* Review * SHEIKH’S PREGNANT CINDERELLA by Maya BlakeSheikh's Pregnant Cinderella by Maya Blake
Series: Bound to the Desert King #2
Published by Harlequin Presents on September 1, 2018
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From making the royal bed…

To carrying the royal heir!

It’s the day of the royal wedding, and everyone who’s anyone is in attendance—except the bride! Refusing to let being jilted disrupt his kingdom, duty-bound, coldhearted Sheikh Zufar commands timid maid Neisha be his stand-in queen. Their marriage is coolly convenient, but behind closed doors, their chemistry burns fiercely…and Neisha’s shock pregnancy will test Zufar’s iron control more than he could ever have imagined!


The wedding will go on! With the second book in the Bound to the Desert King quartet, Maya Blake picks up right where the royal wedding was thwarted, to continue the story from Zufar’s point of view. The connection and likability of Zufar and Neisha was very strong and I enjoyed their story very much. Her past being discovered was quite an interesting twist! Looking forward to the continuation of the quartet!

Sheikh Zufar al Khalia is set to wed when to his shock and dismay, his intended bride and future Queen has disappeared, and rumor has it that it was voluntarily! He won’t let this snafu and plot for revenge on an outsider’s part ruin his plan to strengthen his country, so he picks the closest woman and demands she ready herself to be his Queen!

Chambermaid Neisha Zalwani is quite taken aback when her King insists she has to marry him instantly. He woos her into thinking it’s only temporary until he finds his intended, but it doesn’t take her long to discover that he means it to be a permanent marriage … and honestly, by that point, she’s not regretting it all that much. The chemistry between the two of them is off the charts!


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