* Review * THEIR ONE NIGHT BABY by Carol Marinelli

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THEIR ONE NIGHT BABY by Carol MarinelliTheir One Night Baby by Carol Marinelli
Series: Paddington Childrenโ€™s Hospital
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on April 1, 2017
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Their sexy cease-fire!

Working together to save Paddington Children's Hospital, paramedic Victoria Christie and Dr. Dominic MacBride never fail to challenge each other. Until one night they discover a new way to relieve the tensionโ€ฆby turning their arguments into reckless abandon!

Dom came to Paddington's to escape a betrayal and has no intention of falling in loveโ€”but when Victoria reveals she's pregnant he finds himself reevaluating his lone-wolf status. Now he's fighting for the woman who fires his blood, and their surprise baby!

Carol Marinelli kicks off the new Paddington Children’s Hospital series with a surprise baby! The connection between the characters is rather innocent at first. They hint at fireworks and passionate fights, but we come in on a slight disagreement and notice a little attraction. Opportunity leads to a one-time fling, and then SURPRISE! … they’re pregnant! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m looking forward to the future books in the series because this hospital was fun to read about!

London paramedic Victoria Chase loves her job and does it well. She could do without the criticism of the new A & E doc, but such is life! She does have to admit to appreciating his hotness though … and that accent!

Dr. Dominic MacBride fled his home in Edinburgh to get away from some family drama and betrayal, but unfortunately he still carries the pain with him. He knows he’s been a bear and sets out to apologize to Victoria. One thing leads to another and they have a one-night fling. Imagine their surprise when they find out they have a baby on the way! Due to some of that past betrayal, it makes for an awkward situation that they have to find a way to work through. Will they each be able to let down their guard enough to let the other one in and actuallyย enjoy a relationship out of this?



  1. I’m just about to start writing my review for this book and the second story in this series. Loved them both. But the two stories I’m really looking forward to in this series are the ones by Annie O’Neill and Amy Ruttan. Those two authors are fantastic.

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