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* Review * DI MARCELLO’S SECRET SON by Rachael Thomas

* Review * DI MARCELLO’S SECRET SON by Rachael ThomasDi Marcello's Secret Son by Rachael Thomas
Series: The Secret Billionaires
Published by Harlequin Presents on May 1, 2017
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The challenge: to leave your billionaire lifestyle behind for two weeks…

Italian tycoon Antonio Di Marcello relishes a challenge—but running into Sadie Parker while undercover as a mechanic rocks him to the core. Four years after their fevered fling stripped away his iron guard, he's confronted with the shocking consequences…

Sadie gave up hope on her desperate attempts to contact Antonio. Now she has to face the day she's both dreaded and longed for! Yet Antonio's claim over her and her son is hard to resist—especially because he'll use a sensual onslaught to get what he wants!

When a friendly bet among friends leads to more than he ever bargained for, Antonio Di Marcello must figure out the best way to handle the changes about to happen in his life! Really enjoyed the kick-off to the new “The Secret Billionaires” trilogy. Rachael Thomas wove a story of not only a surprise child, but also a second-chance at love reunion … great characters, a fulfilling plot, and a nice set up for the following stories in the series.

Antonio Di Marcello has to live for two weeks without accessing any of his fortune or name to successfully hold up his end of the bet he made with his friends. He never expects to encounter a woman from his past at the temporary job he is sent to.

Sadie Parker spent one unforgettable weekend with Antonio four years ago … and will never forgive him for turning his back on her when she tried to contact him afterwards! She thinks the new guy at the garage seems familiar, but never in a million years did she think Toni was her son’s father in disguise!

Antonio will stop at nothing to get his son in his life … even if he has to remind her of the sensual pleasure he can give her in order to get her to agree to a future together!


* Review * NECESSARY ACTION by Julie Miller

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * NECESSARY ACTION by Julie MillerNecessary Action by Julie Miller
Series: The Precinct: Bachelors in Blue
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on May 1, 2017
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Learning to trust could bring them together—keeping secrets could tear them apart

Going undercover to take down murderous gun smugglers is what Duff Watson lives for. Until he tracks the ring to a Missouri farm…and meets paramedic Melanie Fiske. Now the KCPD detective has another critical task: winning over the curvy redhead who tempts him yet whom he can't let himself trust.

Something about the protective ex-soldier makes Melanie believe he can help her find out the truth about her family. And the desire Duff awakens feels like the real thing. But when Melanie's life is threatened, can she keep trusting—and loving—a man who lives a life of dangerous deception?

Secrets and deception are front and center as we head back into the world of the Watson family drama! Always great to see some familiar faces, and to delve into the next mystery awaiting them!

Kansas City detective Tom “Duff” Watson will stop at nothing to find the person responsible for playing games with his family. He’s going undercover to try to uncover a gun smuggling ring in the mountains. He never expects to run across a gorgeous ally so easily!

Paramedic Melanie Fiske might be living on the Fiske Family Farm like her uncle expects, but she’s not sure what’s going on around her anymore. Secrets and lies are popping up more than ever before and she’s started to suspect things are not as she’s been told. When Tom almost immediately seems like a kindred spirit when he starts working there, she’s nervous about trusting him at face value … but he might be her only chance at finding out the truth around here!


* Review * PLAYING DIRTY by Taryn Leigh Taylor

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * PLAYING DIRTY by Taryn Leigh TaylorPlaying Dirty by Taryn Leigh Taylor
Published by Harlequin Blaze on May 1, 2017
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A game they both want to win

Lainey Harper has never been a puck bunny. She wants nothing to do with hockey or hockey players—not after what she's been through. So why can't she resist Cooper Mead?

Portland's newest hockey star, Cooper, is all muscle and charisma. And he's Lainey's worst nightmare. Hooking up with him would bring back memories that Lainey needs to keep buried. And risk the hard-earned anonymity she's sacrificed everything to protect.

When Lainey finally gives in to Cooper's sexy charm, the chemistry's intense—but so is the media exposure. And now Lainey's got even more to lose than her secret—she's got Cooper.

Flirty & fun! The sass between these two kept me smiling … loved them together! Real characters, a plot to sink our teeth into and just a lot of ups and downs on the way to happy endings for all.

