* Review * MURDER AND MISTLETOE by Barb Han

* Review * MURDER AND MISTLETOE by Barb HanMurder and Mistletoe by Barb Han
Series: Crisis: Cattle Barge
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on November 1, 2018
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A killer has struck again in this small Texas town

this time at Christmas…

For fourteen years, Dalton Butler has believed his high school sweetheart’s death was murder, not suicide. So when another young girl is killed in the same manner, the handsome rancher partners with beautiful and determined detective Leanne West. Together, they work to expose the predator in their midst. Then their investigation takes an even nastier turn. Can they bring this killer to justice before Christmas is ruined—for good?


Painful pasts are confronted and mysteries are solved in the latest in the Crisis: Cattle Barge series by Barb Han! The premise of getting answers for Dalton was exciting from the start of the book. There were parts that drug a bit, but overall, the mystery kept my attention and had me trying to figure out who could be behind the crimes. I’ve enjoyed this entire series!

Dalton Butler has lived with the pain of not knowing what happened to his high school girlfriend for fourteen years. It’s shaped the person he is and the way he looks at life. He has known in his heart that there was no way it was suicide like they ruled it back then, but there’s been no one willing to listen, no proof to persuade them with … until now. An identical killing, exact same way, exact same place!

Detective Leanne West wants answers for what’s happened in her family, but all that she’s getting is the run around from the local sheriff. When she learns of Dalton’s connection to the case and hears what knowledge he has in the matter, she decides to team up with him to get the answers they both so desperately need even if they have to find them themselves!


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