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Book Review – A MOMENT TO DANCE by Jennifer Faye



My return trip to Whistle Stop, New Mexico was quite a pleasure!  I enjoyed seeing Cord and Alexis again who we met in the first book in the series, and I just fell in love with Ella and Tony!  I really enjoyed the first book, but I liked this one even more.  There’s just something about a couple of kindhearted people, who are both carrying huge burdens of guilt for things that have happened in the past, finding each other and together overcoming their heartaches to become even better people that gets you.

Ella Morgan is new to town, and is in desperate need of a permanent job and a way to raise some money fast to pay the taxes on the cabin she inherited as well as fix the place up before it falls down around her!

Tony Granger is sinking beneath all of his responsibilities and feeling like he’s not making the cut in raising his nephew Johnny.  He’s trying his best to help him heal from the death of his parents, but he’s going downhill fast at school, and Tony being approved to adopt him is at risk.

Ella hears about a benefit the firefighters are having to raise money to revitalize the town, and wants to join the dance competition to try to win some of the money she needs for her cabin.  Tony needs someone to tutor Johnny and is willing to trade her his services as a dance partner, for her help with Johnny.

Will they each find the peace they need with each other to share their past regrets and be able to free themselves to have a future together?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

Book Review -A FAMILY AFTER ALL by Kathy Altman



I really enjoyed reading this book.  The writing style is rich and filled with many emotions to take you along on the journey of each character you meet.  I felt sad when reading about the past, I felt hopeful for the future, I grinned and chuckled at their witty dialogue with each other.  It was nice to see a few familiar faces from previous Castle Creek adventures.

Ivy Millbrook runs a dairy farm in Castle Creek, PA.  She’s spent the past year flirting with the owner of Tweedy’s Feed & Seed, trying to get him into her bed.

Seth Walker is a single father of two and isn’t looking for casual.  He doesn’t want to sneak around, but won’t parade anyone temporary into his kids’ lives.  But he can’t deny the attraction he has for Ivy.  Every time they are around each other, it’s filled with hot flirting and torment.

When Ivy has a sudden need of help at the farm, Seth is there to lend a hand even though it inconveniences him and his kids.  While they are working together and getting to know each other better, will they decide to actually date or will Ivy continue to push commitment away?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **



Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

I’ve vowed to blog more this year … not just Reviews, but life in general, like something that makes me laugh or something I want to vent about.  You know … all the good stuff! 😛

I feel like 2015 really got away from me.  I was sick in the Spring, then recovering from surgery through Summer and before I knew it, Fall was here and we all know that once those evenings start cooling down, Christmas is going to be here before we know it.  And boy was it!

Today as 2016 kicks off, I am happy to start fresh and look forward to enjoying everything life has to offer!  I hope you’ll have lots of happiness coming your way this year!