Lainey Harper is minding her own business, just trying her best to get things settled and get her life back to normal again. She never expects Portland’s newest and hottest hockey pro to come waltzing into her bar and turning her life on end. She hates hockey with a passion, why would she want to hang out with the epitome of it?

Cooper Mead might be getting up there in hockey years, but he still loves it and is playing at the top of his field. When a bet with a teammate has him matching wits with a sexy lil’ bartender, he is intrigued … even thought she’s giving off a major “hands off!” vibe. Can he convince Lainey to take a step forward and face her fears about being around hockey again … and convince her that he’s a good guy?


** FRIDAY FAVORITES with Joanne Dannon **


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Featured today is author JOANNE DANNON!  Thanks for joining me and sharing some of your favorites Joanne!

Joanne Dannon, an Australian author, writes to give her readers the experience she loves to savor–indulging in a sigh-worthy-happily-ever- after, being swept away from the everyday by diving into a delicious romance novel.

Joanne is a happily married mother of two heroes-in-training who loves spending time with friends and family. She can be found on Facebook and her website chatting about reading, writing, cooking, vintage-inspired dresses and all things romantic.

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My favorite color is … blue.

My favorite place to read is … bed.

My favorite snack is … chocolate

My favorite type of music is … jazz.

My favorite hot beverage is … coffee.

My favorite type of flower is … rose.

My favorite time of day is … morning.

My favorite candy is … Turkish Delight (rose water flavour).

My favorite hobby is … to read.

My favorite place to vacation is … anywhere, as long as I’m with my family 🙂 



Look for Joanne’s upcoming release, FOREVER MINE, coming April 27!



Alex Jackson Series, Book 4

Forever Mine is the 4th book in the Alex Jackson series and can be read as a standalone book.

It’s never a good idea to fall for your best friend’s brother… or so they say.

Hannah Greene is fed up. A romantic at heart, she’s had a major crush on her best friend’s brother for years but he’s never noticed her. To shape a life for herself away from Zac, she must move on.

Zac Warne, smooth-talking sales guy who takes responsibility to a whole new level, loves the thrill of the chase but is not interested in settling down, ever. It’s not that he doesn’t believe in love, it’s just not for him.

But circumstances have Hannah and Zac spending one weekend together and a night of fun leads to more than just emotional consequences for them.

Compelled to right wrongs and beholden to fix problems, Zac has to convince Hannah his about-turn about wanting a relationship with her is not just one of convenience. Can Hannah now trust this smooth-talking playboy who has a reputation for breaking hearts, including her own?



Previously in the series …


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Alex Jackson Series Book 1

Fairy tales aren’t just for princesses.

Superstar Alex Jackson steers clear of any emotional involvement after a series of life-changing events turned his life, and heart, inside out and upside down. Broken and deeply scarred, he has sworn to remain single and emotionally aloof to all women.

Physiotherapist Violet McKenzie, is distrustful of men—famous men being at the top of her list for good reason. She’s learned a thing or two about them and has made a conscious effort to stay as far away as she possibly can.

Until sexy Alex needs her professional assistance after a stage mishap and she becomes his personal physio. Violet has sworn off love, but when Alex’s hot kisses keep her up at night longing for more, she wonders if she can remain steadfast to her personal promise to never fall for the wrong guy again.

Can a superstar and an ordinary girl have a happily ever after, or is that only reserved for the songs Alex sings?




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Alex Jackson Series Book 2

The plan was not to fall in love.

Logan Wentworth’s career means everything to him. To win a promotion and upstage his colleagues, he needs to get himself a fiancée —fast.

He asks his friend, supermodel, Daisy Roberts, the outrageous task of becoming his fake fiancée to advance his career.

Daisy’s career has plummeted—she wants to say no, but she’s in a tight spot. Logan’s request to pretend to be his fiancée has some perks. After all, he’s a hard-nosed lawyer with a body built for passion and can strike a deal with the devil and win if he chooses. And this silver-tongued devil can talk her into anything.

Logan’s strategy backfires when the promotion requires he keep his “fiancée” for real. But Daisy doesn’t want a Mr Right for now and will only settle for a Mr Right for forever.

Can Daisy prove to Logan that love is far more important than a career?




