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* Review * THE NANNY PROPOSAL by Joss Wood

* Review * THE NANNY PROPOSAL by Joss WoodThe Nanny Proposal by Joss Wood
Series: Texas Cattleman's Club: The Impostor
Published by Harlequin Desire on June 1, 2018
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“You work for me. That’s it.”

So why can’t she stay out of his bed?

She’d slept with Aaron Phillips before he became her boss. And Kasey Monroe had successfully avoided temptation ever since. But now the bachelor Texas tycoon demands she add temporary live-in nanny to her job description, to help with his niece. She’ll be “playing house” with the man she can’t resist. What could possibly go wrong with that arrangement?


Sexy, sweet and emotionally raw! With the latest book in the Texas Cattleman’s Club:The Imposter series, Joss Wood brings us Aaron’s story. His family has been playing a key part in the Will/Rich imposter storyline. This book was really quick to catch my attention, and the both sweet and sad emotions throughout kept my attention and had me rooting for Aaron & Kasey. Great read!

Aaron Phillips might be Kasey Monroe’s boss right now, but slightly before she agreed to become his executive assistant, they were simply two people agreeing to have a no strings one-night fling. They knew she was probably going to work for him, but agreed they wouldn’t let it affect their boss/employee relationship. They’ve done well for months now, but suddenly he needs her to move in and help out being a temporary nanny to his niece … how is that going to play out?

Kasey is wildly attracted to Aaron, but luckily their work relationship doesn’t have them in the same room often … but now he wants to move her into his house. She’s in big trouble!


* Review * BUILDING A FAMILY by M.K. Stelmack

* Review * BUILDING A FAMILY by M.K. StelmackBuilding a Family by M. K. Stelmack
Series: A True North Hero
Published by Harlequin Heartwarming on June 1, 2018
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The best man in the world wanted to marry her

But she couldn’t say yes…yet!

Most girls dreamed of the day someone offered them a ring. Not Connie Greene. She couldn’t even open the box. She did care for Ben Carruthers—always had, always would. But she couldn’t marry him until she’d made amends for the wrongs she’d committed. Until then, she had to protect Ben from himself. And most important, from her.


Redemption at it’s best! With the second book in her A True North Hero series, M.K. Stelmack gave herself a really tough job. She had to redeem a heroine that we all kind of loved to hate in the first book of the series. Connie came off as a really selfish person previously, and as we start to delve into her mind with this book, we start to see how she sees herself, and why she’s done some of the things that she’s done. We might not have made some of the same choices that she made, but we can forgive some of the things she’s done because we understand her reasoning. I really enjoyed getting to know Ben, and seeing them work towards healing. Really good read!

Connie Greene can’t deny that Ben Carruthers is the great love of her life, but she doesn’t think she’s a good enough person to deserve his love. She enjoys having him around, but she won’t accept the ring he offers when he asks her to marry him. She has a lot of work to redeem herself before she can ever even think about being the type of woman he deserves.

Ben has loved Connie since the first day he laid eyes on her when he was just a kid. She might have put a big dent in his heart when she walked away from their relationship, but he can’t give up on her. He sees things in her that she doesn’t seem to be able to see in herself … and he’s willing to give her as long as she need to get her head in the game of promising him a happily ever after.


* Review * MISS WHITE AND THE SEVENTH HEIR by Jennifer Faye

* Review * MISS WHITE AND THE SEVENTH HEIR by Jennifer FayeMiss White and the Seventh Heir by Jennifer Faye
Series: Once Upon a Fairytale
Published by Harlequin Romance on June 1, 2018
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A billionaire with a secret…

Can the truth lead to happily-ever-after?

In this Once Upon a Fairytale story, hardworking magazine editor Sage White’s just getting used to being in charge, so she’s alarmed to find sparks flying with her new assistant—the distractingly handsome Trey! Working together, they grow closer, but can their blossoming relationship survive when Sage learns that Trey is really Quentin Rousseau, seventh heir to the publishing empire—and her boss?


With the second book in her Once Upon a Fairytale series, Jennifer Faye brings us a story with a twist of a modern day Snow White! An evil step-mother has treated Sage unfairly and it’s up to her to find the proof to oust her from her father’s company and house once and for all! The characters are easy to like and the story is fast paced and fun. The romance is a tad light, but the overall story addictive.

Magazine editor Sage White is finally in the position to achieve the greatness she’s always known she was destined for, but she’s swamped with work! Hopefully the hiring of a new assistant will help ease her work load enough to concentrate on impressing the board of directors enough to continue to fund the magazine.

