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REVIEW — Evergreen Springs – RaeAnne Thayne

Evergreen Springs


I highly recommend this heartwarming Christmas romance!

Cole Barrett is an overwhelmed single father who has only had custody of his 2 kids for a few months, after their mother was killed in a car accident.  Six year old Ty is a super lovable little guy who just wants everyone to be happy.  Eight year old Jazmyn has a big chip on her shoulder and doesn’t want to live there.  She’s just waiting for the day that grandma will come to take her home with her.

Dr. Devin Shaw is the town sweetheart, having grown up there and spent her whole life there other than when she was away at medical school.  When Cole brings his sister into the hospital  with a sprained ankle and in premature labor with twins, Devin steps in to help keep Tricia’s mind at ease while she’s on bed rest and can’t help him at the ranch.  She gathers the community to help feed the kids, she babysits them while he’s working with his horses, she even enlists her sister, the mayor’s help in finding the perfect housekeeper to start as soon as possible.

Along the way, Cole and Devin each fight hard to control their attraction to each other.  He thinks that even though he’s a hard working man trying to make a life with his kids, that he’s still defined by the wild guy he was back in his rodeo days.  The hard partying, womanizer who can’t even remember the bar fight that sent him to prison, just can’t forgive himself for the past deeds that he’s done and instead keeps to himself so the community won’t feel the need to shun him.

Spending time with Devin brings out a side of Cole that he doesn’t show with anyone else.  He laughs, he goes to town functions, he lives!  When Cole panics about what he’s feeling for Devin and tries to push her out of his life, will she listen?  And will he be able to let her go so she can be with someone better than him?  Devin loves him, but she doesn’t know if she can trust in what she thinks he feels for her too.

** Received free from RaeAnne to review **

REVIEW — The Rebel – Adrienne Giordano

The Rebel


Great book!  If you’re looking for lots of intrigue, some sweet, sassy flirting, and a sexy bad boy wannabe, this book is for you!  I flew through it because I just kept having to know what was going to happen next.

Homicide Detective Larry McCall is out for an early morning walk with his dog.  He never expects to stumble upon a crime scene, but when his dog starts digging in an empty field, that’s exactly what happens.  A skull is uncovered.

Five years later, Detective McCall approaches Sculptor Amanda LeBlanc at a function for a fallen fireman, where she is presenting his family with a sculpture she donated to honor their husband and father.  He thinks she does great work and is interested in trying to get her help on the skull cold case.  Amanda is hesitant to help because her deceased Mother was a forensic artist and there’s some upsetting history stemming from it.

David Hennings mother overhears their discussion, and the next day encourages David to go see Amanda under the pretense of needing artwork for his new house, but really to try to talk her into helping on the case.  Mrs. Hennings has been picking pet projects the last few years to become interested in and get help to solve.

David meets with Amanda and convinces her to meet with the Detective again to go over the case and she eventually agrees to help.  In the midst of their visits and discussions, they are attracted to each other and agree to see where it goes.  Once Amanda starts working on the project, crazy things start happening around her.  Her home and studio are suddenly inaccessible, her credit cards are being declined, break ins are occuring, etc.

Will David be able to keep Amanda safe long enough for her help solve this case?  Will their budding romance lead to anything more than casual comfort?  I highly recommend you read the book to find out!

** Received free from Adrienne to review **

REVIEW — To Win Her Love — Mackenzie Crowne

To Win Her Love


I really enjoyed reading this book!  The characters grab your attention from the start, and draw you in as you try to figure out which side you should be rooting for.  There is feisty flirting, hot romance, adorable kids and some intrigue thrown in to boot.  Highly recommend!

Jake Malone, professional football tight end extraordinaire, is summoned to his estranged father’s house for the reading of his will.  He has never been in his father’s life and is irritated to even be there.  His irritation turns to shock when he learns he has twin 6 year old half-sisters that he is being tasked with getting to know and take care of while living in the house for a specified 3 month term.  He won’t be alone though.  Sports blogger, Gracie Gable, will be right there beside him for the entire 3 months.  Gracie adores her nieces, and wants to be the one that gets custody of her late sister’s girls when all is said and done.