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Alex Jackson Series Book 3

Can love overcome all obstacles?

Amielle Warne’s life was perfect. At twenty-six years old, she had a dream job as the physiotherapist to a superstar but then a hit-and-run accident ruined everything. Now, physically injured and jobless, she plans on setting up a women’s medical clinic with her friends. But the return of her teenage crush threatens to ruin her life—again!

Life-weary scientist, Ethan Cuthbert, has returned home temporarily to create a haven for cancer patients and their families. What he doesn’t expect is having to deal with his best friend’s little sister, Amielle, wanting the same property as him.

Ethan is off-limits, not only has he already broken her heart once before but he’s returning to his job overseas in three weeks. But when sizzling kisses lead to more, can they work around the obstacles between them, from both the past and future?

* Review * FORTUNE’S SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT by Nancy Robards Thompson

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * FORTUNE’S SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT by Nancy Robards ThompsonFortune's Surprise Engagement by Nancy Robards Thompson
Series: The Fortunes of Texas: The Secret Fortunes
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on May 1, 2017
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Olivia Fortune Robinson has done some crazy things in her life, but this has to be one of the craziest. She has just propositioned sexy Alejandro Mendoza to be her pretend boyfriend for a week. What's even crazier? He said yes!

They're doing it all for Sophie—or so they think. Liv's cynical view of marriage accidentally convinced her little sister to call off her own wedding, and Liv has to fix things and quick. What better way than to "fall in love" herself? Tall, dark and alpha, Alejandro doesn't seem to mind having Liv on his arm—or in his bed. But when the two commitment-phobes suddenly become faux fiancés, Liv's traitorous heart starts to fall for real… Is Alejandro's far behind?

Fun, flirty, and forever! You are in for another memorable ride through the Austin elite when you open the latest Fortunes of Texas: The Secret Fortunes novel by Nancy Robards Thompson! The last trip there, little sis Sophie fell in love and this book brings us her wedding. We see mostly characters that are already familiar to us, but they’re always a fun group of family … we not only see the love of siblings, but a douse of reality with the stories of the not-so-great-example of love they’ve been shown over the years, and always a big dose of humor when this group gets together! Great characters, a fun continuous plot, and lots of happily-ever-afters!

Olivia Fortune Robinson would do anything for her siblings, but this time she might have taken it a little too far! When she inadvertently puts Sophie off on getting married a few days before the wedding, panic ensues! She might have been a little blunt, but how was she to know simply stating her disbelief in love and forever would send her little sister running for the hills? Now she has to fix it … and fast!

Alejandro Mendoza is simply an innocent bystander … in town for a business deal, and a friend of the family since two of his brothers are married to two of her sisters, but an unknown for sure. When sparks fly at that same disastrous party, Liv comes up with a plan. She’ll make Sophie think she was all of a sudden hit by the love bug … with Alejandro! Tell her sis a lie in order to get her to come out of hiding and go on with her wedding … sure … what could go wrong??


* Review * MIRACLE FOR THE NEUROSURGEON by Lynne Marshall

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * MIRACLE FOR THE NEUROSURGEON by Lynne MarshallMiracle for the Neurosurgeon by Lynne Marshall
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on May 1, 2017
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From doctor…to daddy?

Neurosurgeon Wes Van Allen is used to being at the top of his game, so when an accident puts him in a wheelchair, he'll push himself to the limit to regain his strength—he just needs a physical therapist who can keep up!

Enter Mary Harris, whose sweet kisses he's never forgotten! She'll help Wes achieve his dream, if he helps her achieve hers—a baby! Captivated by Mary's sunny optimism, dare Wes hope for the ultimate miracle—a family, with Mary by his side?

An inspirational story of overcoming what life throws at you and finding a way to be all that you can be regardless! I really enjoyed this “feel good” story … not only did we feel the genuine fondness that they felt for each other from the very beginning of the book, but as they let their guard down and shared their inner most thoughts and feelings with each other, we watched their inner beings strengthen and a personal depth shine through. Great characters, a solid plot and a top of the line job of showing the drawbacks of life in a wheelchair, as well as a good bit about newer studies and technologies that are being developed.

