Quiet day

I believe it is going to shape up to be a fairly quiet day on the Homefront today.  Dave is in an all day seminar, Lucy is outside on the deck basking … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: Under Fire

5 STARS Exciting read! The book grabs your attention from the very first page and doesn't let go until the end. It starts out with a shoot out in … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: Country

5 STARS! Loved this book! It shows you can find love again after death, and even after being unhappy for years as well. I always love Danielle's … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: Last of the Red Hot Riders

4 STARS! My first trip to Hell, TX ... And I really liked it! :) I hadn't read the previous book, so I wasn't familiar with the characters at all. … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: Wild Heat

4 STARS! Caitlin (Kitty) Grant flees California to move back home to small town Alaska life. She's a broken bird, escaping an abusive ex-husband, and … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: The Princess and the Player

5 STARS! The continuation of the Montoro's Dynasty did NOT disappoint! In preparation of her brother Gabriel taking the throne as King of Alma, … [Continue reading]


Starting a new blog!  Welcome to my life.  Every day living, pics of the cats and miscellaneous stuff, Book Reviews, cross-stitch projects and … [Continue reading]