* Review * HOT CHRISTMAS KISSES by Joss Wood

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * HOT CHRISTMAS KISSES by Joss WoodHot Christmas Kisses by Joss Wood
Series: Love in Boston
Published by Harlequin Desire on October 1, 2018
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“You’re my escape. Just a temporary indulgence.”

But Christmas has a way of changing things…

On and then off again, Matt Edwards and DJ Winston share hot sex, hotel rooms—and nothing else. But now Matt is suddenly in DJ’s real life, where she’s not sentimental about anything—not her lovers or the holidays. Just one hot kiss has them back in bed… Will Christmas magic turn their fantasy into forever?


Steamy sex, delectable nights and no commitments! What was meant to be casual turns all too serious when her good time guy shows up wanting to hash out real life. The characters were very appealing, the intrigue of their secrets peaked my interest and their sensual return to each other was very satisfying. Really enjoyed them!

For two people supposedly too busy for a relationship, Dylan-Jane Winston and Matt Edwards have managed to have an on-again off-again hook-up relationship for several years now. When possible meeting up across the country for a stolen night or weekend together filled with hot sex, a few laughs and just honest companionship without the pressure of having it mean something.

Things seem to have changed the last year though, and Matt isn’t sure why. He’s passing through DJ’s home base for a few weeks, so he figures he might as well stop in to see her and try to get to the bottom of why they feel off all of a sudden. She’s not excited to see him, and eventually spills a secret that throws him off center for a bit, but time together might be just what they need to ground themselves and get back on track.


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