Neurosurgeon Wesley Van Allen was at the top of his game when a freak accident put him into a wheelchair and stripped him of the ability to see a future worth anything at all. He is angry and bitter and trying with all of his might to not become the weakling that people see when they see him in this contraption.

Physical therapist Mary Harris has known and adored Wes for years as his sister’s best friend. She is putting her foot down and taking over for a couple of months to get him whipped into shape. She won’t let him ignore the part of him that doesn’t work anymore, and is set on getting him stronger and better equipped with skills to achieve the brogjt future he can easily still have!

As attraction boils to the surface and awkward talks abound, will they decide to take their friendship to a new level? And when Wes finds out that Mary would give anything to have a baby … will he volunteer to be the daddy?


* Blog Tour / Book Review * RIDE ROUGH by Laura Kaye

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Blog Tour / Book Review * RIDE ROUGH by Laura KayeRide Rough by Laura Kaye
Series: A Raven Riders Novel
Published by Avon on April 25, 2017
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Brotherhood. Club. Family.
They live and ride by their own rules.
These are the Raven Riders...

Maverick Rylan won’t apologize for who he is—the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club Vice-President, a sought-after custom bike builder, and a man dedicated to protecting those he loves. So when he learns that the only woman who has ever held his heart is in trouble, he’ll move heaven and earth to save her.

Alexa Harmon thought she had it all—the security of a good job, a beautiful home, and a powerful, charming fiancé who offered the life she never had growing up. But when her dream quickly turns into a nightmare, Alexa realizes she’s fallen for a façade she can’t escape—until sexy, dangerous Maverick offers her a way out.

Forced together to keep Alexa safe, their powerful attraction reignites and Maverick determines to do whatever it takes to earn a second chance—one Alexa is tempted to give. But her ex-fiancé isn’t going to let her go without a fight, one that will threaten everything they both hold dear.

A big, bad motorcycle guy reunited with his first love makes for an exciting story as deceit and danger abound! A great continuation of characters that we met in the first book in the series with lots of drama, danger and intrigue. I felt the street retribution seemed to get overshadowed with the reunion storyline a bit, but Mav turned out to be such a sweet guy. 🙂

Tough guy Maverick Rylan has never gotten over his first and only love, and when he learns she’s in trouble, nothing can stop him from being there for her. As the VP of the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club, he knows what a family is like, and he has plenty of man power behind him in support as he rides in to save the day.

Alexa Harmon thought she had everything she’d ever dreamed of … a good job, the security she never had growing up, a successful fiance … and then it all started crumbling down around her. Who was this guy that she was with and how could she not have realized what he was capable of? She lets Mav whisk her away and protect her from all of the ugliness, and when the old feelings come back in a flash, will they be able to resist that old pull of desire?






New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Laura Kaye brings you the second title in her Raven Riders Series, RIDE ROUGH.A sexy romantic suspense, you might’ve first met the Ravens in the Hard Ink world, but this series about a different kind of a motorcycle club with a protective mission stands on its own and is even sexier, edgier, and grittier! The Raven Riders Series takes you on a new adventure and kicks it into overdrive! Order your copy of RIDE ROUGH today!

About Ride Rough (Raven Riders #2, 4/25/17)

Maverick Rylan won’t apologize for who he is—the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club Vice-President, a sought-after custom bike builder, and a man dedicated to protecting those he loves. So when he learns that the only woman who has ever held his heart is in trouble, he’ll move heaven and earth to save her.

Alexa Harmon thought she had it all—the security of a good job, a beautiful home, and a powerful, charming fiancé who offered the life she never had growing up. But when her dream quickly turns into a nightmare, Alexa realizes she’s fallen for a façade she can’t escape—until sexy, dangerous Maverick offers her a way out.

Forced together to keep Alexa safe, their powerful attraction reignites and Maverick determines to do whatever it takes to earn a second chance—one Alexa is tempted to give. But her ex-fiancé isn’t going to let her go without a fight, one that will threaten everything they both hold dear.

Order on Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

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RIDE ROUGH by Laura Kaye – EXCERPT – Ride with me

“Ride with me.” The words flew out of Maverick’s mouth, and he didn’t want to take them back even though, fuck, it put him out there to be smacked down again. But damn if it wouldn’t be worth it to feel her holding him, pressed up tight against him, laughing in his ear.

