Rainy dreary day

Good morning!  It’s a rainy, dreary day here today … but that’s okay, we can use the rain. 🙂  The grass is turning brown, and any day that makes us not have to water the tomato plants or flowers on the deck is a good one in my opinion.  And hey, a rainy day is the best day to curl up with a good book or two right?  Planned day trip to the beach however, is on hold until later in the week.

How is everyone’s day going?  I got up early this morning, downed some coffee while watching The Today Show for a little while, had a little breakfast and hit the treadmill for awhile.  Now I’m cooling off and updating the old blog.  I’ve been bad about the personal posts since I started this thing back up, but I’m going to get better, promise! 🙂  I’ve been doing lots of reading though, so lots of Reviews coming your way.  I have several books still on my list that have been sent to me to review, so I’ve got to hit one or two of those today.

Have a great day!  Talk soon!




I am having to tear myself away from a book to come and do this update, so I hope you enjoy it. 😀 I’m reading Breaking Her Rules by Jennifer Snow and it draws me in and won’t let me go.  I’ll review it once I’m done reading it, but I can already recommend it to you just from the first few chapters.

I received a couple of packages in the mail this weeks from giveaways that I have won recently, so that was super exciting!  First was a giveaway to celebrate the release of her newest book A Rancher of Her Own, and I won the back print book of my choice from Author Barbara White Daille … And she surprised me by throwing a second one in to honor the 4th of July when she was mailing it!  That was super sweet and I can’t wait to read them! 😁

And the second package I received was from Author Susan Meier from a Facebook Party giveaway celebrating her release of the first in the Vineyards of Monte Calanetti series, A Bride for the Italian Boss!  It’s an awesome t-shirt!

Super cute huh?  Thanks again ladies!


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Lots of reading …

Luckily it was a fairly quiet day again today, giving me time to do some reading and reviewing.  I have a couple more books at the top of my list, but they’re coming right along. 😀

The evening is winding down, after a stop at the farmer’s market to buy some fresh veggies, and dinner with the hubby, it’s time for Jeopardy now and a little more TV afterwards.  I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a reality TV junky, so tonight are two of my guilty pleasures .. MasterChef and Big Brother.

Hope you’re having a great one! 💕

Quiet day

I believe it is going to shape up to be a fairly quiet day on the Homefront today.  Dave is in an all day seminar, Lucy is outside on the deck basking in the heat that she loves, and Missy is here hanging out with me as I type:


She’s a cutie huh?  She likes to be with one of her humans as much as she can, often following from room to room.

It’s quite hot here in Maryland these days.  Mostly the humidity is what is making it uncomfortable.  Right now it’s 81 at 11AM, but the humidity makes it feel 97 according to Accuweather.  Yikes!

I just received Tawny Weber’s newest book last night to review, so I’m running off to bury myself in reading for awhile.  Hope you have a great day!


Starting a new blog!  Welcome to my life.  Every day living, pics of the cats and miscellaneous stuff, Book Reviews, cross-stitch projects and progress, thoughts about life, etc.  ENJOY! 🙂