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BOOK REVIEW – Blurring the Lines – Marisa Cleveland

Blurring the Lines


A nice read about resisting temptation … or not! ūüôā

Blake Whitman, Real Estate Developer/CEO meets Kira Layton when she and a pack of dogs run into him on the street. ¬†He’s quite taken with her and hopes he runs into her again.

Kira is into helping a lot of causes. ¬†When she finds out who Blake is, she’s interested in talking to him about saving a building that’s about to be torn down to redevelop that meant a lot to her Mom over the years. ¬†Blake convinces her to become his Secretary in exchange for funding some of her favorite projects, and trying to help her historic building be saved. ¬†As they work together, they become closer and start a relationship. ¬†Will they last when a few secrets come to light?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

BOOK REVIEW – The Billionaire’s Christmas Proposal – Victoria James

The Billionaire's Christmas Proposal


I fell in love with this story. ¬†They’re both scarred from things from their past, but such good hearted people.

Allison Barrington is not having a good week. ¬†First she finds out the shelter where she’s a social worker is going to have to close , and now her apartment building has caught on fire and¬†she, her little sister and their dog are homeless. ¬†She goes to the the only guy she can trust to help her.

Ethan Dane has been trying to get Allison to date him since he met her at her best friend’s wedding to his best friend. ¬†She thinks he’s just a playboy and has kept it friends only. ¬†He moves her gang into his condo as soon as he hears what happened, not caring about anything but helping them. ¬†As they spend time together, she starts to see what a genuinely good guy he is, ¬† Will she be able to resist letting herself fall for him?

** Received free in exchange for an honest review  **