Alexa hesitated and maybe even looked a little nervous, but Maverick could see the interest in the liveliness of her eyes.

“Don’t think. Just say yes,” he said.

Alexa tilted her head and narrowed her gaze at him, and then she smiled. “Okay. Yes.”

 That’s my girl. He kept the sentiment to himself, but he felt it down deep. His Alexa was in there. The one who could throw caution to the wind and have fun doing absolutely nothing. The one who laughed freely and bantered relentlessly. Maverick gave a single nod.

“Let me tell Mom. Be right back,” she said.

“I’ll bring the bike around.” Maverick took a step backward, but then paused when Alexa turned and hurried toward the house. His gaze traced her curves and lingered on the bare skin of her thighs. Thighs that were going to be wrapped around him in just a few short minutes. Thighs that had been wrapped around him in all kinds of ways many times. Many times. Fuck.

A few houses down, Maverick straddled his Harley Night Rod Special and brought the engine to life on a low rumble. He pulled the bike to the curb in front of the Harmon house and waited. He didn’t have to wait long.

Alexa came flying out through the garage. She made eye contact with him and it fucking seared his blood. For some reason this ride felt weighted with a significance he couldn’t put into words. And he wasn’t trying. He was just going to enjoy the hell out of it. Because Maverick knew her agreeing this one time didn’t change anything. Not anything important.

By the time she reached him, Alexa was smiling even though he could tell she was trying to hold that shit back. But she couldn’t, and that got to him, too. For a moment, she hesitated, like she wasn’t sure what to do. No way that was it, though, because even though it had been years, she’d been in his saddle as many times as his bed. He suspected the real issue was giving herself permission to do what she was gonna have to do—get close and hold tight. To him.

Something she hadn’t done in years.

But then she did it.


And don’t miss all the books in the Raven Riders Series!

HARD AS STEEL now available
RIDE HARD now available
RIDE ROUGH coming April 25th, 2017
RIDE WILD coming October 31st, 2017


Order RIDE ROUGH by May 1st, fill out this form, and receive an email with a bonus short story of more of Hard Ink’s Beckett after Release Week! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!



About Laura Kaye:

Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in contemporary romance and romantic suspense, including the Hard Ink and Raven Riders series. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and monster puppy, Schuyler, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

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Raven Riders Series Trailer:



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* Review * THE FORCED BRIDE OF ALAZAR by Kate Hewitt

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE FORCED BRIDE OF ALAZAR by Kate HewittThe Forced Bride of Alazar by Kate Hewitt
Series: Seduced by a Sheikh
Published by Harlequin Presents on May 1, 2017
Buy on Amazon

Claimed for the sultan's pleasure!

Kidnapped decades ago, Azim al Bahjat stuns the Kingdom of Alazar with his sudden return. To secure his position, the ruthless royal must claim the woman who was always intended to be his—even if sheltered yet beguiling Johara Behwar resists…

No matter how secretly thrilling she finds the flashes of heat beneath Azim's icy exterior, Johara's every instinct is to run. But Azim will not be denied, and as he shows his virgin bride how intoxicating their wedding night could be, Johara soon finds herself enticed to surrender to the sultan!

A fitting conclusion to the “Seduced by a Sheikh” duet! I felt less of a connection with this couple than I did the brother in the 1st part of the duet, but I still enjoyed it.  I would recommend reading both books in order because there was a lot of family history and even just cultural explanations given in the first book that didn’t carry over so much here, so you’ll understand the background more if you read the first book before reading this one.

Decades after being kidnapped and assumed dead, the true heir to the Sultanate of Alazar has all of a sudden re-appeared! Azim Bahjat believed he was someone else for 20 years, until a glimpse from his past brought his memories back and sent him on his quest to return home to Alazar. Now he’s setting out to get his rightful place back, no matter what the cost.

Johara Behwar spent a couple of weeks thinking she was in the clear of having to honor her father’s contract for her to wed the Sultan when her marriage to Malik Bahjat fell through … now she’s being told she’s to wed Azim! Will the desire she felt when he first touched her bring her years of love and joy with her husband, or was will it play out as the cold, convenient matching that he wants?


