* Review * KIDNAPPED AT CHRISTMAS by Barb HanKidnapped at Christmas by Barb Han
Series: Crisis: Cattle Barge #4
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on October 1, 2018
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This Christmas brings the revelation that he’s a father.

Now he needs to keep his little family safe when they become a target…

When the blonde beauty who shared his bed a year ago tells him he’s a father, Wyatt Jackson is stunned. But the attempted abduction of their newborn daughter drives the Texas cowboy to uncover the dangerous secrets of Meg Anderson’s past. Can Wyatt crack a twenty-year-old cold case before Meg’s Christmas becomes her last?


A heartfelt story with tons of exciting intrigue! With the next book in her Crisis: Cattle Barge series, Barb Han brings us the story of another illegitimate child of Maverick Mike. The book is filled with drama regarding his estranged family, sweetness surrounding finding out he’s a dad and reuniting with Meg, and lots of suspense around what’s going on with her past and the danger knocking on her door! Really enjoyed!

Wyatt Jackson isn’t happy about being summoned to Cattle Barge to deal with a load of bull, but he is really tired of the attorney hassling him and just wants to get this all over with. The surprise he receives when he meets up with a beauty from his past is life changing though!

Meg Anderson kept the secret that she got pregnant with Wyatt’s baby after their night together a little longer than she intended to, but now she’s doing the right thing and telling him he has a daughter. He’s shocked, but anxious to get to know his baby … but before too much bonding has a chance to occur, someone attempts to abduct her! Wyatt will stop at nothing to protect Meg and their daughter … even it’s something from her past coming back to get revenge.



  1. Is there a ongoing storyline through this series or can each book read completely separately?

    • There is a connection between them all, but each book carries it’s own story line that is wrapped up in that book.

      Basically the father was killed just before the first book started, and each of the books is one of his children meeting their significant other and getting wrapped up in a suspenseful story line. There is often mention of things that happened previously, but you don’t feel like you’re missing something because the important things are caught back up in each book. There are six total books in the series and I’m sure in the end we’ll stumble upon who killed their father originally, but it’s not a case where you have to read every book in order for it to make sense. They’ve all been great though, so I recommend each one, but you can start out of order without a problem.! 🙂

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