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* Review * COWBOY LULLABY by Sasha Summers

* Review * COWBOY LULLABY by Sasha SummersCowboy Lullaby by Sasha Summers
Series: The Boones of Texas
Published by Harlequin Western Romance on January 1, 2018
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Aaron “Click” Hale is a reminder of Tandy Boone’s past and of the heartache they endured years ago. But the handsome horse trainer is back in Fort Kyle, Texas, raising a toddler on his own, and stirring up all the dreams—and emotions—he and Tandy once shared.

Click is reeling, and only partially because Tandy is back in his life. He discovered he was a father the same day he was given custody of his young daughter, Pearl. As Click adjusts to parenthood, Tandy is supportive and wonderful with the little girl. But they’re both still hurting. Can Tandy and Click find a way through their old pain to build a new family together?


A bittersweet, emotionally raw reunion! Sasha Summers pulls out all the stops with the emotion she packs into this story. The reader feels the pain as her words paint the picture of this young couple with the world at their feet until devastation tears them apart and leaves them so scarred that they don’t fit together anymore. Each tries to start over in their own way, but neither ever finds the same passion for life that they once knew together … and when circumstances bring them back home again, you can bet the love they shoved down is still festering! A really great story with a compelling plot, deep characters and an adorable baby girl that steals our hearts!

Tandy Boone has barely gotten settled back into her hometown of Fort Kyle, Texas when the person that can tear her heart out with just one look shows up and throws her emotions into chaos again! Click Hale was the love of her life, but one night changed it all forever and she can’t even look at him now without being thrown back there again.

Aaron “Click” Hale is doing okay for himself training the horses that he loves, but when his life is turned upside down by being handed a young daughter he knew nothing about, he finds himself heading home to the one place that he knows can make everything right. Seeing Tandy again is soothing to his soul, but the pain he sees in his eyes tells him she doesn’t feel the same way. The daughter on his hip just might be more than she can handle.



* Review * STAY WITH ME by Jules Bennett

* Review * STAY WITH ME by Jules BennettStay with Me by Jules Bennett
Series: Return to Haven #1
Published by Zebra on March 27, 2018
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Small-town Haven, Georgia, is home to generations of families, plenty of Southern charm, and an airport that’s seen better days. But as three friends are about to discover, love gives everything wings . . .

At eighteen, Olivia Daniels left Haven behind and never looked back. Doggedly climbing the corporate ladder, she’s finally nearing the top when her father dies—leaving her part-owner of the run-down airport that was his first love. It’s a complication Olivia intends to wrap up quickly—buying out her co-owner and selling the land. Good thing her childhood best friends are with her for moral support. Because one look at her new partner is proof that her tidy plan has hit turbulence . . .

Jackson Morgan practically grew up in Haven’s airport, and no one could have been a better mentor than Olivia’s dad. Flight is in Jackson’s blood, but his roots are firmly planted, and there’s no way he’s giving up the airport—not even for sassy, headstrong Olivia, his childhood crush. Coming to an agreement won’t be easy, especially when the attraction between them soars to new heights every day. Love definitely wasn’t on the itinerary, but is it enough to keep them together for a lifetime trip? . . .


Conflict abounds in an emotionally riveting story from Jules Bennett! Olivia seems like an unfeeling person with how she handles the loss of her father, but Jax shows us another side of her as he guides her to find what she truly meant to her father. She’s not sure what to make of this attraction that is between them considering he is younger than her, but he shows her that he’s wise beyond his years and an overall good guy. An interesting story line and compelling characters. Looking forward to more in the series!

Olivia Daniels left Haven, George at eighteen and never looked back. Her dreams are within sight of coming true when she’s suddenly called back to Haven to settle her father’s estate. She has zero interest in the run-down airport he put above all else in life, so it won’t take her long to unload it and anything else he left her and be on her way back to the city to what’s important!

Jackson Morgan practically grew up in a plane with her dad, and he might have just been a kid when Livie left town, but that didn’t stop him from being half in love with her! He’s half owner of the business, and it and her father meant the world to him, so he’ll be holding onto it for all he’s worth no matter how much she wants to offload it and hit the road quickly.