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REVIEW: Boots and the Rogue – Myla Jackson

Boots and the Rogue


Brody McFarlan is lured back to his family ranch under false pretenses by his younger brother, Colin.  He had been away for 8 years, and when their Mother was threatening to sell the place, his brother got him back there the only way he could … by telling him their Mom was sick.

As soon as he’s back in town, he meets Jessie Taylor, who is broke and homeless, so he takes her home with him to be the new cook at the ranch.  Day after day their attraction grows.  Can they resist each other?  Can the brothers convince their Mom to keep the family ranch?  Will Brody decide he can’t leave town again?  Read to find out!

** Received free from Myla to review **

REVIEW: The Detective – Adrienne Giordano

The Detective


I really enjoyed the mystery waiting to unravel in this book!

It all starts with Lexi Vanderbilt being hired to redecorate a house where a murder occurred two years prior so the remaining family can sell it and move on.  A friend of Lexi’s is intrigued by the story behind the house and gets a Private Investigator her husband works with to look into the cold case to see if she can find any additional info.  The P.I., Jenna Hayward, asks her Detective brother Brodey who is out on medical leave at the moment to look over the files with her and give her his opinion.

Brodey gets under Lexi’s skin the second he arrives at the house and they get into a tiff over the scene of the crime being changed.  They begin to work together on the investigation when little things keep happening and turning up that lead them to believe they have stumbled upon the killer.

Will Brodey be able to keep Lexi safe when the person they suspect turns his sights on her?  Have they actually solved this crime?  Will Lexi forgive Brodey when he disappoints her by not sharing enough info?  Read the book to find out!  Very enjoyable read!

** Purchased **