* Review * UNFORGETTABLE YOU by Brenda Novak

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * UNFORGETTABLE YOU by Brenda NovakUnforgettable You by Brenda Novak
Series: Silver Springs #5
Published by MIRA on February 26, 2019
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Jada Brooks couldn’t have known how her life would change when she fell for bad boy Maddox Richardson back in high school. She couldn’t have known his troubled brother would leave hers forever crippled. Or that she’d be forced to shun Maddox completely—only to discover she was carrying his child.

Although Maddox was devastated by the events that transpired that fateful night, losing Jada was the worst of it. He’s back in Silver Springs, ready to make amends and provide the kind of youth outreach that once saved him. If he’d known Jada was in town, too, he would never have come.

Jada has returned to Silver Springs to be with family after her father’s death. But when she sees Maddox, every tough decision she’s made concerning their now twelve-year-old daughter begins to haunt her. Falling for him again is so tempting, but not only does she stand to alienate her family—if he finds out about Maya, she could lose what matters most.


Filled with emotional turmoil and heartfelt redemption! With the next book in her beloved Silver Springs series, Brenda Novak is taking us back to where it all began and bringing Aiyana’s school into the forefront again. We meet a couple who were doomed by one impetuous decision that spiraled out of control. He’s trying to reconnect and though she wants to as well, she can’t figure out how to broach the fact that she’s kept such a huge secret for all of these years. It’s a very emotionally riveting read and pulls at our heartstrings heavily. Really loved this book and am looking forward to more of Tobias in the next book in the series!

One teenage mistake led to a changed world for Jada Brooks. Her little brother’s life changed irrevocably at the hands of another, and she was never let to forget that it was all her fault. She was forced to never speak to the boy she loved … not even to tell him she was carrying their baby. Now more than a dozen years have passed and Jada is coming home to Silver Springs. Had she known he would turn up in town around the same time, she would have never endangered the secret she holds dear … their 12 year old daughter Maya.

Maddox Richardson lives with his own regrets, but chances given to him over the years have led him to redeem himself and become the man he always wanted to be. He’s thrilled that Aiyana is giving him this opportunity at the new girls school she’s starting, and hopes returning to Silver Spring won’t come back to bite him. It doesn’t take long for news to reach him that she’s back. The only girl he ever loved. The one he’s never been able to forget. He knows he has to reach out and hope for forgiveness for the wrongs he helped cause, but he doesn’t know how hard it will be for them to be so close to each other, but yet so far.


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