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BOOK REVIEW – Stepbrother, Mine – Opal Crew



WARNING — Must be okay with BDSM & multiple partners to enjoy this book!

This book starts out intense, and you think this guy has the makings of being a real prick … and then you see him interact with Dana and you just have to swoon.  He’s just the sweetest in their flashbacks to when they were younger.  I enjoyed meeting them, and I enjoyed watching their passion ignite.  It’s a HOT one!

Dana Reynolds is stuck between a rock and a hard place.  She is almost to graduate college and wants to continue on with grad school, but her mother has cut her off.  Her friend comes up with an idea and pitches it to her, and she sees it as the only way to get money for her tuition and living expenses.  She’s going to auction off her virginity.  She’s 26 and wants to get rid of it anyway!

Mason’s best friend tells him to check out this website for some fun, and he can’t believe when he sees her picture there.  His Dana … selling her body!

Dana goes to meet the guy that wants to buy her contract, and is shocked to see Mason.  When she was 16, her mom married his dad and moved her into their house.  Mason was 10 years older than her and took her under his wing to be nice to her and make sure she was taken care of.  She had a huge crush on him, but he just treated her like a kid sister … until her prom night when they kissed.  Then suddenly he disappeared without even a goodbye.

He wants to give her the money she needs for her tuition, but she isn’t willing to take a handout, plus, she’s been crushing on him for years and would dearly love if he was her first lover, so she insists on sticking with the deal.  He hopes to convince her otherwise.  Super hot sex ensues, along with her learning about the kinky lifestyle he leads.  Will they have a future together, or will they walk away from each other in the end?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

BOOK REVIEW – The Heat is On – Katie Rose



I really loved taking another trip inside the New Jersey Sonics locker room to meet their newest catcher, Connor Jackson.  He’s sweet, sexy, and knows what he wants out of life.  Top of his list, is Tracy Coleman.

Tracy & Connor were college sweethearts.  He’s never forgotten the one he left behind.  He decided to put his everything into making his baseball career shine, and he succeeded, but he never forgot what he had given up for it.

Tracy went on to marry Jeremy Carter, but she never forgot her one true love.  Now she’s divorced with 4 kids, and just heard that Connor is coming back to town to play ball.

They run into each other at a game, and he gets her number and calls asking her out on a date.  Almost immediately its easy and fun to just hang out and be themselves again.  He makes her laugh, and the chemistry is still off the charts between them.  And when they touch, HOT, HOT, HOT!  She’s just forgotten to mention one little thing … well, really FOUR little things … her kids!

When he finds out how many strings she has attached to her these days, will Connor still want to reconnect with her?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **