* Review * A DATE WITH DR. MOUSTAKAS by Amy Ruttan

* Review * A DATE WITH DR. MOUSTAKAS by Amy RuttanA Date with Dr. Moustakas by Amy Ruttan
Series: Hot Greek Docs
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on July 1, 2018
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A date with her former flame…

Brings the past flooding back!

In this Hot Greek Docs story, doctor Naomi thought her ex didn’t want kids. So she’s shocked to find Dr. Christos Moustakas at her new workplace—and he’s now a single dad! Chris has dropped his playboy ways, but he still has a hold on Naomi’s heart. And if she can now reveal their secret loss, it might finally give them another chance…


A sweet reunion, hidden secrets and the hope of forgiveness carry us into the final installment of the Hot Greek Docs series. I’ve enjoyed the entire series, but I think Chris and Naomi’s story touched me most of all. They were both kind-hearted people. so it was really easy to hope they could find their way through the past and work towards that new found forever!

Years ago, Naomi Hudson and Christos Moustakas were a couple. She was all in and assumed they would be sharing the rest of their lives together, but Chris carried scars from a rough childhood around like a load on his back, and didn’t think he’d ever be in a mindset to give her the life that she deserved, so he set her free and went on with his life separately.

After stepping up to help on the Greek island of Mythelios, they are reunited by working in the clinic together. The man who said he never wanted a wife or family is now a single father to an infant, and the woman who wanted a family with all of her being is alone in life. Spending time together brings back those same old feelings that they once shared, but will the secrets that exist between them stand in the way of acting on them?


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