REVIEW – Magic Kiss – Melanie Shawn

Magic Kiss


A heartwarming tale of finding love again after loss!

Emma Locke is a 26 year old widow and single Mom to 10 year old son, Drew.  Her husband Andrew was a Marine killed in action 6 years earlier.  After dealing with her initial grief, she had to find a way to support herself and her son, so she began writing romance novels.  She became quite a hit with a series, pumping out book after book, but then writer’s block hit.  For the last 2 years, she’s been trying to get the final 2 books of the series completed with no success.

Logan Dorsey was the Marine in charge the day her husband died.  He and Andrew had gone through training together and forged a lasting friendship.  He can’t get over his guilt over making it home when Andrew didn’t.  He still suffers from PTSD and night terrors and is currently on leave with his job as a NYPD undercover detective while he gets his head together.

Emma is shocked when Logan calls her while she’s in meetings in New York to tell her that Drew just showed up on his doorstep.  Drew was supposed to be at camp, and snuck out and took a bus in the middle of the night to see his godfather, Logan.  He wants to know his dad through Logan’s eyes since they were best friends.

When Emma shows up to get Drew, sparks fly.  After hearing how her meetings went with editors, etc., Logan invites her to stay a few weeks to work on her writing while he spends time with Drew while he’s on summer break.  They had avoided each other for 5 years because of the attraction they had felt for each other back then, with each feeling like the other was off limits because of their connections to Andrew.  They again try to fight the sparks, but eventually decide they are going to enjoy their time together while she’s there.

Will Emma and Drew be able to show Logan a type of love that he doesn’t think can exist?  He’s never been in love, and had horrible examples during his childhood, so what does he have to go on?  And will Logan be able to be the man that show Emma how special she is?  Can they have a happily-ever-after or will they part ways when she heads home to Seattle and it’s time for him to return to NY?

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REVIEW – This Love of Mine – Miranda Liasson

This Love of Mine


A sweet love story that makes you believe that true love never dies!

Megan Halloran is an overworked owner of a a bridal shop whose business partner is out on bed rest with twins.  Meg is trying to pick up the slack, as well as win a loan to renovate and expand their shop, while still taking care of errands and housework for her ailing mother.

Benjamin Rushford is back in town vying for an ER Residency position at the hospital.  His Grandfather was the town doctor, and Ben wants to keep his memory alive and make him proud by following in his foot steps of caring for his old hometown’s residents.

Meg and Ben run into each other, and the sparks fly.  Meg has been in love with Ben since she was 10 years old.  Ben had been her brother Patrick’s best friend, and they had started a teenage romance that fell apart when her brother died when she was 16.  Ben felt guilty about Patrick’s death and couldn’t bring himself to be around Meg anymore, so he pulled away from her and started treating her like a stranger, then went off to college and med school.

Now Ben needs Meg’s help getting the job he wants at the hospital, and she happily tells him no, but when he helps her with an emergency during one of her fittings, she feels obligated to return the favor.  Will she be able to help him get his dream job?  Will she pull off getting the loan she wants for her bridal shop even though the cards are crumbling against her?  And when Meg gets proof that lets Ben know he can no longer blame himself for not saving her brother, can he let go of the past and finally admit to his feelings for her that he’s buried for so many years?

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REVIEW – Secret Kiss – Melanie Shawn

Secret Kiss


I am really loving these Dorsey men!

Adam Dorsey spent 8 years in the Army, a few years as a private contractor, dabbled with the CIA, developed and sold a very successful app, and now specializes in IT issues.  He comes to Hope Falls, CA as soon as he receives a call from his cousin Levi, wanting him to track down info on Levi’s estranged father who had just shown up in town after decades of no contact.  While staying with Levi and his new bride Shelby for a short time, Adam saw Jane Marshall walk into Levi’s bar.  He was dumbstruck with an attraction so strong … something unlike he’d ever felt before.  He decided to stay in town for awhile and got a short term rental on a house.

Jane is a successful business woman, but is extremely socially awkward and notorious for her clutzy behavior when having to interact with people.  She was a brain who graduated high school at 15, had her Bachelor’s Degree at 17 and a Masters Degree by 20.  She had a few disaster relationships under her belt through the years, but nothing prepared her for the feeling she got when she spied Adam in the bar.  She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, didn’t hear her friends talking to her … all she saw was this perfect man standing across the room.

