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* Review * TEMPTED BY THE BROODING SURGEON by Robin GiannaTempted by the Brooding Surgeon by Robin Gianna
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on May 1, 2018
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The one man who won’t let her in…

…is the only man she wants!

Annabelle Richards arrives in Peru to find she’ll be working with renowned surgeon Daniel Ferrera—the man who almost ruined her career! She’s worked too hard to let him get in her way again. But when Annabelle learns that Daniel’s brooding exterior hides a wealth of pain, an unexpected passion ignites between them. Will temptation prove too much to resist?


A poignant enemies-to-lovers story! Robin Gianna weaves a magical love story of finding your forever when you least expect it. The main characters each have their own dramatic back story that lends a strong foundation for the book, and their past connection with each other is wrought with tension and dislike. For them to overcome that, we’re taken on a journey of forgiveness as they each have to open their eyes to how the other saw the situation … and we embark on watching them make their current dreams a reality. Really interesting read!

Dr. Annabelle Richards can’t believe her luck when she arrives in Peru on a medical mission trip and finds the doctor she’s going to be working with for the next two weeks is none other than uppity Dr. Daniel Ferrera … the man who briefly derailed her career five years ago! She can’t stand him or his attitude, so this is obviously going to be the longest two weeks of her life!

Daniel Ferrera feels justified for every decision he’s ever made and stands by his decision to never willingly work with Annabelle again … only they are stuck together for the near term and as they both are forced to ease up a little on their thoughts from the past and see the others point of view, they realize everything has two sides. When attraction starts dominate their time together, they have to figure out if it’s worth giving in or going about their lives separately.


* Review * THE MEDIC by Sarah M. Anderson

* Review * THE MEDIC by Sarah M. AndersonThe Medic by Sarah M. Anderson
Series: Men of the White Sandy #4
on December 25, 2014
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Clarence Thunder may not be as young as he once was . . .

But is he as good once as he ever was? He hopes so. He’s been watching Tammy Tall Trees, the young single mother who works next door in the Child Care Center. He wants to show Tammy he can take care of her and her young son—but can he compete with the boy’s real father?

Tammy was crushed when her old boyfriend abandoned her after she got pregnant. Since then, she’s put her son first—which means no dating. Who would want a broke single mother, anyway? Certainly not Clarence—one of the best men on the White Sandy. Until one day, the older man starts making her coffee—and bringing her son toys. Can she put herself first—or will her past catch up to them both?

Note: This book was previously published as Clarence.


Heartwarming, sexy and sweet! With the next book in the Men of the White Sandy series, we get to enjoy watching Clarence fall in love. The story is fast paced without a huge complex story line … not a lot of conflict and resolution, but a chance to see a kind soul see someone that he wants to share his life with and set out to make her and her son’s life happier than they’ve ever been before. It touches your heart!

Nurse Clarence Thunder works hard helping run the clinic on the White Sandy Reservation. Lately he’s been twisted up in knots trying to figure out if the beautiful woman he interacts with first thing every day is interested in him or not. He really likes her and would love to make her his.

Tammy Tall Trees has had a hard few years. She didn’t plan on being a Mom so young and have her son’s father walk out on them, but that’s the hand she was dealt and she has had to make the most of it. When Clarence starts showing an interest in her, she’s super happy … but also leery. She’s already been taken advantage of by a man in her life, does she have the patience and trust in her heart to take a chance on love again?