* Review * BRETT by Leigh Duncan

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * BRETT by Leigh DuncanBrett by Leigh Duncan
Series: The Hometown Heroes Series #2
Published by Gardenia Street Publishing on June 15, 2018
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The broad-shouldered Adonis standing on Stephanie Bryant’s front porch cannot fathom why the sassy beauty failed to evacuate along with the other residents of Cocoa Beach, but she has her reasons.

With a big promotion at stake, the approaching storm doesn’t figure into Stephanie’s plans any more than falling for the hunkiest cop in Florida.

But more than the landscape changes when a hurricane practically blows Florida’s newest resident into the arms of disillusioned cop Brett Lincoln. While the last thing he wants in his life is another self-centered woman, the keys to his emotional survival just might dangle from Stephanie’s perfectly sculpted nails.

* This book was originally published in 2010.


A chance meeting, undeniable attraction and the start of a new relationship! With the next book in the Hometown Heroes Series, we get Brett’s story. He’s a become a bit bitter about his outlook on people since becoming a cop and seeing all the issues in the world, but a fresh perspective from Stephanie’s viewpoint has him rethinking his ways! This was a fun read … fast paced and entertaining.

When Stephanie Bryant transfers to Cocoa Beach, Florida as part of a big promotion, she has no clue she’s driving into town right in the middle of a big evacuation. Yes, the streets seemed fairly dead, but she’s from Ohio, what does she know about storms and evacuating?

Police officer Brett Lincoln can’t believe it when he sees her doing work around the house when everyone should already be out of the path of this storm. He figures out what’s going on with her and gets her on her way towards the only shelter left with any space and figures he’s done his good deed. When the town returns after the storm though, he just keeps running into her again and again … and he has to admit, he’s starting to like it!


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