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* Review * THE HONEYMOON COTTAGE by Lori Foster

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE HONEYMOON COTTAGE by Lori FosterThe Honeymoon Cottage by Lori Foster
Published by HQN Books on May 24, 2022
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She was fine arranging other people’s weddings… But life had other plans.

When it comes to creating the perfect happily-ever-after, Yardley Belanger is a bona fide miracle worker. From bridal bouquets to matching cowboy boots, the quirky wedding planner’s country-chic affairs have caused quite a stir in the small town of Cemetery. But when it comes to her own love life? She’s clueless.

Completely clueless.

Perhaps it’s for the best. The thirty-one-year-old has poured her heart and soul into her business and doesn’t have time for anything—or anyone—else. And that’s something not even the gorgeous older brother of her newest client can change…right?

All Travis Long wanted was to give his little sister, Sheena, the wedding of her dreams. Ever since the tragic death of their parents, he’s done everything he can to make her feel loved and give her everything she needs. Still…a country wedding? In a place called Cemetery? But Yardley seems to know exactly what to do and how to do it—and Travis finds himself falling for her a little more each day.

Soon Yardley and Travis find themselves being nudged together by well-meaning locals who want to see the town’s favorite wedding planner get her own happy ending.


Lori Foster does whimsical and quirky like a champ! I will be the first to admit that I love Foster’s alpha, hunky men who take charge and ask questions later the best of all, but in The Honeymoon Cottage it’s easy to fall for tenderhearted Travis who makes going with the flow and making dreams come true look easy. I highly enjoyed watching multiple happily ever afters collide and shine throughout the pages. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a bit of a slow burn romance with a quirky town as the setting and zany characters including the town mannequin stealing the spotlight. Loads of love, heart and humor ensue!

Yardley is a sweetheart who makes brides dreams come true with the weddings she plans on a daily basis, but the life she was born into leaves something to be desired. She takes it all into stride and continues to deliver time after time, so watching her finally get the love she deserves is so satisfying.

Amelia is Yardley’s BFF and delivers the sassy side of their friendship with delight when she sees her friend being treated in a way she doesn’t appreciate. She has a new baby at home and a loving husband, but the spark just isn’t twitching anymore so she’s planning to turn up the heat!

Sheena is Travis’s beloved little sister and is planning the cozy wedding she wants to enjoy with her overworked love Todd, but getting Travis on the same side to see what she sees in the guy she plans to spend her life with is important to her as well.


* Review * THE SECRET HEIR RETURNS by Joss Wood

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE SECRET HEIR RETURNS by Joss WoodThe Secret Heir Returns by Joss Wood
Series: Dynasties: DNA Dilemma #4
Published by Harlequin Desire on May 24, 2022
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Will a surprise inheritance lead to not one

but two found families for this secret son?

Rejected by his birth family, author and finance whiz Sutton Marchant made his own way in the world. Now he’s back to fulfill the terms of his birth father’s will, which means staying with Lowrie Lewis, the irresistible manager of the Rossi Inn. The last thing he needs is a distraction like her and her son, but he’s floored by their fierce attraction. Sutton came to claim what’s his, but will Lowrie lead him to the biggest prize of all?


This series wrap up is filled with heart as secrets unravel, families reunite and love outshines all! In the fourth book of the Dynasties: DNA Dilemma series we finally get to the heart of all of the unknown bits of the family tree and it’s both heartwarming and satisfying. I enjoyed this series a lot!

Sutton is an endearing character. He isn’t all that interested in reuniting with the family that abandoned him, but he also isn’t sure he fits in with the family who chose him. Seeing him put all of the pieces together and understand how loved he truly is was really heartwarming.

Lowrie is a sweetheart who hasn’t had an easy go of life but still had a warm heart and gentle spirit to welcome all who enter her life.

I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone who enjoys family drama mixed with steamy romance and feel good moments.


* Review * THE VET’S UNEXPECTED HOUSEGUEST by Juliette Hyland

* Review * THE VET’S UNEXPECTED HOUSEGUEST by Juliette HylandThe Vet's Unexpected Houseguest by Juliette Hyland
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on May 24, 2022
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Her new colleague
……is also her new roommate!

Widowed workaholic Kit has dedicated her life to her patients. She’s determined to be the best vet in town and prove herself to those who’ve doubted her. But when Dr. August—aka her boss’s prodigal son—returns to help at the clinic, she’s faced with an unexpected and irresistible houseguest! August is a distraction Kit doesn’t need. Although he’s certainly one she wants! Can Kit take a risk on a rebel?


