* Review * THE LAST KING by Katee Robert

* Review * THE LAST KING by Katee RobertThe Last King by Katee Robert
Series: The Kings
Published by Forever on April 3, 2018
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Beckett King just inherited his father's fortune, his company--and all his enemies. If he's going to stay on top, he needs someone he can trust beside him. And though they've been rivals for years, there's no one he trusts more than Samara Mallick.

The rebel. That's how Samara has always thought of Beckett. And he's absolutely living up to his unpredictable ways when he strides into her office and asks for help. She can't help wondering if it's a legit request or just a ploy to get her into bed. Not that she'd mind either one. After all, she likes to live on the edge too.

But soon the threats to the King empire are mounting, and the two find family secrets darker than they ever imagined and dangerous enough to get them both killed.


Electrifyingly intense! Katee Robert’s has a magical way of introducing us into a new world that makes us feel like we’ve been there forever! With this novel, she is kicking off The Kings series and taking us into the heart of the King family where feuding and backstabbing has been a way of life. She weaves intrigue into the story in a way that has us waiting for the next shoe to fall around every corner. The characters are complex and exciting and the story left me wanting the next book … soon!

They’ve been butting heads for years, but the first person Beckett King thinks of when he finds himself overwhelmed dealing with his recent inheritance of his father’s business, assets and enemies is Samara Mallick. They work for opposite sides of a feuding family and have stared each other down in competition after competition in the business world, but it doesn’t stop them from sharing a powerful lust for one another that might be one of their undoings!

Samara is fiercely loyal to the person who gave her so many opportunities to get to the point in her career that she has reached today, and she won’t just turn her head while someone threatens their downfall. She feels like she’s being torn between two sides … and one minute her allegiance is strong for her employer, but then she’s in Beckett’s arms and he’s showing her his side of it all in the most sensual ways! Their connection is strong, but one side is going to fall and from the way things are stacking up, when it does, it’s going to cause an aftershock that will be felt by many. Can they outrun the danger they find themselves exposed to in time to see justice served?


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