ON SALE @ $2.99 – Full Contact – Sarah Castile

Ray wraps his arms around me and holds me tight as if something terrible has happened and he doesn’t want to let me go. Full Contact. This is how Ray … [Continue reading]

BLOG TOUR / BOOK REVIEW – His All Night – Elle Wright

His All Night Edge of Scandal #2 By: Elle Wright Releasing November 24, 2015 Forever   THE PRICE OF PLEASURE In relationships, Calisa Harper has … [Continue reading]

BOOK REVIEW – Second Chance Christmas – Ellen Butler

3 1/2 STARS! This book had a good premise, but I felt like it moved along too fast.  It was a short novella length type, and I think would have been … [Continue reading]

BOOK REVIEW – Fire on Ice: The Complete Series – Dakota Madison

5 STARS! Okay, I went into reading this book fairly blind ... I liked the guys chest on the cover (hey, I'm honest!), and I liked that it was about a … [Continue reading]

BOOK REVIEW -Melt For Me – Elisabeth Naughton

**  REVIEWING "MELT FOR ME" by ELISABETH NAUGHTON  ** 4 STARS! A sweet Christmas read! Ella McKinley owns Yuletide Spirits, a pub in Holly, NC … [Continue reading]

BLOG TOUR – BOOK REVIEW/GIVEAWAY – The Idea of You – Darcy Burke

5 STARS! Loved this book!  It's well written, and the main characters get into your heart immediately and have you pulling for them to get … [Continue reading]

BOOK REVIEW – Controlled Burn – Shannon Stacey

4 STARS! This was a fun book to read.  You have a sweet guy, protective of his elderly landlords who is suspicious of the granddaughter he never knew … [Continue reading]

BOOK REVIEW  – Nanny Makes Three  –  Cat Schield

5 STARS! A decade old crush walks back into her life out of the blue! Hadley Stratton gets called out on an urgent nanny job and is shocked to see … [Continue reading]

BOOK REVIEW – Taking It Off – Claire Kent

4 STARS!   It's HOT, and it's filled with sexy strippers, steamy sex and some romance thrown in to boot! Elizabeth Marks is at her old college … [Continue reading]

BOOK REVIEW  –  A Memory Away  –  Melinda Curtis

   5 STARS! I really enjoyed this sweet romance! Jessica Aguirre has partial amnesia after a car accident.  When she shows up at … [Continue reading]