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* Review * LOVE AT LAST: A BRADEN FLIRT by Melissa Foster

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * LOVE AT LAST: A BRADEN FLIRT by Melissa FosterLove at Last: A Braden Flirt by Melissa Foster
Series: The Bradens
Published by World Literary Press on May 2, 2018
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Cowboy Cal Hayden has loved Rachel Gray practically since the first time he set eyes on her. But Cal's a careful, responsible man who knows better than to start a relationship before he can give it his all. He bided his time while caring for his family through his father's terminal illness. Now his father is gone and his mother is settled, but has Cal waited too long to make his move?

Find out more about these friends of the Bradens in LOVE AT LAST, and catch up with many of your favorite Love in Bloom characters, including much-anticipated news about babies for the Bradens in Trusty, Colorado!

If this is your first introduction to the Bradens, please note that this is a flirt not a full-length novel. Like all Love in Bloom books, flirts are written to stand alone, so jump right in and enjoy the fun, sexy, and emotional ride.

What is a Flirt?
The Love in Bloom big-family romance world has become so widely enjoyed, I have been asked by thousands of readers to write the stories of our beloved side characters. While I couldn't possibly fit in writing full-length novels for each of them while maintaining my normal publication schedule, I've created flirts. Flirts cover twenty-four to forty-eight hours of two side characters' lives on their path to their happily ever after, while also updating readers about their favorite main characters. Flirts vary in length and heat levels. I hope you love these quick, fun, sexy stories as much as I enjoy writing them.


A short, sexy and fun read! With a quick dip into the Braden world in Trusty, Colorado, Melissa Foster brings us some updates on some of our favorite previous characters as well as a short glance into the start of Cal and Rachel’s love story. Obviously with this short of a story, we don’t get a huge amount of underlying conflict or resolution, but we get a sweet and steamy dalliance with a new couple!

Horse trainer Cal Hayden has been falling for the prettiest girl in town for awhile now, but he’s had too much going on in his life to give her his all, so he’s been standing back and admiring from afar. Now that he’s finally settled enough to shower her with attention, he notices she isn’t acting like she’s all that into him anymore … did he wait too long?

Hairstylist Rachel Gray has been crushing on Cal for what seems like forever, and she was hoping for something to come out of it, but she’s getting mighty tired of the hot and cold he seems to throw her way on a regular basis. It might just be time for her to turn her sights on a more interested cowboy!


* Review * THE NANNY’S DOUBLE TROUBLE by Christine Rimmer

* Review * THE NANNY’S DOUBLE TROUBLE by Christine RimmerThe Nanny's Double Trouble by Christine Rimmer
Series: The Bravos of Valentine Bay
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on May 1, 2018
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Meet The Bravos of Valentine Bay…

And the single father of twin toddlers in desperate need of a nanny!

All his life Daniel Bravo has been the responsible one. So when he’s left widowed with adorable twins to raise, he knows he needs help, fast. Enter family friend Keely Ostergard—a woman with love in her heart for his children, and a gigantic chip on her shoulder for him. She’s the last person he’d ever fall for—the aversion is mutual. Until it isn’t…


A heartwarmingly sweet story of love, family and brighter tomorrows! With the first book in her new “The Bravos of Valentine Bay” series, Christine Rimmer introduces us to the man playing the patriarch role of a large family when tragedy left him no other option. Daniel is a serious guy who even though he partially resents the responsibility thrust on him, loves his family very much. I loved watching Keely be a saving grace that changed his outlook on life … and those kids … OH, they stole my heart! I adored this story and am very much looking forward to more in the series!

Daniel Bravo never expected to find himself widowed with twin toddlers to raise alone at this point in his life, but here he is … trying to make it work. He finds himself in desperate need of a nanny who will be an added foundation in stability for his kids but one after another keeps falling through. Thankfully someone his children already adore steps up to help … too bad she’s not a big fan of his!

Keely Ostergard might hold details from the past against Daniel, but she loves his kids with a passion, so if her grinning and bearing it will keep those kids happy and healthy, she’ll happily do it. After spending some time in the house, she’s surprised to realize that Daniel is more laid back than she expected, and that beneath that gloomy exterior, he’s actually a kind and funny guy. When sparks start to fly, neither know how to handle it … especially with the past that they share!