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* Release Blitz/Excerpt/Giveaway * A WEDDING IN DECEMBER by Sarah Morgan


Title: A Wedding in December
Author: Sarah Morgan
Publisher: HQN Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 24, 2019



This funny, charming and heartwarming new Christmas novel is USA TODAY bestselling author Sarah Morgan at her festive best!

In the snowy perfection of Aspen, the White family gathers for youngest daughter Rosie’s whirlwind Christmas wedding. First to arrive are the bride’s parents, Maggie and Nick. Their daughter’s marriage is a milestone they are determined to celebrate wholeheartedly, but they are hiding a huge secret of their own: they are on the brink of divorce. After living apart for the last six months, the last thing they need is to be trapped together in an irresistibly romantic winter wonderland.

Rosie’s older sister, Katie, is also dreading the wedding. Worried that impulsive, sweet-hearted Rosie is making a mistake, Katie is determined to save her sister from herself! If only the irritatingly good-looking best man, Jordan, would stop interfering with her plans…

Bride-to-be Rosie loves her fiancé but is having serious second thoughts. Except everyone has arrived—how can she tell them she’s not sure? As the big day gets closer, and emotions run even higher, this is one White family Christmas none of them will ever forget!

“Morgan’s gently humorous aesthetic will leave readers feeling optimistic and satisfied.” –Publishers Weekly on A WEDDING IN DECEMBER

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“I wouldn’t miss the wedding for anything.” Katie needed to meet Dan in person and figure out a way to save her sister from herself. And if she managed it early on in the week, then they might still all be home in time to spend Christmas in Honey­suckle Cottage.
With luck, her mother would be too focused on Rosie to notice that anything was wrong with Katie. “I can’t wait to be Bridesmaid of Honor, or whatever the correct title is. Don’t dress me in purple polyester, that’s all I ask. I don’t want static shock. And don’t spend too much money.” Because this wedding isn’t happening. She turned as the door opened and Mike walked into the room. “I need to go. I’m at work.”
“I’m proud of you. Katie. I tell everyone my big sister is a doctor.”
Big sister is falling apart.
She was a fraud. “Go. Have fun, but not so much fun you forget your inhalers.”
“I know. I’m the inhaler police. Party. Live life. I’ll call you tomorrow.” She ended the call and slid her feet back into her shoes.
Mike raised an eyebrow. “Nothing like giving out advice you don’t take yourself. When did you last party and live life?”
“I’m partying in my mind. I’m at a virtual party right now.”
“Does that come with a virtual hangover? Who is getting married?”
“My sister. In less than four weeks.”
“This is the sister who is studying fairy tales?”
Katie winced. “I might have overdone that joke. She’s study­ing Celtic languages, myth and folklore at a certain Ivy League college. She would claim it contributes to the understanding of the culture and beliefs of society. It has been the subject of many lively arguments round the dinner table. She really is super smart, but I still think of her as my little sister and I overdo the teasing.” She rubbed her forehead with her fingers. “It feels like yesterday I was reading her board books.”
“Big age difference?”
“Ten years. I think my parents had given up on having an­other child, and then Rosie arrived.”
“And you were hit by a massive dose of sibling jealousy?”
“What?” Katie stared at him. “No. I adored her. Right from the first moment I saw her funny little hairless head.” She thought about Rosie, an adorable toddler, following her every­where. Rosie in her favorite dinosaur pajamas. Rosie turning blue with an asthma attack. “I confess I might be a tad overprotective, which is why I’m flying to Colorado to meet this guy.”
“You haven’t met him?”
“No. And don’t look at me that way. I’m already freaked out. They’ve known each other a couple of months. What can you know about someone in a few months? What if he’s a gambler, or a narcissist? He could be a psychopath. Maybe a serial killer.”
He leaned against the door and folded his arms. “Dr. Doom. Always the optimist.”
“I am not Dr. Doom. I am Dr. Reality, thanks to the years I’ve spent working here. Having the realities of life under your nose tends to cure optimism. There are no certainties in this life, we both know that.”
“All the more reason to grab the happy moments that come your way. Maybe a couple of weeks enjoying outdoor living and breath­ing in mountain air will be good for you.”
“Maybe.” Blocking out his concerned look, she let the door swing closed behind her.
She didn’t care about outdoor living. She didn’t care about mountain air. She didn’t even care about a white Christmas.
She was flying to Colorado for one reason, and one reason only.
She was going to stop her sister’s wedding.
Author Bio
USA TODAY bestselling author Sarah Morgan writes lively, sexy contemporary stories for Harlequin.  Romantic Times has described her as ‘a magician with words’ and nominated her books for their Reviewer’s Choice Awards and their ‘Top Pick’ slot. In 2012 Sarah received the prestigious RITA® Award from the Romance Writers of America. She lives near London with her family. Find out more at