As fate (and her matchmaking friends) would have it, Adam is all of a sudden working in the same office as Jane on a daily basis.  Seeing each other constantly and being in close contact is driving each of them crazy.  Both are trying to fight their attraction so the other doesn’t know how they feel.  Eventually things start to happen to bring them together.  Will Jane be able to keep her cool when this hunk of a man is right next to her?  Will Adam decide to take a chance on life after the past he’s running from?  Will Jane be able to get past the truth when all of a sudden a wife from the past enters the picture?

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REVIEW – Perfect Kiss – Melanie Shawn

Perfect Kiss


Such a feel good love story … and HOT to boot! 🙂

Levi Dorsey is a 35 year old Bar Owner/Bartender who spent his childhood looking after his alcoholic Mom, then gave up his boxing dreams to take care of his twin brothers when she died.  It’s no wonder he has never wanted to be saddled with a long term relationship.  Quick affairs have been perfect with him, until he meets Shelby Kellan at a wedding that is.  He shares a hot kiss with her, and still can’t get her off his mind a year and a half later.  It just makes his day when she walks back into his bar.

Shelby is back, but she’s a shadow of the woman he met 18 months ago.  She’s hiding whatever brought her running to her brother’s for a visit, but Levi can tell she’s scared and that someone hurt her.  He offers her a job, and gives her a more private place to stay than her brothers, and lets it be known that he’s there for her if she wants to talk about what’s on her mind.  She doesn’t.  And the two of them spend weeks fighting their mutual attraction for each other.

Can Levi break down her walls and make her trust him?  And could Shelby actually be the one to make Levi want to think about forever?

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REVIEW – Head Over Heals for the Boss – Susan Meier

Head Over Heals for the Boss


I really fell in love with the characters of this book!

Isabelle Cooper, as an only child, is devoted to her parents.  She’s kind and helpful to all she meets, and she’s secretly been crushing on Devon Donovan since she was 14 years old.

Devon, oldest of 3, has been taking care of his Mom and younger brothers since before he was even a teenager.  He stepped in to protect them from his abusive Dad, and even after his Dad was out of the picture, he felt like he had to look after them and take care of things in their daily lives, especially after the family inherits a fortune from their grandfather.

Izzy’s parents decide to sell their flower shop to the Donovan family and move south to enjoy their retirement.  Izzy is thrown for a loop because she managed the shop and now is being thrown to the wolves in her eyes.  She can’t deal with seeing Devon every day considering how she feels about him.

Devon informs Izzy that he wants her to work for his families corporation instead of at the flower shop so she can put her MBA in Business to good use.  She is hesitant, but decides to try it.  Working with her every day makes Devon finally notice Izzy for the woman that she has become.

Can Izzy convince Devon to give love a chance, or will he continue to only allow himself to only give in to a secret affair that holds no strings to a future?

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REVIEW – SEAL’s Defiance – Elle James

SEAL's Defiance


Declan “Irish” O-Shea, member of Navy SEAL Team 10, is in Somalia to take down a rebel group that is taking over villages and killing the locals.  During the mission, things go awry and Irish is injured and left for dead.  Lucky for him, Dr. Claire Boyette had seen it happen and saw where his body landed.  She hid him under brush and debris while the rebels circled around looking for survivors, then when it was safe, took him to her tent in the village she was staying in to tend his wounds and let him heal.

When the rebels arrive in her village, Irish slips out the back and escapes.  Claire and her colleague are taken by gunpoint to tend the rebel leader who was injured in the raid.  After patching him back together, Claire is taken to a tent and left while her colleague is taken somewhere in an SUV.  Luckily Irish followed Claire and rushes in to rescue her as she is about to be raped by one of the rebels.  They manage to make their way to Irish’s camp to safety.

They get intel of where Claire’s colleague may be, and set off on a mission to rescue him.  Read to find out what happens!

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REVIEW – Infinite Possibilities – Lisa Renee Jones

Infinite Possibilities


It’s the continuation of Liam and Amy’s story … still good because it’s them, but nothing can measure up to the first book and them coming alive when they meet each other and fall in love.  You’ll remember that Amy had run off at the end of the prior book because she overheard Liam having a conversation about her and suspected he was somehow involved with whoever is out to get her.  He tracks her down at the start of this one and the reconcile.  She works with him and his security guy to try to put together pieces that she’s remembering, and that things that they are finding out in their investigation.