Trey Renault lands the job of Sage’s new assistant fairly easily, but he’s shocked at the amount of work she demands from him. She’s a hard worker herself and doesn’t take flack from her employees. He likes that about her … along with about a million other things! A working trip together leads to temptation that might be too hard to resist … but also lets his secret out of the bag. He’s really Quentin Rousseau III … and her boss!


* Review * TANGLED VOWS by Yvonne Lindsay

* Review * TANGLED VOWS by Yvonne LindsayTangled Vows by Yvonne Lindsay
Series: Marriage at First Sight
Published by Harlequin Desire on June 1, 2018
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The matchmaker’s instructions:

“Just show up for the wedding. I’ll supply the groom.”

An unorthodox arranged marriage is the only way Yasmin Carter can save her family’s struggling company. But the handsome man waiting at the altar is no stranger. He’s Ilya Horvath, her bitter business rival! The charismatic CEO plans to win over his reluctant bride with all the passion at his command…until a shocking web of secrets threatens to tear them apart.


A marriage made in … matchmaking? Book one in a new Marriage at First Sight series by Yvonne Lindsay is mesmerizing! We meet the couple who agree to marry for their own individual reasons, and though they have history surrounding them that could be a hinderance, they wind up getting along quite well. It’s starting to turn into a meaningful relationship when a blast from the past threatens to send it all crumbling. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more in the series!

When Yasmin Carter finds herself in need of a husband to land a business deal that will save her struggling business, she agrees to marry whomever the matchmaker brings to the altar on her wedding day. She’s in for a shock when the groom who shoes up is none other than her biggest business rival!

Ilya Horvath is surprised to see that Yasmin is who he was paired with, but she’s a gorgeous woman, and he’s happy to believe in fate if she is! He sets out to win over his reluctant bride and things are going well until an ugly secret from the past threatens their future and threatens to expose more than Yasmin ever wanted!


* Review * ONE INTREPID SEAL by Elle James

* Review * ONE INTREPID SEAL by Elle JamesOne Intrepid SEAL by Elle James
Series: Mission: Six
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on May 1, 2018
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This SEAL found his target…

then lost his heart

Navy SEAL “Diesel” Dalton Samuel Landon can see that Reese Brantley is no damsel in distress. But his mission is clear—infiltrate the hostile rebels’ jungle hideout in Africa and rescue Reese and her boss. Separated from his team—and her boss—Diesel and Reese are on the run. Bullets fly, but risking his life is part of the job. Struggling with their hotter-than-the-jungle attraction, though, proves the real danger is losing his heart.


An exciting kick-off to a new series taking place in the heart of Africa! From beginning to end, Elle James blesses us with descriptions so raw we feel like we are there beside them among the glorious scenery. The action is exciting and the characters are fun to get to know. Looking forward to seeing more of the team in future books in the Mission:Six series!

Army veteran Reese Brantley was psyched to be heading into her first big job as a bodyguard with this trip to Africa, but when a hunting expedition turns into a kidnapping by a rebel faction, she finds herself and her client in big trouble!

Navy SEAL Dalton “Diesel” Landon’s team is being sent in to rescue Reese and her client, but it doesn’t take him long to realize that she is pretty good at handling her own. When the two of them get separated from his team, they have to fight the terrain and the evil that lurks among the wild in order to find their way back to civilization … and along the way, attraction just might get the better of them!


* Review * HER ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEFENDER by Jennifer D. Bokal

* Review * HER ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEFENDER by Jennifer D. BokalHer Rocky Mountain Defender by Jennifer D. Bokal
Series: Rocky Mountain Justice
Published by Harlequin Romantic Suspense on April 1, 2018
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A kiss. A betrayal. An escape?

Searching for her missing sister leads Madelyn Thompkins straight into the path of danger…and Roman DeMarco. Wounded physically and emotionally, the undercover agent hardly needs this distraction. When the two collide with a Russian gang, they go on the run—and are drawn together. Their priorities don’t align, but when Madelyn falls victim to a murderous criminal, will Roman sacrifice everything to save her?


Action packed romance! With non-stop drama and suspense, the author takes us along for the ride as the main characters run for their lives. She’s got a family connection, he’s got a job to do and a criminal mastermind to bring down … together, they tackle the case of a lifetime. Great characters, attention grabbing from start to finish and an overall top-notch read!

When Madelyn Thompkins gets a lead on where her estranged sister may be hanging out, she jumps at the chance to track her down. Her search leads her into the seedier part of town, and little does she know the danger she’s about to walk into!

Undercover operative Roman DeMarco isn’t expecting an innocent civilian to get caught up in the case he’s working on, but when that’s exactly what happens, he can’t just up and walk away. They find out together that tangling with a Russian mob is dangerous to their health!


