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BOOK REVIEW – Special Forces Savior – Janie Crouch



Loved Derek & Molly!

Omega Sector agent Derek Waterman feels like he’s finally closing in on some evidence that will lead him to the masterminds behind a recent terrorist act.  He rushes to get Dr. Molly Humphries to help him analyze the data.

Molly is the lead forensic scientist for Omega and has been crushing on Derek for years.  When she’s kidnapped because of the evidence he has her trying to process, Derek has to admit how much he cares about her too.

Will they be able to bring down the enemy before they do more destruction?

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BOOK REVIEW – Forgotten Promises – Jessica Lemmon



Our introduction to Tucker leaves us with the impression that he is dark and brooding, but as his story unfolds, you see the true man and ache to hug away his pain.

Tucker Noscalo is fresh out of prison, and eager to settle a score with Baybrook’s Chief of Police, his dear old Dad.  He needs to obtain the proof he needs to convince people of his ugly truth.

Morgan Young is celebrating her 21st birthday, but it quickly turns into her wanting to drown her sorrows … and then she runs into Tucker at a convenience store.  She knew him from high school when he stepped in to rescue her from a bad situation one day, and she wonders if she should invite him to take her mind off of her current dilemma.

Tucker recognizes Morgan, and knows she is the daughter of the best lawyer in town.  He has to get her to convince her Dad to help him and he’s willing to do anything he has to in order to achieve that goal.

When Morgan learns of Tucker’s past, will she be able to help him?  And will the emotionally scarred ex-con ever be able to see a future with “daddy’s little princess”?

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BOOK REVIEW – Unbuttoning the CEO – Mia Sosa



Great chemistry!

CEO Ethan Hill gets sentenced to community service for reckless driving and chooses to do his work at Learn to Net.  His new, temporary, boss is Graciela Ramirez.  The board of directors insists he keeps the info quiet, so he goes in incognito.

Attraction flies between them and soon they decide to have a no strings affair while he is there working off his sentence.

When Gracie finds out who he really is, will she be able to forgive his deceit?  And will they decide to extend their “no strings” arrangement?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **