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* Review * UNDERCOVER TWIN by Heather Woodhaven

* Review * UNDERCOVER TWIN by Heather WoodhavenUndercover Twin by Heather Woodhaven
Series: Twins Separated at Birth #1
Published by Love Inspired Suspense on September 1, 2019
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A deadly identity swap…

The first exciting Twins Separated at Birth novel

Audrey Clark never knew she was a twin—until she stumbled onto a covert operation. Now with her FBI agent sister shot and in critical condition, going undercover with Agent Lee Benson is the only way to protect her newfound twin. And as her pretend husband, Lee must keep Audrey safe…or pay twice the deadly price.


UNDERCOVER TWIN is the first book in Heather Woodhaven’s electrifying new series Twins Separated at Birth!

As a reader, I was quickly drawn into the mystery of this story when we learned within the first chapter that Audrey had a twin sister she didn’t even know about. The excitement Lee brings to the foreground when he believes she’s his partner in the FBI (the twin, Kendra) sets us up for a quick paced delve into a ruse she only hopes she can keep up.

Overall, this was a satisfying story with an attention grabbing plot. I would have liked to have seen more time for an emotional connection between Audrey and Kendra to be developed, but hopefully we will see more of that in the conclusion of the duet, coming soon! Recommended to lovers of intrigue and sweet romance!


* Review * MAKE ME NEED by Katee Robert

* Review * MAKE ME NEED by Katee RobertMake Me Need by Katee Robert
Series: Make Me #4
Published by Harlequin Dare on July 1, 2019
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In this red-hot scorcher from New York Times bestselling author Katee Robert, Trish Livingston meets her unlikely match in her brother’s best friend, the gorgeous Cameron O’Clery. They’re complete opposites—but that only makes the temptation hotter!

Trish Livingston desperately needs cash, so when her brother offers her a job while he’s on paternity leave, she snaps it up. She’s even willing to put up with his best friend and business partner, the notoriously grumpy Cameron O’Clery—especially when she finds out he’s very easy on the eyes.

Cameron hates people: especially peppy, happy people like Trish. He avoids her at all costs, until a raunchy late-night encounter in an elevator shows him that there’s a fine line between hate and lust. Cameron knows he’s broken the rules—and is resolved to keep his distance from her.

But Trish doesn’t make it easy. A work trip places them in adjoining hotel bedrooms, giving her the chance to put on a sizzling show just for him! When Cameron’s left wanting more, Trish is delighted to give him exactly that… Can either of them walk away from something that feels this good?


MAKE ME NEED is book four in the smoking hot Make Me series by Katee Robert and centers around a fashion maven wannabe and the security expert who just happens to be her brothers best friend and business partner.

Trish is an interesting character. She knows what she wants in life, she just doesn’t think she’s at a place to reach out and grab it just yet. It doesn’t take her long to get some confidence when she’s bringing the sexy man in the office next door to his knees though.

Cameron tries to be someone we dislike with his hard exterior, but he had me interested pretty quickly. He knows his best friend is going to flip his lid, but he simply can’t resist Trish. Watching them find their way past all of the obstacles around them is pure magic!

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fast paced, steamy read with lots of snark weaved into the mix. Every book in this series has been quite yummy, and this particular one holds true to form.



* Release Blitz * OUT OF THE SHADOW


Title: Out of the Shadow
Series: Hunte Family #2
Author: Arell Rivers
Genre: Steamy Celebrity Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 19, 2019
All’s fair in love, war…and reality TV

Nothing ever came easy to Angie Russo. Hard work, loyalty, and sheer grit made her the kick-ass realtor she is today. But when her best still isn’t good enough, Angie decides to try something different. Maybe a stint on the new real estate reality show can give her the notoriety she needs to push her firm to #1. Her chances of winning the show’s prize are high…until she meets the entitled, cavalier, and all-too-sexy jerk she’s competing against.

Angie’s big chance is King Hunte’s rock bottom. He screwed up bigand he needs money fast. The silly real estate competition should be a breeze to win. Or, at least it would be, if not for the sassy, determined, and ridiculously desirable Angie. King’s suddenly forced to work harder than he ever has, and he’s shocked to find that he actually enjoys it…almost as much as he savors the combustible chemistry he shares with his prickly co-star.

Just as Angie discovers there’s more to King than meets the eye, King realizes Angie could be the key to the life he’s always secretly wanted. When a ghost from the past emerges to threaten their future together, Angie and King must overcome the obstacles the show—and life—throw at them, or see their shot at love end before the first commercial break.

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Author Bio
For as long as Arell Rivers can remember, she has been lost in a book. During her senior year in college, she picked up a Danielle Steel novel … and instantly was hooked on romance.

Arell started writing her first novel because the characters were screaming at her to do so. The story started coming out in her dreams and attacking her in the shower, so she took to the computer to shut them up. But they kept talking.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Arell has what some may call a “checkered past.” Prior to discovering her passion for writing romance, she practiced law, was a wedding and event planner and even dabbled in marketing. Arell lives with a very supportive husband and two mischievous cats. When not in her writing cave, Arell is found making dinner in the crock pot, working out with Shaun T or hitting the beach.

Arell is a PAN member (Published Author Network) of the New Jersey chapter of Romance Writers of America.

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