Sparks fly when Jake and Gracie meet, until he realizes she’s Gridiron Girl, the sports blogger that he had it out with online over a controversial play a few days earlier that instigated a hefty fine from the league and a media storm that he is still trying to dig himself out of.  They each apologize and agree to try to get along as they introduce Jake into the girls lives.  As they play house over the next several weeks, they grow closer and eventually can’t resist the temptation of each other for another second, and start a hot affair.

Will there be a happily ever after in the end or will they part ways with one taking custody of Angel and Charlie?  Will the huge secret that Gracie is keeping unravel their relationship when it hits the media?  Will either of them wind up with the family that they’ve always wanted?

** Received as a gift **

REVIEW: Expert Witness – Rachel Dylan

Expert Witness


This book had an excellent plot, but I was a bit turned off by how much talk of God there was in it.  I’m perfectly happy reading a book about someone who is strong in their faith, and have enjoyed books from the LoveInspired line in the past many times, but this one, to me anyway, went way above and beyond that.  It just felt preachy to me, going so far as to have actual prayers in the dialogue.

Anyway, even though the premise of the plot was overshadowed, it still was an interesting story.  Sydney Berry is a sketch artist testifying in a murder trial, when she has an attempt made on her life outside the courthouse.  US Marshall Max Preston steps up and takes her into his custody to keep her safe.  They figure out that a gang that is under the murder suspects thumb is trying to take her out, and in the midst of the investigation, find out that an abusive ex-boyfriend is working with that gang.  The plot thickens when they find out there is inside dirty work going on in both the Marshal’s office and the FBI.

** Purchased **

REVIEW – Pin-up Fireman – Vonnie Davis

Pin-up Fireman


I cried, I laughed out loud .. what more could you want out of a book?  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these characters!

Boyd Calloway is going through a custody battle with his ex-wife after a nasty divorce.  The last thing he needs or wants is to have a magnetic attraction to some woman, just after his lawyer has drilled into his head how straight and narrow he needs to be living his life so the ex will have nothing to hang over him in court.  The second he walks in for his shift at the firehouse and sets eyes on Graci-Ella, he’s a goner.  Instant attraction on both their parts.

Graci-Ella Santana is a lawyer, hobbying as a photographer who is there to set up a photo shoot to make a Fireman Calendar for charity.  After several interactions with each other, they decide to date.  He’s protective of his son, who he has to keep number one in his life, and she’s consumed with working long hours at work to get ahead and make her parents proud.

Watch their relationship grow as they support each other through life altering events.  Issues with his son, hard rescues on the job for him, and a dangerous obsession spiraling out of control for her.

** Received free from NetGalley to review **

Quality time!

Had a beautiful day trip to the beach with the hubby yesterday!  Bethany Beach,DE is about a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from our house here in MD, so we decided to pack up the chairs and a cooler and make a day of it!  The sun was shining bright, but there was a really nice breeze blowing so it felt great sitting there chatting with hubby, people watching, and burying my nose in a new book. 🙂  I would post a pic, but I forgot to grab one from hubby’s phone as he was the one snapping them.  I’ll edit the post later if I remember to go grab one.  Have a great day everyone!

REVIEW: Playing With Fire – Kate Meader

Playing With Fire


Okay, I’m hooked!  My first reading of a Kate Meader book will most definitely not be my last.  In fact, I’m going to have to go looking for the previous ones from this Hot in Chicago series soon!

Chicago is practically up in flames from the heat Alexandra Dempsey and Eli Cooper put off anytime they are in the same room together.  She loves to hate him … the all important, cocky Mayor.  He thinks she’s a feisty nuisance who needs to be put in her place … and he relishes the idea of being the one to put her there.

As the only female firefighter on Engine Co 6, Alex is out to prove herself.  She isn’t shy about speaking her mind, but her temper gets her into trouble on the job and brings her to Eli’s attention.  She’s happy to still have her job, but knows it’s because the public rallied around her, not because he did her any favor.  When the public starts to see the sparks between them anytime they are in front of cameras together, Eli comes up with a plan to “fake” date to help his re-election campaign.  He coerces Alex into agreeing.

