* Review * ENTICING THE DRAGON by Jane Godman

* Review * ENTICING THE DRAGON by Jane GodmanEnticing the Dragon by Jane Godman
Published by Harlequin Nocturne on July 1, 2018
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A creature of fantasy…

…and the man of her dreams

Musician Torque is known for his incendiary solos and smoking-hot looks. Hollie Brennan is a dedicated fan drawn to the sexy guitarist. But she’s also an FBI agent tracking a serial arsonist…and the evidence leads her to Torque, a dragon shifter in disguise. As the sparks fly, Torque and Hollie must fight fire with fire and track down the person endangering their love.


Smoking hot connection! With the second book in the Beast series, we get Torque’s story. In the first book in the series, we learned the entire band is filled with various animal shifters and that they are super tight. Torque discovers that his past may be connected to the arsonist that’s following his every move, so he sets out to get to the bottom of who it is. I felt the shifter/mystery aspect of the story was very strong and held our attention easily. The romance, while I liked them and wanted them together, I felt there could have been more of their relationship brought into the plot. Overall a very solid follow-up book!

FBI agent Hollie Brennan has been working on a serial arsonist case for years and a sudden break through has her connecting the dots to a common denominator. She gets the go ahead to go undercover to get close to musician Torque to see if he has anything to do with the case himself or has somehow earned himself a fan wishing to heat things up!

John “Torque” Jones is the guitarist to the popular rock band Beast. He meets Hollie and knows instantly that she’s his mate. She might be human, but he’s half dragon-shifter and can sense their connection the moment he looks into her eyes. Circumstances lead to them spilling their secrets to each other and working together to see who’s set their sight on them … if they solve this case, is there a chance at forever?


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