do. You’re just not going to be swinging from trees or jumping off buildings anymore.”

“Should I retire? I mean, if I can’t do the work…”

“I didn’t say never, but not now. There’s a lot you can still do. Hell, with all your experience, you’ll be running the Joint Chiefs inside of six months. But you aren’t indestructible. You may recover enough to get back to the insanity you call a job, but I don’t recommend it.”

That particular statement made him think—and the conclusion wasn’t good. Lately, every injury meant a tougher recovery. He knew he was getting older, but his body was finally telling him what that meant. “Shit.”

The doctor took a seat across from him. “Nick, I’ve treated your last two orthopedic injuries. Your missions are more dangerous because that’s the way of the world right now, but even you have limits; you’re almost forty.”

“Thanks for the reminder.” Forty was still a couple of years away, but one thing Nick couldn’t deny was that he was feeling it.

Nick wasn’t a quitter, but he also wasn’t stupid. He knew when there was no point in arguing. He placed his feet solidly on the floor, stood, and extended his hand to O’Neill. “Thanks, Doc. I appreciate it.”

Shaking his hand, the older man wore an expression that told Nick he wasn’t the first to possibly have his career cut short and he wouldn’t be the last. But it still sucked.

Leaving the exam room, he took the stairs five flights down. He didn’t talk to anyone; it was raining, but he didn’t hail a cab, hoping the walk would clear his head. Finally, soaked to the bone, Nick jumped on the Metro. He was sure he looked sketchy, but he didn’t care. It would keep people away. He got off in Foggy Bottom, walked past the White House and down the mall, ending up on the steps of The Capitol. A security guard gave him the eye, suspicious. As he should be.

Nick was a dangerous man.

He was lighter—leaner—than he’d been before the injury. Not surprising, and probably a good thing.

It was pouring now, reminding him of an op that had dropped his team in the middle of a South American jungle.

God, what he wouldn’t give to be back there again.

Looking up, he felt like the heavens were taunting him.

He had to get out of town. He had a couple of options. He could head to an island and decompress in a tiki hut over a lagoon in Fiji. He had a friend with a chalet in the Alps. It was beautiful and secluded, but there would be no skiing or climbing.

The last idea was the one that really appealed to him. Barefoot Bay. He’d head to his grandparents’ house in Florida to regroup and figure out what to do next.

Sure, people knew him, but most of them wouldn’t ask questions, and the tiny coastal island of Mimosa Key was about as far away from work as he could possibly get. Sure, there might be nosy neighbors, but no one would be shooting at him.

And he’d try to see Lila. If she was still speaking to him.

Yeah, no doubt about it. Thoughts of Lila alone made Florida a very good idea.


Moon_Headshot_2015 (1)

Jeannie Moon has always been a romantic. When she’s not spinning tales of her own, Jeannie works as a school librarian, thankful she has a job that allows her to immerse herself in books. Married to her high school sweetheart, Jeannie has three kids, three lovable dogs, and resides on Long Island, NY. If she’s more than ten miles away from salt water for any longer than a week, she gets twitchy.

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** Book Review ** THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE by Jennifer Snow

The Trouble With MIstletoe

4 1/2 STARS!

Super sweet story about finding a second chance with a past love!  Loved the characters … other than wanting to kick Victoria a few times for not seeing the awesome guy right in front of her face! 🙂

Victoria Mason left her small town home in Brookhollow a dozen years ago for the bright lights of New York City.  She loves the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoys her high powered job for an acquisitions firm, but she’s not overjoyed that it’s bringing her back to the small town she left behind to make a deal … and she’s even less happy about who that deal is with!

Luke Dawson owns the sporting goods store that Victoria is in town to make an offer on … and he’s also the former fiance that she left 2 weeks before their wedding!

Will she be able to get Luke to agree to the deal that will make her boss happy?  And more importantly, will she be able to get it done fast enough to keep her from falling back into those old feelings that still live in her heart??

** Release Blitz ** BODY CONTACT by Cathryn Fox

Body Contact Tour Banner


by Cathryn Fox
Publication Date: August 15, 2016
Genres: Adult, Serial, Entangled: Scorched, Erotic, Romance

Body Contact Cover


Synopsis: Body Contact is the second of a three-part erotic series from New York Times and USA best-selling author Cathryn Fox.Asking pro football player Jack Rider to teach me everything he knows about sex might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I’m not so sure I can handle a guy like him. I thought he’d just straight up do me, ridding me of my pesky virginity sooner rather than later. But no, he had his own ideas about bringing me up to speed on sex. His two weeks of slow seduction might just be the death of me, but since he’s the one in charge, I have to play the game his way. Not that I’m not enjoying it. I am. Who wouldn’t, right? I guess I just can’t help but wonder how I’ll ever let another man touch me after him.

This is the second of a three-part series full of mind-blowing sex, featuring a dirty-mouthed football player who knows the score and an inexperienced therapist who needs to learn it. BODY CONTACT is sure to leave readers begging for more. The next installment comes September 2016.