* Release Blitz/Excerpt/Giveaway * COWBOY CHRISTMAS REDEMPTION by Maisey Yates


Title: Cowboy Christmas Redemption
A Gold Valley Novel
Author: Maisey Yates
Publisher: HQN Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 24, 2019



As snowflakes fall in Gold Valley, Oregon, will this rugged cowboy finally win the woman of his dreams?

Cowboy Caleb Dalton has loved single mom Ellie Bell, and her little daughter, Amelia, for years. But since Ellie is his best friend’s widow, Caleb’s head knows Ellie will always be strictly off-limits. If only his heart got the memo. So when Caleb discovers that Ellie has a Christmas wish list—and hopes for a kiss under the mistletoe—he’s throwing his cowboy hat into the ring. If anyone’s going to be kissing Ellie and sharing this magical time with her and her daughter, it’s him.

Ellie has dreaded the holidays since losing her husband. But this year, she’s finally ready to make some changes. She never expects the biggest change to be the heart-stopping kiss she shares with Caleb. For almost five years, Caleb has been her best friend, her rock, her salvation. This Christmas, can Caleb prove he’s also the missing puzzle piece of Ellie’s and Amelia’s hearts?


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“But you are… You’re going to run a Christmas tree farm?”
“At least temporarily. Everything’s ready to go now, which means finishing out the year, or the next few years, is guaranteed money in the bank to begin other ventures. There’s contracts already made with outfits around the country, truckers on hand to drive the things to their destinations. And he owns that small lot down on the main street of town. So, I’m all set not only to sell this year’s crop around the country, but also sell it here.”
“But you don’t… You don’t actually want to…be a Christmas tree farmer?”
“My ultimate goal is cattle,” he said.
She’d had no idea. None at all. Not that he wanted his own ranch, not that he’d been unhappy at the school. Was he unhappy at the school? Was he leaving?
“What does this mean for your position at the school?”
“I will be leaving. Which I will be talking to Gabe about later tonight.”
“With West Caldwell coming into town, there’s no need for me to hang around. He’s going to be working on the ranch.”
“Your half brother that you’ve never met. That’s put­ting a lot of stock in a man you don’t even know.”
“Gabe figures we owe him. And, since Gabe is awash in guilt over the whole half sibling thing, I fig­ure that works in my favor.”
As much as Ellie loved Hank Dalton, the patriarch of the Dalton clan, it was becoming more and more clear that he was problematic. A couple of years ago it had been discovered that he had a daughter that none of them had known about. McKenna Tate. She’d come into town after discovering the identity of her family, and after some adjusting, the Dalton family had wel­comed her into the full. But on the heels of that revela­tion had come another one.
There were three more children. All adults now.
Hank had never known about them. But Tammy had.
It had changed the relationship, that reveal.
But Hank was awash enough in the guilt from the actions in his past, that the two of them were trying to work through it to an extent. And Ellie really hoped that they did. For some selfish reasons, if she was honest. Because she loved them, and they were the closest thing to a family for her, and she didn’t want to lose them.
“But… Don’t you want to wait and see if it’s going to work out?”
“No,” Caleb said. “I don’t want to work at the school forever. This is what I want.”
That made her…angry and she couldn’t figure out exactly why. He deserved to have dreams; of course he did. But she’d just…assumed he was happy with the way things were. She’d somehow meshed his dreams together with hers.
Had decided that what she was doing with his fam­ily ranch, with the school, was what he wanted, too.
But if she didn’t feel great about him fighting fires anymore, maybe he didn’t, either. And she’d never asked. She’d only thought about it in terms of her own comfort. That wasn’t right at all.
Still, the idea of him having his own endeavors, his own life farther away from her and not right all around her while they worked…
She needed him. She really had. She still did.
She didn’t like this…this change. But she should be happy for him, and it made her feel… She felt bad. And she didn’t like feeling bad about something that was good for her friend.
“I’d… Well, congratulations,” she said. Even though she didn’t feel like congratulating him at all. She felt like having a tantrum.
She really didn’t know why.
“Thank you,” he said, his mouth quirking up into a half smile that made it very clear he was well aware she wasn’t having the best reaction to his news.
“I’ll miss seeing you.” The words more plaintive than she intended.
“I’m not moving away,” he said.
“Yeah, but I see you all the time,” she protested.
“You will still see me all the time.”
“But you won’t be dropping Amelia off when I want you to.”
“Probably not.”
Her stomach twisted, but that wasn’t what was up­setting her. She knew it wasn’t.
And then it hit her, as strongly as that melancholy had when she’d realized it was nearly the Christmas season.
This phase of life was over.
The one where he was here to carry her. Where she had a crutch to get her through what life looked like without Clint. Being a single mother.
It was changing.
It had begun to change months ago, when the idea for the school had come about. She had gone back to work.
But she’d been a fledgling, and he’d been there to help her.
Maybe she needed to make some changes, too.
Maybe, instead of dreading Christmas, she needed to get started on her wish list.
Author Bio
USA TODAY Bestselling author Maisey Yates lives in rural Oregon with her three children and her husband, whose chiseled jaw and arresting features continue to make her swoon. She feels the epic trek she takes several times a day from her office to her coffee maker is a true example of her pioneer spirit.