She finds out big info about her brother in this one that leads us to book 3 to see what will come of what she’s found out.

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REVIEW – Escaping Reality – Lisa Renee Jones

Escaping Reality


Okay, I admit it … I’m hooked!  From the beginning to the end of this book, I sat devouring page after page wondering what we were going to find out about “Amy’s” past, and what was going to happen to her future.

It starts out with Amy, who we learn used to be named Lara, having to go on the run with yet another new identity because she gets a cryptic message that “they” are coming for her.  She receives a new ID, bank account info, plane ticket, and keys to her new apartment in Denver.

She is instantly drawn to a man she sees at JFK airport, and winds up sitting next to him on the plane.  Liam Stone, a billionaire architect, is a very demanding in-charge type of guy but he shows a softer, gentler side with Amy.  He feels protective of her because he can sense she’s hiding from someone.  He doesn’t take no for an answer and attaches himself to her checking into a hotel across from her apartment and insisting she spend time with him.

They begin a red hot affair that has Amy falling in love with Liam and planning to tell him all of her secrets.  Until she overhears him talking to someone and thinks he’s working with whoever is after her.  She goes on the run again.  Is Liam really a bad guy?  Will he find her and work things out?  I’m running to buy the 2nd book in the series to find out now! 🙂

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REVIEW – Liam’s Witness Protection – Amelia Autin

Liam's Witness Protection


An action packed story of healing and forgiving oneself for what you have to do in order to live, cope and escape life’s perils.

Liam Jones was stopping by the courthouse as a favor to his brother on his way to a few weeks of vacation.  He never expected to hear machine guns exploding in the hallway behind him.  He wasn’t planning to be the only person who could grab the federal witness out from under her bleeding US Marshal protectors and whisk her to safety.  But as U.S. Diplomatic Security Agents, he and his brother Alec were trained to act.  Each killed one of the assassins and Alec got help for the 2 Marshals and 2 Prosecutors who were gunned down, and covered Liam as he got Caterina Mateja out of there.

Cate was supposed to be testifying against crime kingpin, Aleksandrov Vishenko who had held her captive as his personal glorified sex slave for 2 years.  She had gathered as much evidence as she could on all of his illegal dealings before she found a way to escape him.

Liam is drawn to Cate, as she is to him.  But she thinks she’s damaged merchandise who can never feel for a man after the torture she lived through.  Liam shows her that she is still every bit a woman and teaches her that not every man is a monster.

Can Liam keep her safe when Vishenko finds out where they are and makes his move to take her out before she can testify against him?

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REVIEW – Obsession Falls – Christina Dodd

Obsession Falls


The second book in the Virtue Falls series is riveting!  Edge of your seat suspense!  I did not read the first in the series, yet this one was perfectly understandable as a stand alone book.

It all starts with 29 year old Taylor Summers returning to her childhood home, Wildrose Valley to try to connect with herself and remember her early childhood.  While stopped to sketch the mountains, she stumbles across a kidnapping and a murder about to happen.  She puts herself in harms way to distract the killers from the young boy they are planning to kill.

After hiding in a cave overnight to get away, Taylor makes her way to town and breaks into her old childhood home.  She is cold and starving and needs to find a way to get in touch with the authorities.  When she finds a connection to the internet, she is shocked to see her name in the headlines as having been in on the kidnapping of 9 year old Miles, nephew of rich and powerful Kennedy McManus.  She finds out she is believed to have died in an explosion set by the kidnappers.

Taylor spends months surviving any way she can, trying to figure out how to get her life back.  After many trials and tribulations, she starts a new life in Virtue Falls, Washington as Summer Leigh, a housing concierge.  She makes friends with many in the town, and bides her time until she is able to get contact to Kennedy McManus in a way that she thinks will not put her in danger.  She needs to convince him that she wasn’t in on his nephews kidnapping and get him to help her get her life back.

Weeks go by and finally Kennedy shows up.  He’s been obsessed with finding her for a year now, never believing that she was in on it.  It was only a story fed to the press to keep his nephew safe from the kidnappers in case they returned.  Taylor/Summer and Kennedy join forces to figure out who is behind the kidnapping, murders and stalking.  It leads to an explosive ending that you won’t want to miss.  And just when they think they can have a happily ever after …. will they be able to?

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