* Blog Tour/Release Blast/Excerpt * MISS WHITE AND THE SEVENTH HEIR by Jennifer Faye

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Miss White and the Seventh Heir
(Once Upon a Fairytale #2)
By Jennifer Faye
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 256 pages
June 1st 2018 by Harlequin Romance
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A billionaire with a secret…

Can the truth lead to happily-ever-after?

In this Once Upon a Fairytale story, hardworking magazine editor Sage White’s just getting used to being in charge, so she’s alarmed to find sparks flying with her new assistant—the distractingly handsome Trey! Working together, they grow closer, but can their blossoming relationship survive when Sage learns that Trey is really Quentin Rousseau, seventh heir to the publishing empire—and her boss?



ELSA WHITE STOOD before the window of her stylish Manhattan office adorned with black furnishings and gold trim. It wasn’t just any office building. It was a skyscraper owned by White Publishing. And Elsa’s office was on the top floor. She enjoyed looking down upon the rest of the world.

From her office window, the people below looked like peons—small and inconsequential. She smiled, knowing she was so much better than them. She had money, lots of money, and a powerful reach. She was forever finding ways to make her presence in publishing even greater—legal or illegal, it made no difference to her.

Elsa moved in front of an oversized gold leaf mirror that hung on the wall next to her desk. She pivoted on her black stilettos this way and that way, never taking her gaze off her image. A smile bloomed on her face. Perfect. Her manicured red fingernail slid down over her ivory cheek. There wasn’t a wrinkle to be had anywhere on her flawless complexion. Nor should there be with the massive amount she paid her plastic surgeon.

She tucked a few loose strands of platinum-blond hair behind one ear, leaving the other side of her smooth bobbed hair to hang loose. Perfect.

Knock. Knock.

“Come in.” She’d told her personal assistant to send in Mr. Hunter, the private detective, as soon as he arrived.

Elsa continued to stare into the mirror. She never tired of her reflection. How could anyone tire of such beauty? Deciding to reapply her “Wicked Red” lipstick, she retrieved the tube of lipstick from the glass table beneath the mirror.

As she removed the cap from the tube, her gaze sought out the man’s reflection in the mirror. “Well, don’t just stand there. Tell me what you’ve learned about my stepdaughter.”

The tall man with short, dark hair stood his ground, seemingly unfazed by her snappishness. “She’s working in Los Angeles.”

“So she’s still living across the country. Good. Very good.” The farther away Sage White remained from Elsa’s empire, the better.

“She’s working for QTR Magazine—”

“What?” Elsa swung around and glared at the man. He never once glanced away or in any way acted as though he was fazed by her anger. This normally would have sparked Elsa’s interest, but right now she was preoccupied. “I thought I got her blackballed from all publishing houses.”

“You did, but then QTR was drawn into some sort of lawsuit and that’s how she got her foot in the door. From what I was able to uncover, the senior Rousseau was forced to step down from the failing company. Before he did so, he put your stepdaughter under an ironclad contract that even the board could not break so long as Miss White showed a steady improvement in the company’s profitability.”

No longer concerned about her lips, Elsa returned the lipstick to the table. “Why is this the first I’m hearing of it? I pay you good money to keep a close eye on her.”

The man’s expression hardened. “The deal with QTR just happened. They kept everything hush-hush until the contract was signed. Even the board overseeing QTR didn’t know what had been done until it was too late.”

Elsa folded her arms, holding her left elbow up with her right hand. Her long shiny nail tapped on her pointy chin as she considered this new development. She couldn’t allow Sage to become successful. With enough funds, Sage could dig into the past. If she were to unearth the truth, she could send the empire that Elsa had lied, deceived and flat-out stolen tumbling into ruin. And that just couldn’t happen.


Other Books in the Series

Beauty and Her Boss
(Once Upon a Fairytale #1)
by Jennifer Faye
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 256 pages
March 1st 2018 by Harlequin Romance
GoodreadsAmazonBarnes & Noble
Book DepositoryHarlequiniBooksKobo

An innocent beauty, a scarred hero…

Could she be the one to open up his heart?

Handsome but guarded former Hollywood star Deacon Santoro prefers the confines of his mansion since an accident left him scarred both inside and out. But he promised to protect sparky beauty Gabrielle Dupre, his new PA. Can Gabrielle convince Deacon that love will give them the fairy-tale ending they deserve?

About the Author

Award-winning author, Jennifer Faye pens fun, heartwarming contemporary romances with rugged cowboys, sexy billionaires and enchanting royalty. Internationally published with books translated into nine languages. She is a two-time winner of the RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award, the CataRomance Reviewers’ Choice Award, named a TOP PICK author, and been nominated for numerous other awards.


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