* Release Blast/Excerpt/Giveaway * AN ALASKAN CHRISTMAS by Jennifer Snow

Today we have the blog tour for Jennifer Snow’s An Alaskan Christmas! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!


Title: An Alaskan Christmas

Author: Jennifer Snow

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About An Alaskan Christmas:

In Alaska, it’s always a white Christmas—but the sparks flying between two reunited friends could turn it red-hot…

If there’s one gift Erika Sheraton does not want for Christmas, it’s a vacation. Ordered to take time off, the workaholic surgeon reluctantly trades in her scrubs for a ski suit and heads to Wild River, Alaska. Her friend Cassie owns a tour company that offers adventures to fit every visitor. But nothing compares to the adrenaline rush Erika feels on being reunited with Cassie’s brother, Reed Reynolds.

Gone is the buttoned-up girl Reed remembers. His sister’s best friend has blossomed into a strong, skilled, confident woman. She’s exactly what his search-and-rescue team needs—and everything he didn’t know he craved. The gulf between his life in Wild River and her big-city career is wide. But it’s no match for a desire powerful enough to melt two stubborn hearts…


Advance Praise for An Alaskan Christmas:

“An Alaskan Christmas is heartwarming, romantic, and utterly enjoyable.”—New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster

“Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged! Pure Christmas delight.”—New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde

“Readers will enjoy the mix of sexy love scenes, tense missions, and amiable banter. This entertaining introduction to Wild River will encourage fans of small-town contemporaries to follow the series.”—Publishers Weekly

“An exciting contemporary series debut with a wildly unique Alaskan setting.”—Kirkus


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The dog jumped onto the couch and continued to yelp, pawing Erika’s shoulder.

“Can you get it away?” she asked, her eyes closed, hands clutched in front of her.

“You allergic?” he asked, approaching and lifting the dog into his arms.

“No. Terrified.”

“Don’t worry. Diva doesn’t eat city folk.” He brought the dog to the kitchen and set her down by her food dish.

Erika glared as she removed her coat and scarf. “It’s not like we have a certain smell or anything.” She kicked off her boots and leaned back against the cushions.

He shrugged as he reached for a blanket from the back of the couch. “I don’t know about that,” he said. He bent toward her and paused near her ear to sniff. The action was meant as a jerk move to annoy her, but damn, it backfired. The tantalizing sweet scent of honey on her neck was subtle and provocative. He hadn’t been close enough to be tempted by it when she’d been in his arms, but now it clouded his senses.

Luckily, she shoved him away before he could do something moronic like lick her.

He tossed the blanket over her quickly and stood. “Okay, so you’re all good?”

She nodded, but her gaze was on his midsection. And her unblinking stare was full of unconcealed attraction. The same way she’d checked out his biceps in the bar.

