* Holiday Celebration * Let’s go caroling!

Who else is a sucker for Christmas music? I can listen to it over and over again this time of year and never get tired of it. I like the classics, the new twists that are always being released even on the classic songs, and some artists put out those original songs that just melt your heart with all the feels, am I right? So let’s share some of our favs!

Classic wise, you have to love Bing Crosby and White Christmas.


Newer renditions … here is a really great version of Silent Night by Kelly Clarkson, Trisha Yearwood and Reba McEntire.


And my personal weakness … tearjerker holiday songs like It Won’t Seem Like Christmas by Loretta Lynn.


What are some of your favorite holiday songs? Have an album you could listen to over and over? An artist you particularly like their version of a song by? Share!

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