* Review * BEYOND THE LIMITS by Katherine Garbera

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * BEYOND THE LIMITS by Katherine GarberaBeyond the Limits by Katherine Garbera
Series: Space Cowboys
Published by Harlequin Blaze on May 1, 2017
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This mission is out of control…

Astronaut Isabelle Wolsten fought like hell to be one of the final candidates for the CRONUS mission to space. She can't afford to be distracted by teammate Antonio "Playboy" Curzon's broad shoulders, dark, sexy eyes and hot-as-hell Spanish accent. But one searing kiss from Antonio and Izzy knows she's definitely hit mission critical.

When the two astronauts are put in direct competition for a top spot on the mission, they'll be tested beyond their limits. Getting involved with Antonio is dangerous—but not nearly as dangerous as the feelings Izzy's starting to have for him. With everything she's fought for on the line, falling for this space cowboy might just ground Izzy's dreams for good…

Intense, sexy and fun! With the third and final installment of her SPACE COWBOYS series, Katherine Garbera takes us into the flirtation of “Bombshell” and “Playboy”! They’re a couple of the front runners leading up to the final selection of crew to go on the first mission and this bit of last minute training they are going to go through could make them or break them. Fun characters with a good bit of complex knowledge of the space program thrown in to make it an enjoyable read that’s not your ordinary romance novel. I really enjoyed the entire series!

Astronaut Isabelle “Bombshell” Wolsten has fought tooth and nail to get where she is in her career with NASA, and she doesn’t want to stop here.  She’s determined to get one of the last few positions on the CRONUS mission to space. Her biggest competition is an Argentinian hunk who distracts her with just a look!

Astronaut Antonio “Playboy” Curzon is trying to get the same spot Izzy wants, and he’s working even harder to get past a momentary speed bump in his career. He hasn’t been to space yet, and he wants it so bad he can taste it. Can he seriously let himself get distracted by a pretty face? Oh who is he kidding? Izzy is much more than that … she’s brains, beauty and just a genuinely fun person to be around. He can’t resist her!


* Review * THE LAWMAN’S CONVENIENT BRIDE by Christine Rimmer

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE LAWMAN’S CONVENIENT BRIDE by Christine RimmerThe Lawman's Convenient Bride by Christine Rimmer
Series: The Bravos of Justice Creek
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on May 1, 2017
Buy on Amazon


Feisty, fearless Jody Bravo's set to do everything for her baby. She doesn't need anything from anyone—especially the stepbrother of her baby's late father. But lawman Seth Yancy won't leave her to face parenthood alone, no matter how prepared she is. And even though Jody resists, soon she's taken in completely by his charms—and agrees to be his wife…


Hunky Sheriff Yancy's not without his fair share of admirers in Justice Creek. After a terrible tragedy years before, though, he's faced life alone. Now the real-life woman of his dreams just happens to be his bride—and pregnant with the child of his heart, if not his reality. So "father" is a role that will come naturally to Seth. And will "husband" really be that far behind?

Unlikely love takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions in Christine Rimmer’s latest! Very relatable characters bring this story to life. We are taken into the heart of what it’s all about very quickly, and then we get some additional development to the story as we find out more about their past experiences and relationships. I think you’ll find yourself rooting for that happily-ever-after right along with me by the time the end rolls around!

Sheriff Seth Yancy is equally shocked and delighted when he finds out that Jody Bravo will soon be giving birth to his step-brother’s baby. His little brother was the apple of his eye, and Seth was devastated when he was killed several months back. To hear that a piece of him will live on pleases Seth to no end, and he wants to make sure he’s a part of it!

Florist Jody Bravo is a hard-working, self-reliant woman, and she likes to feel like she has everything under control. She wasn’t planning on a baby right now, but she’s happy enough with the timing and believes she’s ready to be a Mom. When Seth comes to see her, she reluctantly agrees to keep him up-to-date with how she’s doing until the baby is born … but as he’s a virtual stranger to her, it all feels a bit odd.

Seth eases himself into her inner realm anyway, and she has to admit that he’s there for her when she needs him, and she’s actually liking having him in her life. When attraction rears it’s head, how will they pursue a relationship to go along with this ready-made family? Past secrets live in between them, but will they get all they ever wanted by simply believing?