He glanced down to see that his T-shirt had risen slightly on the right side, exposing his stomach.

Obviously his abs were to her liking.


“Huh?” Still staring.

“It’s been a while, huh?”

She frowned, finally pulling her gaze back to his. “For what?

“Since you’ve had sex.”

Her mouth gaped.

“I mean, that’s why you’re staring at my stomach like I’m a piece of chocolate.”

“I was not,” she said, but her cheeks flushed. “And I’ll have you know, I have plenty of sex…all the time. Men beating down my door for it…” she mumbled.

That he wouldn’t doubt, except he knew from Cassie that she was a reclusive workaholic and he was willing to bet the only penises she saw were her naked patients.

“And anyway, even if that was the case, you’d be the last guy I’d want to break my dry spell.”

Okay, now he was intrigued. Especially since he’d made no motion to fix his shirt and her eyes were glued on his abs again, betraying her words. He crossed his arms, making sure to flex his biceps for her viewing pleasure, as well. She wasn’t going to get him, but all of a sudden, he wanted her to want him.

“Because I don’t think you’d be any good.”

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About Jennifer Snow:

Jennifer Snow lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and four year old son. She is a member of the RWA, the Alberta Writers Guild, Canadian Authors Association and Her first Brookhollow book was a finalist in the Heart of Denver Aspen Gold contest and the Golden Quill Award. More information can be found at


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* Release Blast/Review * ALL THE WAY by Kendall Ryan

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Release Blast/Review * ALL THE WAY by Kendall RyanAll the Way by Kendall Ryan
Series: Hot Jocks #2
on September 24, 2019
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I know it’s time to move on from my rocky past and get back out there and start dating again.

It’s just that every time I think about it, I get all nervous and sweaty.

Good thing I have a secret weapon to help me—my best friend, professional hockey stud Owen Parrish.

He’s the king of hookups, and promises he’ll be my guide through the world of online dating. With his help, I know this won’t be as hard.

• • •

I’ve never been this hard in my entire life.

My friend Becca wants my help hooking her up with some douchey guy from a dating app.

I said I’d help her—but now I’m noticing all kinds of things I can’t ignore, like how pretty she is behind those baggy clothes and messy buns.

I want to be the one to help her, to show her the ropes in the bedroom, and it turns out, Becca’s game to let me take a more hands-on approach.

But what happens when she’s ready to take her newfound confidence and move on? I’ve never been boyfriend material, but for her, I want to try.


ALL THE WAY is book two in Kendall Ryan’s fun-loving Hot Jocks series and revolves around a pro hockey player and his best friend. This friends to lovers romance is filled with emotion and heart!

Owen caught the reader’s eye in book one of the series … he’s smoking hot, a stud of a hockey player and an all around nice guy … for a player!

Becca is a complex character. She adores Owen and trusts him more than just about anybody in her life. She’s been living a stunted life for awhile now, and she really wants to be happy and in love like everyone around her … but she has issues. Issues she’d like to learn to overcome, but she needs help from the only guy she can let be near her without freezing up. Owen of course agrees to help her, but when it all starts feeling a little too real between them, he’s not sure how to handle it. Can he be the guy that she needs?

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a fast paced story filled with friendship, emotion and lots of heart. Can’t wait for more in the series.





By Kendall Ryan
Release Day: September 24, 2019



About the Book

I know it’s time to move on from my rocky past and get back out there and start dating again.

It’s just that every time I think about it, I get all nervous and sweaty.

Good thing I have a secret weapon to help me—my best friend, professional hockey stud Owen Parrish.

He’s the king of hookups, and promises he’ll be my guide through the world of online dating. With his help, I know this won’t be as hard.

• • • 

I’ve never been this hard in my entire life.

My friend Becca wants my help hooking her up with some douchey guy from a dating app.

I said I’d help her—but now I’m noticing all kinds of things I can’t ignore, like how pretty she is behind those baggy clothes and messy buns.

I want to be the one to help her, to show her the ropes in the bedroom, and it turns out, Becca’s game to let me take a more hands-on approach.

But what happens when she’s ready to take her newfound confidence and move on? I’ve never been boyfriend material, but for her, I want to try.

Your favorite hot jocks are back with an all new standalone novel. If you like sexy, confident men who know how to handle a stick (on and off the ice), and smart women who are strong enough to keep all those big egos in check, this series is for you!


