* Review * FIVE WAYS TO SURRENDER by Elle James

* Review * FIVE WAYS TO SURRENDER by Elle JamesFive Ways to Surrender by Elle James
Series: Mission: Six #5
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on December 1, 2018
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His life is dedicated to the SEALs.

His heart is dedicated to her.

Their mission was clear: do not engage! But when his SEAL team is ambushed, “Big Jake” Schuler sacrifices his safety to draw the terrorists away from his unit. When village missionary teacher Alexandria Parker runs right into Jake’s arms, they must hide together in the wild hills of Niger, causing Jake to discover that Alex is as tough as she is beautiful. This mission he’ll engage with feelings he thought he buried a lifetime ago.


A chance meeting turns into forever! With the continued story of a SEAL team in the heart of Africa, we get to watch Jake fall hook, line and sinker for the pretty American teacher. This entire series has brought a great picture of the African’s countryside and attention grabbing intrigue. Loving it!

Navy SEAL Jake “Big Jake” Schuler knows his orders are not to engage, but when his team walks into an ambush because a local informant double crosses them, they have to do what they can to survive. Big Jake orders his team to safety while he diverts the rebel forces away from them. He’s finding his ways through the hills to a meet point to reconnect when a woman walks straight into his arms!

American missionary teacher Alexandria Parker gets a warning that a dangerous man is coming to their village and is instructed to get the children to safety. She scrambles through the hills until she has them safely stowed in a cave, but when she tries to return to attempt to get the elderly Reverend and his wife out, she’s runs into danger … and then smack dab into the arms of safety!


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