Hands On Cover


Synopsis: Hands On is the first of a three-part erotic series from New York Times and USA best-selling author Cathryn Fox.

When hot as hell Danielle Lang showed up and asked me to teach her about sex, I thought I was hallucinating. Turns out the beautiful psychologist needed an extra bit of schooling in all things sexual so she could teach a class.

I’m always up for helping a friend. I mean, it’s the least I can do. What I wasn’t expecting is for her to turn the tables and teach me a few things. Only this short-term promise of two weeks in her bed is going by a little too quickly. Not that I’m thinking forever or anything.

I’ve got a football career to get back to. And she doesn’t want to be a part of my world. There’s no way we can be together—so I’m going to make sure I enjoy every sexy second….

This is the first of a three-part series full of mind-blowing sex, featuring a dirty-mouthed football player who knows the score and an inexperienced therapist who needs to learn it. HANDS ON is sure to leave readers begging for more. The next installment, Body Contact, will be published August 2016.

Hands On Scorched Serial Banner


Cathryn Fox

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathryn Fox is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend. She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate (she never says no to a brownie) pizza and red wine. Cathryn has two teenagers who keep her busy and a husband who is convinced he can turn her into a mixed martial arts fan. When not writing, Cathryn can be found laughing over lunch with friends, hanging out with her kids, or watching a big action flick with her husband.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Goodreads | Newsletter | Amazon Author Profile


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** Book Review ** REDEEMING HER SEAL by Kat Cantrell

Redeeming Her SEAL


It was great to see Charlie & Audra again and to see them get their love back on track!  They ooze sex & steam together!

Former Lieutenant Commander Charlie St. Croix left his final mission in Iraq with only healing and getting his future on track in mind.  His main goal was opening an excursion company with 5 other members of his former SEAL Team in the Caribbean.  Opposition to one of their vacation destinations is causing problems with the company, leaving Charlie no other option than to meet the problem head on and go meet with Dr. Audra Reed to ask for help … if only she wasn’t the one who’s heart he broke over a year ago!

Audra finished her studies and got a job with the Freeport Aquatic Research Center like she dreamed of to continue studying her favorite dolphins.  After Charlie broke her heart, a major upheaval happened in her life that left her broken even more.  She reached out for comfort where it was offered and made decisions she might not have made otherwise … will Charlie be able to live with the answers he gets when he goes to see her for help with his legal issues?

ARC received via the Author



** Book Review ** DELIVERING JUSTICE by Barb Han

Delivering Justice


Another fun mystery in the Cattlemen Crime Club series!

Tyler O-Brien is out working the family ranch and stumbles across an ATV accident scene.  He finds an unfamiliar woman trapped and comes to her aid.  She has a head injury and can’t remember who she is, so he stays by her side and gets her medical attention.  Eventually she figures out who she is … but the name she gives the next time he seesher, and the guy sitting by her side don’t add up to the way she’s acting!

Jessica Davidson is pretending to be her twin sister Jennifer, and the man who is insisting she is his fiance is obviously up to no good!  She gets Tyler to help her get away from him and tells him the truth and gets him to help her search for Jenn, who she thinks must be in trouble since she hasn’t heard from her!  The twists and turns this mystery take leave you guessing who the guilty parties are until the end.

ARC received via the Author

** Blog Tour / Book Review ** CHASED BY LOVE by Melissa Foster



Bad boy rocker meets America’s sweetheart … let the corruption begin! 🙂

Sweet, yet feisty … sexy, yet down-to-earth.  Two successful people who, from their reputations, wouldn’t fit together .. but they DO!  Great addition to the always enjoyable Love in Bloom series by Melissa Foster!  She has a way with words that endears a family in our hearts and watching each sibling and friend go on to meet their true love is such a joy!

Actress Trish Ryder is excited to get the opportunity to act with rocker bad boy Boone Stryker in her newest movie.  It’s dark and gritty and has the potential to be a huge hit, but when right off the bat Boone is blowing off meetings and making everyone on the project suffer, she’s not impressed any more!  When his trouble with his part leads their director to banish them to a remote location, she has no clue what she’s in for!

Boone is a successful rock star with the party all night, groupies in every town, live for the moment reputation to prove it.  When he lets his guard down with Trish and she actually gets to meet the guy beneath the persona, she really likes him.  They grow closer during their time together and then the game is over and it’s time to get back to the real world … filming this movie, dealing with press, handling emergencies, etc.  Will their fling be able to last a lifetime or will introducing the real world into it have it be over before it has even begun?

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Chased by Love
Love In Bloom: The Ryders #3
By: Melissa Foster

Releasing August 17, 2016
World Literary Press



Actress Trish Ryder takes her job seriously and has no time for those who don’t. When she’s awarded a major role in a new movie featuring America’s hottest rock star, Boone Stryker, she’s beyond excited. The six-two, tattooed hunk of burning desire is known for his dedication to his craft—but when he ditches their first meeting, she begins to wonder if he’s just another rocker with a great PR team.