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About Kendall Ryan

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than three dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 3 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world.

Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than 70 times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine.

She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons.


Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras.

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* Review * COMING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by RaeAnne Thayne

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * COMING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by RaeAnne ThayneComing Home for Christmas by RaeAnne Thayne
Series: Haven Point #10
Published by HQN Books on September 24, 2019
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Hearts are lighter and wishes burn a little brighter at Christmas…

Elizabeth Hamilton has been lost. Trapped in a tangle of postpartum depression and grief after the death of her beloved parents, she couldn’t quite see the way back to her husband and their two beautiful kids…until a car accident stole away her memories and changed her life. And when she finally remembered the sound of little Cassie’s laugh, the baby powder smell of Bridger and the feel of her husband’s hand in hers, Elizabeth worried that they’d moved on without her. That she’d missed too much. That perhaps she wasn’t the right mother for her kids or wife for Luke, no matter how much she loved them.

But now, seven years later, Luke finds her in a nearby town and brings Elizabeth back home to the family she loves, just in time for Christmas. And being reunited with Luke and her children is better than anything Elizabeth could have imagined. As they all trim the tree and bake cookies, making new holiday memories, Elizabeth and Luke are drawn ever closer. Can the hurt of the past seven years be healed over the course of one Christmas season and bring the Hamiltons the gift of a new beginning?


COMING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS is book ten in RaeAnne Thayne’s ever-popular Haven Point series and is the story readers have been clamoring for … Elizabeth and Luke Hamilton!

Elizabeth is a character who has brought mystery and flare to the series as we all wondered what truly happened to her. She up and disappeared, leaving a husband and two small children … never to be heard from again. Seven long years have passed, and finally answers are at Luke’s fingertips … only he’s so angry and bitter that he doesn’t even want an explanation!

Emotions are high as Elizabeth makes the trip home to help clear up the mystery surrounding her disappearance … and once the story comes to light, Luke can’t withhold the reunion with her children she so desperately wants. Seven years is a lifetime to some … and to some, insurmountable.

I highly recommend this story and the entire Haven Point series to anyone loving small town life, emotional connections and a strong family base. RaeAnne Thayne is the queen of sweet romance!


* Review * WRAPPED UP IN YOU by Jill Shalvis

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * WRAPPED UP IN YOU by Jill ShalvisWrapped Up in You by Jill Shalvis
Series: Heartbreaker Bay #8
Published by Avon on September 24, 2019
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It’s love. Trust me.

After a lifetime on the move, Ivy Snow is an expert in all things temporary—schools, friends, and way too many Mr. Wrongs. Now that she owns a successful taco truck in San Francisco and an apartment to call home, Ivy’s reinvented life is on solid ground. And she’s guarded against anything that can rock it. Like the realities of a past she’s worked hard to cover up. And especially Kel O’Donnell. Too hot not to set off alarms, he screams temporary. If only his whispers weren’t so delightfully naughty and irresistible.

Kel, an Idaho sheriff and ranch owner, is on vacay, but Ivy’s a spicy reason to give his short-term plans a second thought. Best of all, she’s a tonic for his untrusting heart, burned once and still in repair. But when Ivy’s past intrudes on a perfect romance, Kel fears that everything she’s told him has been a perfect lie. Now, if only Ivy’s willing to share, Kel will fight for a true love story.


WRAPPED UP IN YOU is book eight in the delightful Heartbreaker Bay series by Jill Shalvis and centers around a rancher cop and a food truck owner in a bit of an opposites attract spin.

It’s always a joy to open a Heartbreaker Bay story because it’s like visiting old friends. There is such a tight group that we meet time and again in these books as they always show up to love and support the next couple finding their way towards a happily ever after. Ivy was easy to sympathize with and like. She has a lot of conflicted feelings towards her past and really brings that emotional connection to her story.

Kel brings a sense of danger to the storyline because she knows a cop can bring her life crumbling down, yet she can’t resist the temptation of him. He’s inquisitive and caring and brings a dimension to her life she’s been missing.

I recommend this solid addition to the series to anyone enjoying a close knit group of friends behind the scenes and a love story always front and center. You simply can’t go wrong with any book in the series as they are always filled with love, laughter and friendship.