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* Review * AN ALASKAN CHRISTMAS by Jennifer Snow

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * AN ALASKAN CHRISTMAS by Jennifer SnowAn Alaskan Christmas by Jennifer Snow
Series: Wild River #1
Published by HQN Books on September 24, 2019
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In Alaska, it’s always a white Christmas—but the sparks flying between two reunited friends could turn it red-hot…

If there’s one gift Erika Sheraton does not want for Christmas, it’s a vacation. Ordered to take time off, the workaholic surgeon reluctantly trades in her scrubs for a ski suit and heads to Wild River, Alaska. Her friend Cassie owns a tour company that offers adventures to fit every visitor. But nothing compares to the adrenaline rush Erika feels on being reunited with Cassie’s brother, Reed Reynolds.

Gone is the buttoned-up girl Reed remembers. His sister’s best friend has blossomed into a strong, skilled, confident woman. She’s exactly what his search-and-rescue team needs—and everything he didn’t know he craved. The gulf between his life in Wild River and her big-city career is wide. But it’s no match for a desire powerful enough to melt two stubborn hearts…


AN ALASKAN CHRISTMAS is the first book in Jennifer Snow’s brand new Wild River series and is sure to delight fans of action packed story lines. It revolves around a surgeon and search and rescue leader, their family drama and and a shot at a happily ever after when they least expect it.

Erika was a tough cookie to get to know. She was a powerful surgeon and get it done type of person, but her softer side was a mystery I enjoyed unraveling as the book developed. She sought acceptance, yet found it hard to let down her guard when the love she had always craved was knocking at her door.

Reed was a fun-loving guy and had me smiling throughout. He’s a powerful force on the mountain, but doesn’t let the job control him. He has quite the interest in Erika, but he’s not so sure he’ll be able to hold her attention once she’s back to work.

I highly recommend this story to anyone looking for a down home type of town to fall in love with. The town is tight and the characters are endearing. There were a few places when the plot could have been filled in a little, but overall it was a great read and I look forward to the next book in the series!


* Review * BURNING ACHE by Adrienne Giordano

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * BURNING ACHE by Adrienne GiordanoBurning Ache by Adrienne Giordano
Series: The Kingstons #5
Published by Steele Ridge Publishing on September 23, 2019
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A CIA psychologist on the trail of a deadly weapon falls for her prime suspect and discovers she’s not the only one who has him in her sights…

Way Kingston craves the peaceful solitude of the open road. Just him and the roar of a motorcycle. The kind of alone time that’s hard to find in his tight-knit family. Too tight for his liking. Way’s a grown-ass, former Marine. He doesn’t need their collective noses in his business. Back in Steele Ridge, Way’s building a new career as a gunsmith. Clients pay big bucks for his expertise, ingenuity…and discretion. Especially when national security is at stake. So when a smoking hot stranger with the swagger of a government agent walks into his workshop, Way knows her questions are fully loaded.

Roni Fenwick grew up in the foster system. With no family to watch her back, she can’t afford to lose the few friends she has. Which is why it kills her to lie to Maggie Kingston. But the sheriff’s not-so-little brother designed a game-changing bullet for the CIA. A bullet that’s hit the streets. Now, the agency believes Way double-crossed them and has sent Roni to prove it. Except Way is tougher to crack than she anticipated. And much easier to fall for. His kisses drive her to distraction—something she can’t risk with a killer at large.

As the investigation turns personal, Roni begins to trust in Way’s innocence. But if he’s not behind the top-secret leak, who is? Finding the truth could end her career…or both their lives.


BURNING ACHE is book five in the Steele Ridge: The Kingstons sub-series and centers around former Marine turned gunsmith Waylon Kingston and undercover CIA agent Roni Fenwick.

The Kingstons prove in book after book what an interesting family they are, so we already knew that Way was going to be a bit of a loner trying to stay out from under his over-bearing family’s thumb. He would happily live on the back of his motorcycle cruising the open road if he could, but when trouble comes knocking at his door, that’s beginning to look less and less likely.

Roni is a complex character that we find difficult to read at first as she reluctantly sets out to pull the wool over her friend Maggie’s eyes when she supposedly pops into Steele Ridge for a visit when in reality she’s been sent to spy on Way and figure out if he’s the reason the hugh-hush bullet he secretly developed for the government is now showing up on the streets.

I recommend this book to anyone loving a suspenseful read with lots of heart and emotion that is backed by a close-knit family. You can’t go wrong with any book you pick up in this series and I always heartily look forward to the next book to come.


* Review * DEVOTED TO LOVE by Shayla Black

* Review * DEVOTED TO LOVE by Shayla BlackDevoted to Love by Shayla Black
Series: Devoted Lovers #2
Published by Berkley on July 2, 2019
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He was sent to guard her body… he didn’t expect her to steal his heart.

Her sister’s wedding was hardly the place to find a hook up, but after one look at friend-of-the-groom and special operative Josiah Grant, small-town Texas beauty Magnolia West immediately fell in lust. After a stunningly sensual night together, Maggie is prepared for the two of them to go their separate ways. After all, she’s not a happily-ever-after kind of girl. But Josiah—and danger—change her plans.

Josiah isn’t looking for love…but Maggie rouses his body and stirs his heart like no other woman. She’s got a rocky romantic past, and a smart man would steer clear. But when the murder quotient in Kendall County rises and all signs point to a mysterious group nearby who have been harassing Maggie’s family, he can’t leave her unprotected—especially when he realizes he’s fallen hard for her.

As tension mounts and the menace closes in, Josiah will do anything to prove to Maggie that their love is real…but can they stay alive long enough to share it?


DEVOTED TO LOVE is book two in Shayla Black’s suspense filled Devoted Lovers series and centers around Shealyn from the first book’s sister and personal assistant Maggie and security expert Josiah. A one night fling just might turn into forever when danger strikes and circumstances change.

Maggie at first seems like a put-together character, but as we get to know her better, we see the flaws that stem from her tumultuous childhood and how she goes about trying to make herself whole. Some will find it hard to forgive her misdeeds, but I found her redeemable.

Josiah was an easy character to like. He was there to help out a friend, and meeting Maggie brought a newness to his life that he wasn’t expecting. He spotlights his dependability and strength around every turn and watching their connection grow is rewarding.

I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a good bit of suspense with their romance. Both books in the series so far have been solid reads.