Sex, booze, women, and music pretty much sum up Boone Stryker’s private world. He’s coasted through life playing by his own rules with plenty of people willing to cover his tracks, and he’s not likely to change—until he meets a woman who refuses to give him the time of day, much less anything more.

Sparks fly from the first moment Trish and Boone meet—Tensions run hot and desire runs hotter when they’re trapped together on a remote location with no place to hide. Will sparks ignite, or will a hurricane douse the flames?




Link to Follow Tour:  http://www.tastybooktours.com/2016/06/chased-by-love-love-in-bloom-ryders-3.html

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23123778-chased-by-love

Goodreads Series Link: https://www.goodreads.com/series/135715-love-in-bloom-the-ryders




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Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Chased-Love-Bloom-Ryders-Trish/dp/1941480438
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Kobo:  https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/chased-by-love-love-in-bloom-the-ryders


mel author photo headshot400


Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance, new adult romance, and women’s fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic, perfect beach reads, and always family oriented.


AUTHOR LINKSWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads |Newsletter

Website:  http://www.melissafoster.com/
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/MelissaFosterAuthor
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Newsletter: http://www.melissafoster.com/newsletter/





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** Book Review ** THE SECRET BENEATH THE VEIL by Dani Collins

The Secret Beneath the Veil


I was hooked from page one on this exciting twist on an arranged marriage plot!

Mikolas Petrides thinks he’s sealing a business merger when he says “I do” … until he lifts the veil to kiss his bride and finds a stranger!

Viveka Brice will stop at nothing to get her younger sister away from her wicked stepfather’s dealings.  He forced her into an arranged marriage to further his business holdings, but Vivi helps her sneak away to be with her true love.  Once the cat is out of the bag, Vivi tries to flee, but is caught in an altercation with her stepfather.  Mikolas steps in and protects her and whisks her away with him.  She ruined his business deal, the least she can do is become his mistress … right?

ARC received via Author/VA

** Book Review ** NO LIMITS by Katherine Garbera

No Limits

4 1/2 STARS!

No Limits is the kick-off to a new “Space Cowboys” series by Katherine Garbera that brings us on a venture into a world that we don’t read much about in romance … and it was fun!

Astronaut Jason “Ace” McCoy hasn’t been home to Cole’s Hill, Texas in 13 years.  He left behind his teenage crush long ago to explore his dreams in the stars.  Now he’s grounded due to some medical issues and heading to the ranch that he jointly inherited to try to get it sorted out before he is due back in Houston.

Molly Tanner hasn’t forgotten Jason in all these years, and she’s not overly happy her Dad put them both together by leaving them the ranch jointly.  It doesn’t take long with them being around each other for that same old passion to roar it’s head and sweep them away.  Can she ever be enough to hold his heart or will he forever leave her when space comes calling again?

ARC received via the Author

** Book Review ** THE WARRIOR’S CAPTIVE BRIDE by Jenna Kernan

The Warrior's Captive Bride


You feel like you are there right there in the tribe amongst them!

Crow warrior Night Storm is captivated by Skylark’s beauty when he first meets her.  He wants to take her as his wife, but is promised to another, so she refuses.  When a strange ailment strikes him and he can no longer function properly, he worries that Sky was a witch who cast a spell on  him.  He searches her out to find a cure!

Skylark prides herself on her healing capabilities and has no idea why Storm thinks she would cause him harm.  When she hears of his illness, she reluctantly agrees to return to his tribe with him as his fake wife.  As they try to figure out how to cure him before his warrior status is called into question, they grow closer to each other and no longer want to part.  When Storm’s secret gets out, will there be ill will aimed towards him from his tribe?

ARC received via the Author

** Book Review ** REUNITED WITH HIS RUNAWAY BRIDE by Robin Gianna

Reunited With His Runaway Bride

4 1/2 STARS!

Addicting!  From page 1, you feel the deep love and conflict in this book … and it only gets better!  Really enjoyed these characters and watching them fight their way back to each other.

Bree Donovan is a talented ER doctor who lives her life in ways that challenge her and make her better at everything she does.  She’s in love with surgeon Sean Latham … but she broke his heart when she ended their relationship a short time ago.  They want totally different things in life, and she just doesn’t see how it could ever work out.

Sean is still in love with Bree, and when his world takes a drastic turn, he comes to her for help.  He is in charge of his infant nephew until his sister gets out of the hospital and needs Brees help taking care of him.  They fumble their way through learning how to take care of a baby, and enjoy spending time together again.  Sean wants nothing more than to get married and have a family with her, but Bree doesn’t think that life is for her.  Will falling under Sean’s spell again, along with his adorable nephew’s, show Bree a different side of herself that she didn’t think was in there?

ARC received via Author/VA