Will their dislike of each other foil the plan, or will the attraction pulling them towards each other win out?  Will she be able to let her guard down and show her softer side?  Will he be able to show her that he’s more than just an arrogant ass?  When their time together starts to develop into real feelings, get ready for a hot, sexy ride along the way.

** Received free from NetGalley for a review **

Rainy dreary day

Good morning!  It’s a rainy, dreary day here today … but that’s okay, we can use the rain. 🙂  The grass is turning brown, and any day that makes us not have to water the tomato plants or flowers on the deck is a good one in my opinion.  And hey, a rainy day is the best day to curl up with a good book or two right?  Planned day trip to the beach however, is on hold until later in the week.

How is everyone’s day going?  I got up early this morning, downed some coffee while watching The Today Show for a little while, had a little breakfast and hit the treadmill for awhile.  Now I’m cooling off and updating the old blog.  I’ve been bad about the personal posts since I started this thing back up, but I’m going to get better, promise! 🙂  I’ve been doing lots of reading though, so lots of Reviews coming your way.  I have several books still on my list that have been sent to me to review, so I’ve got to hit one or two of those today.

Have a great day!  Talk soon!

REVIEW: The Escort – Laura Marie Altom

The Escort

4 STARS!!!


Nathan Black was best friends with Ella and wanted her for his own.  Carol Moore worked for and previously dated billionaire Liam Stone and wanted him back.  Unfortunately for them, Liam and Ella meet and fall in love.  Now as they are miserably watching Ella and Liam exchange wedding vows, Nathan and Carol sneak off to drown their sorrows in each other.  It’s only meant to be a distraction from their heartbreak, but neither of them can forget the other and eventually hook up again and begin to date.

Nathan feels like he’s not good enough for Carol because he is broke and working a dead end job, so when a job offer that’s too good to be true comes along, he decides to take it.  Being an escort for Uma Rosemont at Guilty Pleasures seems like easy money, and it gives Nathan the perks that he feels he needs to be worthy of dating Carol.  Down the road when he decides to quit, things get ugly with Uma.  She makes veiled threats of what will happen if he doesn’t earn her the money back that she spent buying him a wardrobe, a car, an apartment, training him, etc.  He doesn’t want to scare Carol and thinks he can handle Uma himself, so he doesn’t tell her the truth and continues going on jobs for Uma.

When it all explodes and a crime is committed, will Nathan be taken down in a set up?  Will Carol ever be able to forgive him for lying to her about quitting?  Will the love they are feeling for each other be enough to get them through the fall out of everything falling apart?  Read the book to find out!

** Received free from Laura/NetGalley to review **

REVIEW: Rescued by the Ranger – Dixie Lee Brown

Rescued by the Ranger

5 STARS!!!

My first read of a Dixie Lee Brown novel, and I was NOT disappointed!

It all starts with Army Ranger Garrett Harding finding a letter in his fathers desk drawer.  Sent a year ago, addressed to he and his brother Luke, it’s from his Aunt Peg, his mother’s sister, inviting them to the reading of their mother’s will following her death.  Angry that their father withheld the letter from him, Garrett sets off on a road trip to see his Aunt Peg.  For 29 years he’s been told that his mother was a druggie who abandoned her two sons, never to be heard from again.  He’s lived with that rejection all of his life and feels the need to have some closure and see what his aunt has to say.

When he arrives in town, he stumbles across Rachel Macquire being harassed in the bar that she works by some locals.  He comes to her aid and wants to see her safely home, but when she finds out who he is, she’s fit to be tied.  Reluctantly she takes him to see his Aunt Peg who she lives with, and he will learn the truth about his mother.  While there, he and Rachel are drawn to each other despite the turmoil, and he learns a secret she’s been hiding from even those closest to her.  She has a stalker.

Will Garrett be able to keep her safe from this unknown person who has been terrorizing her for years?  Will Rachel be able to trust him even though she thinks he brought pain to his mother time and again before she died?  Will they survive to decide take a chance on love with each other?  Read the book to find out all the juicy details!

** Received free from Dixie/Edelweiss to review **