This second chance at love is sure to please! Strong characters with emotional backstories collide to bring on the feels in the latest from Juliette Hyland. Each character has a strong draw to this small town in Tennessee but aren’t exactly sure where they fit in, but drama, love and adorable animals help soothe the way toward forever.

August is easy to love and wears his heart on his sleeve to all but his curmudgeon father. He’s come home in support, but he doesn’t think he’ll be welcome to stay for long.

Kit is a sweetheart and loved by the town, but baggage past and present holds her back from achieving the dream she’s always had. I enjoyed seeing her get to be herself under the love of August.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a setting of sweet animals as warmhearted characters find their forever love amidst drama and goodness.


* Review * IT’S A WIDOW THING by Karen Booth

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * IT’S A WIDOW THING by Karen BoothIt's a Widow Thing by Karen Booth
Series: Never Too Late #3
on May 23, 2022
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He’s on the fast-track to serious, and she’s hitting the brakes.

When cosmetics entrepreneur Sabrina Kelly waited until she was thirty-eight to marry, she never thought she’d be widowed by forty. Now, two years later, she’s ready for a dip in the dating pool. And Michael, the merciless flirt who lives down the hall, seems like a fun way to get wet. He has “player” written all over him, but Sabrina’s not looking for a love connection. Her heart can’t take more than a fling.

Wall Street mogul Michael Wright has ignored his mom’s pressure to marry for years. But it’s not until he has a health scare that he finally takes stock of his life. If he’s going to settle down, only one woman comes to mind… his gorgeous, whip-smart neighbor, Sabrina. Their chemistry is off the charts. The banter? So. Hot. But while he’s working overtime to woo her, she’s holding back. Can two people running at different speeds get to happily-ever-after together?


Proof once-in-a-lifetime love can happen twice! With the final book in the Never Too Late series we meet cosmetic entrepreneur Sabrina and her temptingly lush neighbor Michael who is beginning to turn on the charm on this lonely, widowed heart. The characters are interesting and the story was both sweet and sassy when their love affair heats up.

Sabrina believes she had her grand love story and life going forward is going to be what she makes it alone, but when her delightful neighbor makes it clear the attraction she feels around him is very mutual, things have the potential to change … but is she ready for that?

Michael is a sweetheart. He’s a workaholic and it shows in his current lifestyle, but he’s goodhearted and loves his family dearly. Watching him back up and enjoy life more while wooing Sabrina is really special.

I recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone who enjoys a mature romance with more depth than you might get from a perky twenty-something first love story. This series is proof that life happens, and we have to pick up the pieces and deal in order to find joy again.


* Review * FLASH POINT by Tracey Devlyn

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * FLASH POINT by Tracey DevlynFlash Point by Tracey Devlyn
Series: Steele Ridge: The Blackwells #1
Published by Steele Ridge Publishing on May 23, 2022
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A treasure hunter thought he had everything in his life firmly in hand until a chance encounter with a mysterious redhead tests the limits of his self-control.

When FBI Special Agent Olivia Westcott’s boss hands over her next assignment, she has an opportunity to retrieve a priceless artifact and shut down a high-profile drug scheme in one fell swoop. All Liv has to do is work with the lead recovery agent of Blackwell Asset Recovery Services—with whom she’d had a passionate one-night stand two weeks prior—and not let her feelings compromise the case.

Zeke Blackwell still struggles with running the family business after his older brother unexpectedly left him in charge. Now he has the added responsibility of keeping drugs off the streets of small towns across Western North Carolina and keeping his hands off the too-enticing special agent while they’re planning the joint operation. As if that’s not enough to keep him up at night, he’s also searching for a centuries-old treasure that could change the course of his and his family’s lives.

But what starts as a high-value asset recovery spirals out of control when their enemies force Liv and Zeke to stay one step ahead of danger. Is their attraction worth the risk? Or will they find themselves playing a game too dangerous to survive?


This dive back into Steele Ridge brings non-stop mystery! While there were many characters and several irons in different fires to keep track of, The Blackwell brothers came in strong and packed a punch. The plot was interesting, the characters were bewitching and the familial love and angst was spot on. I’m looking forward to more to come in the series, hopefully with a bit more Steele interaction.

Zeke is brusque and all business, but he’s got a heart of gold and an expectation upon himself that puts the weight of the world on his shoulders. I enjoyed seeing him accept love and seeing him thrive when he lets his brothers into his inner circle was heartwarming.

Olivia is a dynamo. Single mom, wrapped in grief, yet open to whatever this relationship may become right from the start. I liked her a lot.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes a high action story filled with danger, family camaraderie and a sexy flirt of love and romance.